100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (18 Total):
1. Spencer Fisher - 94.4
2. Matt Wiman - 92.6
3. Matt Hughes - 92.3
4. Jeremy Horn - 91.9
5. Dean Lister - 91.3
6. John Alessio - 90.4
7. Gabriel Gonzaga - 89.9
8. Chael Sonnen - 89.8
9. Melvin Guillard - 88.5
10. Diego Sanchez - 88.4
UFC 60: Hughes vs. Gracie
Location: Los Angeles, California
Elevation: 233'
-Fight of the Night-
Spencer Fisher vs. Matt Wiman
Fighters & Matches 88.7
Top 10 Fighters 91.0
TOTAL 89.9
     Ha, this fight was funny... The 4th Grade Teacher, Rick Davis, came out with his "Flashy Karate" background, and he died... He tried to hang in there the best he could, but he pretty much got dominated by Melvin, until eventually Melvin threw this overhand right out of nowhere, and knocked Davis the fuck out... Rick Davis literally fell to the ground as if he was dead... Melvin Guillard wins by KO in the first round...
      Last time I saw Gabriel Gonzaga fight, it was against some big black guy, and they both SUCKED... The fight went all three rounds, and it absolutely sucked... Neither fighter did anything, AT ALL, until the last 30 seconds of the fight, where Gonzaga knocked the other dude out, with a superman punch... Well, he's returning to the octagon, against Fabiano Scherner, and this was actually one hell of a fight... They both tried to stand with each other to start things off, Gonzaga took Scherner down with a really nice takedown in the first round, grappling was involved, strikes were involved, etc... Good round... Second round started, and Scherner almost walked out of the fight because he was seeing double vision... After the crowd booed noticably, they decided to let the second round start up, and Gonzaga made quick work of him, by attacking him with a series of punches, eventually forcing Scherner to just fall to his knees and quit the fight... Scherner physically looks like a bad ass, but he's not a very impressive fighter, even though he's a Jiu-Jitsu expert... I don't know, I don't look forward to seeing him fight again, but Gabriel Gonzaga has definitely done a good job of saving his reputation with this fight, since his last fight was the worst fight in history...
(Flying Knee)
      This was probably the best fight of the night... The fight started with both fighters doing a great job in all aspects of fighting... I think Matt Wiman probably won the first round though, by taking Spencer Fisher to the ground, and locking on a guillotine choke... I have no idea how Spencer escaped that, but he did, and then after that Wiman locked on a rear-naked choke... Again, Spencer escaped... The first fight probably went to Wiman, and after that round was over, they were both doing quite a bit of trash talking to each other, which kept the fight exciting... Then the second round started, more of the same, but Fisher threw a hook, rocked Wiman, Wiman tried to brush it off and talk trash in that "you can't hurt me" sort of way, and then Fisher immediately threw the best flying tackle superman knee over-the-head attack that I've ever seen, knocking Wiman out instantly... Spencer Fisher is a bad ass, but I definitely would like to see these two fighters fight again in the future... Fisher wins in the second round by KO...
      Wow, that was a pretty great fight. Sonnen dominated the first round, by taking Horn to the ground without having to put any effort into it at all, and he beat him up a little bit on the ground, but Horn did a great job defending himself on the ground, so he didn't really take THAT much damage. The second round looked like it would be more of the same, Sonnen took it to the ground quickly, but this time, Horn immediately started going for armbars, and eventually locked one on tight, and Sonnen started screaming "TAP! TAP!!!" and Horn wins via submission. Awesome win for Jeremy Horn, and I think this puts him somewhere comfortably in the Top 10 at 185.
(Guillotine Choke)
      This fight was boring for the most part... They both danced around the ring, not really doing much of anything to each other for the first 2-3 minutes or so... Mike Swick threw a few decent looking kicks, but nothing had much of an effect, UNTIL, he threw one kick to the head which dazed Joe Riggs, then Riggs decided to try to take down Swick, but Swick locked on the guillotine choke, without much effort, and won the fight in the first round by submission... Mike Swick is a bad ass, and I hate Joe Riggs, so I was happy with this ending...
(Guillotine Choke)
      This was another fight, that started out somewhat boring... They both kind of tossed around a few shots at each other, but nobody really hit the other guy with much impact at all... Then Vera poked Silva in the eye, and that stopped the fight for a little bit, then the fight started back up... They ended up wrestling around a little bit, until eventually Silva went for the takedown, but Vera locked on a REALLY nice guillotine choke while Silva was picking him up for the slam, and Silva was forced to submit in the first round... Decent fight I guess, but I would have liked to see some more striking from both fighters...
      This fight was BIZARRE... The first 2 rounds were somewhat boring, with neither fighter really doing much of anything offensive... Diego kept trying to take down Alessio, and he probably shot for the takedown 30+ times, and he NEVER took Alessio to the ground... So about halfway through the third round, Diego jumped on Alessio's back, and he just held on like he was in some sort of rodeo, and he tried to lock on submissions, but Alessio STILL wouldn't go to the ground, and he just walked around the ring, while trying to break Diego's arm... It was very bizarre... Alessio literally carried Diego around the octagon for the final 3 minutes of the fight, until it eventually went to decision... In my opinion, Alessio should have won the fight since Diego couldn't really do anything to hurt him (and come from Diego, that says a lot)... But Diego Sanchez ended up winning by unanimous decision, which pisses me off... BUT, meh, whatever...
(Triangle Choke)
      Alessio Sakara is a great striker, but that doesn't matter when you're fighting a man like Dean Lister... I've only seen Dean fight a couple of times, and he always ends the fights with GREAT submissions, from out of nowhere... His technique is flawless... With that being said, it was only a matter of time before Lister forced Sakara to submit to one of the best triangle chokes I've ever seen... Dean Lister is the only guy that I've ever seen lock on a triangle, and control the opponent's legs at the same time... GREAT fight, and Dean Lister really showed that he belongs in the UFC...
      Wow... I didn't expect Royce to get dominated like this... To be honest, my prediction for this fight was, Matt would come out with way too much confidence, he would make a mistake, and Royce would win by rear-naked choke... INSTEAD, Royce came out trying to kick matt with some weak looking floppy kicks, Matt eventually did a superman flying punch at Royce, and followed it up by taking Royce down, and surprisingly enough, once they went to the ground, Matt Hughes completely dominated Gracie for the rest of the fight... Matt locked on some sort of arm lock, and probably could have broken Royce's arm, but instead, he let Royce go then jumped on Royce's back and started pounding the back of Royce's head, until eventually the referee had to just stop the fight... Royce Gracie didn't stand a chance... Matt Hughes wins by ground & pound...