100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (18 Total):
1. Jonathan Goulet - 96.1
2. Luke Cummo - 93.7
3. Jason Lambert - 93.3
4. Rob MacDonald - 92.9
5. Jon Fitch - 92.4
6. Anderson Silva - 91.9
7. Josh Koscheck - 91.9
8. Jorge Santiago - 90.9
9. Kris Rotharmel - 90.2
10. Rashad Evans - 90.1
UFC Fight Night 5: Leben vs. Silva
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Elevation: 2,001'
-Fight of the Night-
Jonathan Goulet vs. Luke Cummo
Fighters & Matches 90.5
Top 10 Fighters 92.3
TOTAL 91.4
     This looked like a pretty easy fight for Santiago, as he was able to take Levens to the ground without a problem, control him down there, he beat him up for a while, controlled the positioning throughout the entire fight, and then eventually put Levens away with two big knees to the chin. Nice debut by Jorge Santiago.
      Wow! Who the fuck was this guy? I remember seeing Kristian Rothaermel on this last season of The Ultimate Fighter, and he was completely out-classed by pretty much everybody in my opinion... Then, at the end of the season, I was thinking they gave him the chance to come back to fight Michael Bisping, and he didn't want to take the fight... So as far as I'm concerned, he has no business being in the UFC... Rob Macdonald on the other hand, came in as a heavyweight on one of the previous seasons (Season 2 maybe?) and he looked like shit against Brad Imes or whatever... BUT! Against Kristian Rothaermel, he was the man... He took him down at will, flinging him all over the octagon like a ragdoll, and then after beating his ass for a bit with some ground & pound, he locked on one of the fastest armbars I've ever seen... AMAZING fight for Rob Macdonald... Kristian Rothaermel on the other hand needs to quit... Macdonald wins by submission in the first round...
(Upkick & Punches)
      This was a pretty important fight, between a couple of guys that are quickly climbing their way up the 170 pound ladder. Alves came out strong, throwing a HARD kick, followed by a takedown, but from that point forward, Fitch was able to prove that he is a FAR better grappler than Alves, he was able to beat up Alves on the ground, the second round was more of the same, and eventually Alves got on top for a second, Fitch landed 2 upkicks that almost knocked out Alves, and Fitch immediately got on top and punched the shit out of his face for the TKO victory. Jon Fitch is fucking legit man!
      That was a pretty entertaining fight! Brandon Lee Hinkle unleashed a great suplex, flinging Lambert over his head backwards, and dropping Lambert on his ass, but he was up IMMEDIATELY, and he attacked Hinkle at that point, and he was able to get Hinkle to the ground, and he spent the final 30 seconds of the first round, pounding the shit out of his face with HUGE punches. Hinkle was technically saved by the bell, but after he laid on the ground for a few seconds after the bell rang, and then got up with his face looking like it had been smashed by a truck, and then was somewhat unresponsive for a few seconds, the fight was stopped. Hinkle eventually tried to argue the decision, but it was pretty clear that the fight should have been stopped when it was, so good call by the ref Herb Dean.
      The fact that Dave Menne was once the UFC Middleweight Champion, still makes me laugh when I think about it. With that being said, this entire fight consisted of Koscheck taking Menne to the ground with ease in every round, pinning him against the cage, and smashing his face with punches & hammerfists. Josh Koscheck is quite the brute, and I'm sort of shocked that Menne still has a place in the UFC at all at this point. It's been almost 4 years since his last UFC fight, and he probably should have stayed away.
      This was a pretty decent fight... Mark Hominick was supposed to dominate on the feet, and Jorge Gurgel was supposed to dominate on the ground, but the fight never went to the ground... The thing is, Jorge Gurgel spent all three rounds trying to attack Hominick, and the only points that Hominick REALLY scored, were when he caught Gurgel's kicks, and then tripped him to throw him to the ground... So Hominick showed some great defense, but Gurgel seemed to press the action the entire fight, so I felt that Gurgel should have won the fight... BUT, since the UFC judges their fights by the 10-9 round scoring system or whatever, then Hominick basically won the first two rounds, and Gurgel won the last... So, Hominick won by unanimous decision, even though Hominick spent half the fight literally turning his back to Gurgel and RUNNING... It was lame... So yeah, my vote went for Gurgel, but Hominick put up a pretty good fight, and ended up winning the hearts of all three judges...
      Man, Stephan Bonnar was completely dominated in this fight... Rashad Evans was slamming him all over the place, over and over again... Rashad was grounding & pounding Bonnar... Bonnar couldn't lock on any submissions at all, because Rashad kept slipping out of everything... Hands down, Rashad Evans won this fight... It's also worth mentioning though, that Rashad still hasn't FINISHED a fight yet... All of his fights go to decision, and in this one, he won by "majority decision" which was weird, because for some reason, one of the judges thought it should have been a tie? Whatever... Bonnar's performance was disappointing in this fight...
      Wow... Anderson Silva makes his UFC debut (I think?), and he pretty much killed Chris Leben, knocking him out in under a minute in the first round... Chris Leben came out swinging, and fell to the ground, looking extremely clumsy & sloppy... Then Anderson Silva just picked him apart with a series of punches, and knees, and kicks, and I honestly think that Leben got knocked out 3 or 4 different times before the referee finally stopped it (all within the first minute of the fight)... Anderson Silva is a great fighter... Chris Leben is just "pretty good"... I'm looking forward to seeing Anderson Silva return in the near future...
      Luke Cummo is my hero, simply because he's a geek, and he's a great fighter... Jonathan Goulet on the other hand, I didn't think stood a chance in this fight, since the only other time I've seen him fight, was against Duane Ludwig, and Goulet got knocked out in under 11 seconds... With that being said, I was blown away by Goulet's performance against Cummo during this fight... He pretty much dominated the entire fight (other than the first couple of minutes in the second round)... He COMPLETELY dominated the ground game, by pretty much taking any position he wanted with Cummo on the ground, and he was pounding away with elbows and punches, and some nice takedowns, and, and... and... ha... Goulet is a bad ass... He's ranked #2 in Canada, right underneath his team mate Georges St. Pierre (one of my favorite fighters) so that gives him credibility in my opinion... Anyways, Goulet dominated his fight, and pretty much won by unanimous decision (assuming we're not including the one judge that AGAIN voted for a draw for some unknown reason...) Luke Cummo didn't really stand a chance in this fight...