100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (18 Total):
1. Joe Stevenson - 96.2
2. Yves Edwards - 93.9
3. Josh Burkman - 93.0
4. Cheick Kongo - 92.8
5. Tito Ortiz - 92.8
6. Hermes Franca - 92.6
7. Jeff Monson - 92.2
8. Gilbert Aldana - 92.1
9. Josh Neer - 91.6
10. Drew Fickett - 91.1
UFC 61: Bitter Rivals
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Elevation: 2,001'
-Fight of the Night-
Joe Stevenson vs. Yves Edwards
Fighters & Matches 89.8
Top 10 Fighters 92.8
TOTAL 91.3
(Rear-Naked Choke)
     That was fucking crazy! Pellegrino spent the first two rounds beating Fickett's ass, with punches, knees, takedowns, grappling, ground & pound, Pellegrino was all over him, absolutely dominating the fight. The third round started a little bit slower, and OUT OF NOWHERE, Fickett got on Pellegrino's back, immediately locked on the rear-naked choke, and got the submission victory. Holy shit, that was nuts. Drew Fickett pulls off a HUGE come from behind victory.
(Doctor Stoppage)
      This was a pretty awesome fight, with Gilbert Aldana taking Kongo to the ground multiple times with some HUGE takedowns. Once they were on the ground, Aldana wasn't able to do much, but the takedowns were NICE. Back on their feet though, closer to the end of the first round, Kongo started teeing off with some big knees, and eventually cut the eye of Aldana badly enough to where the doctor felt Aldana could no longer continue. Great fight by both fighters.
      I like Jeff Monson a lot, so even though this fight was kind of boring for the first couple of minutes, as they clinched, and moved slowly, it was fun to see Monson throw uppercuts from the clinch, eventually knocking Perosh to the ground, where Monson was able to rain down some hammerfists, finishing Perosh via TKO. Really good win for Monson, and apparently this earns him a title shot! BOOM! I wish he had better cardio though, he looked exhausted after the fight, even though it ended in under 3 minutes.
(Triangle Choke)
      This fight was a little weird. Jordan came into the fight almost 10 pounds over the weight limit (he got called in on short notice) so he looked pretty out of shape, and he was still able to cause Franca some problems early in the fight. Ultimately though, Franca is clearly the better fighter, landing some really nice punches & kicks, and eventually he went for an armbar in the third round, he transitioned from that into a mounted triangle choke, pulled back, and Jordan tapped. Franca looked solid in this fight.
(Doctor Stoppage)
      That's yo' Daddy!!! Joe Stevenson is a bad ass... I called this one in my predictions... (takes a moment to accept the applause)... Ok, so the first round was pretty great for both fighters... At one point, Yves Edwards rocked Stevenson while standing, and almost knocked him out, but then Stevenson pulled guard, and locked on an interesting submission attempt (where you pull guard, and then wrap your arms around your knees, while you're on your back, basically crushing the other person's body between your legs... interesting, but didn't look very effective)... Anyways, Stevenson had a couple of decent takedowns during the first round, but I think Yves won that round by dominating with the strikes while standing, and his takedown defense was nearly flawless... The second round basically consisted of Stevenson taking Edwards to the ground, and then throwing elbows for the entire round, leaving Yves with several BAD cuts on his forehead, that ended up looking like a couple of bullet holes... Yves somehow made it through until the end of the second round, but after both fighters went to their corners, the doctors stopped the fight due to the severity of the cuts on the head of Edwards... Quite possibly the bloodiest fight I've ever seen... Stevenson crushed Edwards, and in my opinion, Stevenson should probably be one of the top contenders for the new 155 pound belt...
      Meh, that's whack... Both of these guys were a bit overweight... Frank Mir looks FAT... Dan Christison has always been a big guy, but yeah, he was in better shape than Frank Mir, which was somewhat surprising... Anyways, this was a slow big guy fight... I thought Dan Christison should have won (just barely)... But I guess the judges gave it to Frank Mir, 29-28... So, Frank Mir wins by unanimous decision... Kind of a boring fight... (This tends to be the case with heavyweight fights these days in the UFC)...
      I was more hyped for this fight, than any other fight on tonight's card... I REALLY wanted to see them go at it again... Tito beat Ken's ass the first time they fought, and I honestly thought that maybe Shamrock would actually win this one, but eh... Whatever... I don't know what to say... Ken came out swinging like mad, and that was awesome... Tito "intelligently defended himself", and picked up Shamrock off the ground, slammed him, threw 5 elbows or so, then the fight was stopped... Ummm... Yeah... Ok... So anyways... ON TO MORE IMPORTANT NEWS!!!

Chuck Liddell vs. Wanderlei Silva
      This fight might happen, if Liddell beats Sobral at UFC 62... THIS WOULD BE FUCKING AWESOME... We've all been waiting for this fight... Pride vs. UFC... Straight up... This could be one of the best fights EVER... I was crushed after the Tito vs. Shamrock fight... Now, this announcement made it all worthwhile... This fight could take place in November... I'm fucking excited... YAY! Ok, moving on...
      Josh Burkman pretty much dominated this fight... Josh Neer has that "never say die" attitude, and kept fighting through all 3 rounds, but he just couldn't get the upper hand on the stronger Josh Burkman... Neer had a million nice submission attempts, but he couldn't lock anything on... Burkman on the other hand, had about a million nice looking slams, and ended up winning the fight with a bit of ground & pound action, which got him the win by unanimous decision...
      This was a slow paced 5 round championship fight, and it was kind of boring to be honest... There were a few points where it seemed like someone might get knocked out, but the longer the fight went on, the more obvious it became that neither fighter would finish it, and it would go to decision... So, to make a 25 round story short, the fight went to decision, and Tim Sylvia won by unanimous decision... (Somewhat close fight, but I agreed with that decision)... I'm looking forward to seeing Jeff Monson destroy Sylvia to become the champion sometime soon...