100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (18 Total):
1. Forrest Griffin - 95.9
2. Tito Ortiz - 95.4
3. Sean Sherk - 93.7
4. Karo Parisyan - 93.4
5. Thiago Alves - 93.4
6. David Terrell - 93.3
7. Nick Diaz - 91.9
8. Jason Lambert - 91.8
9. Scott Smith - 91.0
10. Evan Tanner - 90.8
UFC 59: Reality Check
Location: Anaheim, California
Elevation: 157'
-Fight of the Night-
Forrest Griffin vs. Tito Ortiz
Fighters & Matches 89.7
Top 10 Fighters 93.1
TOTAL 91.4
     That was pretty exciting! Apparently Noble owns a submission victory over Alves from an earlier fight outside of the UFC, so this was a rematch, and it looked like Noble was well on his way to knocking Alves the fuck out, but then he got hit with a big counter right hand, that knocked Noble to the ground, and then the fight was finished with some heavy hammerfists. Awesome revenge for Thiago Alves!
      That was pretty interesting. Terry Martin looked like Mike Tyson in the first round, beating the shit out of Lambert with his boxing. The second round started, Lambert turned it into a grappling match, where he clearly was able to dominate Martin on the ground, eventually getting the back mount, and he rained down bombs until the referee was forced to stop the fight. Great win for Jason Lambert.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      This was an interesting scrap. Scott Smith came out swinging, and looked pretty strong at the start of the fight, but eventually, Terrell started to warm up, he started throwing bombs of his own, and he was able to get on Smith's back, finishing him with a rear-naked choke. There was some sort of confusion, where Scott Smith claims the ref told them to break, but Terrell then locked on the rear-naked choke, so the ref told them to continue, but by then, Smith had already stopped fighting, so he got tapped kind of easily. Sort of a shitty ending for Scott Smith I guess, but nice win for David Terrell.
      Karo Parisyan dominated this fight, absolutely destroying Nick Thompson... Karo used his crazy Judo skills to throw Nick Thompson around the octagon like a rag doll... And then once they were on the ground, Karo Parisyan turned into a fucking chainsaw, and cut Thompson's face open, until eventually Thompson rolled onto his stomach and then just tapped out because he was in so much pain... Thompson got DESTROYED, and Karo Parisyan really impressed the hell out of me, since this was the first time (outside of highlight reels) that I actually got to see him fight live... So GREAT fight...
      Jeff Monson is a bad ass fighter, and he's one of my favorites... I HATE Marcio Cruz... Cruz is a bad ass submission expert, and so is Monson... Cruz won lots of submission tournaments, and so has Monson... Monson is a great boxer, Cruz is not... Cruz is 7" taller than Monson, Monson is not 7" taller than Cruz... With that being said, Monson couldn't get close enough to hurt Cruz with his strikes, and their ground games pretty much cancelled each other out... So it ended up being kind of a boring fight... I REALLY wanted to see Monson demolish Cruz, but he just wasn't tall enough to get inside Cruz's reach advantage... So, Jeff Monson ended up winning by split-decision after 3 rounds of decent effort, but overall a boring performance...
(Triangle Choke)
      Evan Tanner pretty much dominated this fight from beginning to end... He started off just by clinching with Levens, and pinning him up against the cage, while they were both standing... The fight eventually went to the ground due to Tanner's nice takedown attack, and then once they were down there, Tanner attempted to end the fight with some elbows, but that wasn't quite working, so he locked on an ugly sideways triangle choke, forcing Levens to submit... For Levens' first fight in the UFC, he did pretty good, but Tanner just outmatched him... This is the beginning of Tanner's uphill battle to regain his belt, but I still don't think that he stands a chance at this point in his career, against the current Middleweight Champion, Rich Franklin... Good solid fight overall though...
      FUCK... Tito Ortiz DESTROYED Forrest Griffin during the first round... I won't question that for a second... Forrest Griffin dominated the second round, and I don't think anybody will question that, since Tito didn't even put up a fight during the second round... The third round WAS close, I'll admit that, but GOD DAMN IT... Why don't the judges take heart into consideration? Forrest was pressing the action the entire time, he pretty much dominated the third round, and displayed Chuck Liddell quality sprawls during the last two rounds to show off his defensive abilities against Tito's takedowns... BUT... Tito finally took down Forrest at the end of the third round, TRIED to dominate again, but to be honest, Forrest threw more elbows from the guard, beating away at Tito, and all of Tito's shots were missing... Sooooo... Close call, I'll admit that, but I DEFINITELY scored the fight for Forrest Griffin, and I thought that he should have won... Split decision? Maybe... But I would have definitely given the fight to Forrest Griffin in the end... The judges decided otherwise, and Tito Ortiz won by split decision, causing his HOME TOWN CROWD to boo the fuck out of him... Tito pisses me off... I LOVE the way that the find ended though, because Forrest hugged Tito (after Tito had been disrespecting him for the past several months) and Forrest asked him "DO YOU RESPECT ME?" And Tito nodded his head and said "Yeah..." So that was awesome... At least Forrest got Tito's respect... It just sucks that Tito won by split decision, ESPECIALLY since EVEN HIS HOME TOWN CROWD thought he should have lost... So, yeah... Whatever... GREAT fight, I'll admit that... But Forrest SHOULD have won... GOD DAMN IT... NEXT...
      Sean Sherk!!! Yeah, that's my dude... He's been one of my favorite fighters ever since Pride Bushido 2, and he's finally starting to find his game again... He's moving down to 155 after this fight, so I think that's a GREAT idea, since he will DOMINATE at that weight class, but for this fight, he still out-boxed Nick Diaz... He throws some of the meanest punch combinations that I've ever seen, and he also had a few great knees in this fight... He is a great wrestler, and that would normally have won him this fight, but Nick Diaz came with a sprawl that reminded me of Forrest Griffin from the fight before this one... Anyways, this was another GREAT fight that went to decision, and Sean Sherk won by unanimous decision... Nick Diaz seemed pissed off by that, but I don't think that it was nearly as close as Nick thought it should have been... So yeah, Sean Sherk is the man, and he's going to be champ once they open up the 155 pound division in the UFC... Bring back the little guys!!!
      This fight started off looking like it was going to suck... It just FELT bogged down, and I thought it was going to end up going to decision, and being a boring 5 round fight... Then out of nowhere, Andrei Arlovski BASICALLY knocked out Tim Sylvia, but once Sylvia completed his 6'8" fall to the ground, he was basically wide awake again, so he got back to his feet, and Arlovski couldn't finish him... THEN, Sylvia landed a lucky uppercut, caught Arlovski on the chin, knocked him down, pinned him to the ground, while Arlovski was laying there face first, Sylvia started to throw some nice strikes to the side of the head, the fight was stopped by the referee, and Sylvia becomes the new Heavyweight Champion... NEXT FIGHT PLEASE...