100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (18 Total):
1. Diego Sanchez - 95.4
2. Karo Parisyan - 94.6
3. Dean Lister - 94.4
4. Joe Riggs - 93.2
5. Yuki Sasaki - 93.1
6. Martin Kampmann - 90.7
7. Forrest Petz - 90.6
8. Chris Leben - 89.9
9. Jake OBrien - 89.5
10. Josh Koscheck - 89.3
UFC Fight Night 6: Sanchez vs. Parisyan
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Elevation: 2,001'
-Fight of the Night-
Diego Sanchez vs. Karo Parisyan
Fighters & Matches 90.0
Top 10 Fighters 92.1
TOTAL 91.1
(Rear-Naked Choke)
     Both guys looked pretty good on their feet during the first round, both throwing pretty decent strikes, and then Pat Healy thought it'd be a good idea to shoot for the takedown, but Torres was able to defend the takedown and end up on top, giving him the opportunity to work some of his submission grappling magic... In the end, Healy looked like he just gave up after that failed shot for the takedown, and Anthony Torres locked on a pretty easy rear-naked choke for the submission victory in the first round...
      This fight was pretty silly. In Sam Morgan's first UFC fight, Josh Burkman slammed him and knocked him out in 21 seconds. So this is his second chance, and Petz, making his UFC, made him look foolish for 15 minutes. One of the judges even gave the fight to Petz, 30-23. I've never even heard of a score like that, fucking insane (but probably pretty accurate). Every time Petz punched him, he knocked him to the ground, he took Morgan down several times, Morgan had ZERO OFFENSE in this entire fight. It was pretty dumb. So yeah, congrats to Petz for a decent debut I guess, but Morgan needs to get the fuck out of the UFC and stay out.
      This fight was ok... I felt bad for Jake O'Brien, because Joe Rogan kept referring to him has "Tom Howard" which was kind of shitty (but I think it was just a mistake, I don't think Rogan meant any disrespect by it... Anyways... The first round consisted of Jake O'Brien taking Midoux down at will, several times, and throwing little baby punches from Midoux's tight guard... Midoux almost seemed like the better fighter during the first round, but the fact that O'Brien was able to control him, by staying on top the entire time, I GUESS I'd give the first round to O'Brien... The second round started the same way, O'Brien took Midoux to the ground, and started punching again... Eventually Midoux just said fuck it, and covered up his face until the referee stopped the fight... During the postfight interview, O'Brien talked shit about his great cardio, while breathing VERY HEAVILY after the fight that ended early in the second round by TKO...
(Triangle Choke)
      Joe Riggs punched Von Flue really fuckin' hard... Joe Riggs broke out a nasty Judo throw, forcing Von Flue to slam to the mat, really fuckin' hard... Joe Riggs absolutely dominated Von Flue, making him look like a bitch, really fuckin' hard... And then early in the first round, Joe Riggs locked on the BEST triangle choke I've ever seen, forcing Von Flue to tap out 7 different times, with different limbs, while floating in & out of consciousness, before the referee eventually woke up and NOTICED Von Flue tapping out & stopped the fight... Joe Riggs wins by the best submission of all time, in the first round...
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      This was a fun fight to watch... It marks the debut of two solid fighters, Martin Kampmann & Crafton Wallace, both guys are pretty great Muay Thai fighters... Crafton Wallace started the fight by throwing a series of kicks to the head of Kampmann, but seemed to come up short on most of them, and once Kampmann decided to retaliate, he pretty much made Wallace look foolish, hitting him with a huge knee, an uppercut, a few other nice strikes, and eventually he caught a kick from Wallace, and was able to slam him to the ground... Once the fight went to the ground, Kampmann completely dominated Wallace, and was able to lock on the rear-naked choke about halfway through the first round... Martin Kampmann is a legit badass...
      This was actually a surprisingly solid fight... Josh Koscheck is known for his boring lay & pray style, where he just takes the guy down, and holds him there, and never finishes anything... Well, with Goulet, it was obvious from the start that Goulet had the slight advantage on his feet, even though Koscheck has obviously been working on his stand up... It was only a matter of time before Koscheck took Goulet to the ground, and locked on the guillotine choke, but Goulet just WOULD NOT TAP... So I guess you have to get credit to Goulet for that... But eventually, Koscheck decided to give up the submission attempts, and go for some ground & pound, and he was beating the shit out of Goulet, and eventually ended the fight, mounted on Goulet's back, throwing bombs with both hands, to the sides of Goulet's head... The referee had to stop the fight, and I'm not sure if it was just his call, or if Goulet tapped out due to punches... Either way, Koscheck won the fight deservedly, and I'm actually looking forward to seeing if Koscheck can keep up this level of excitement during his next few fights... If so, he could eventually be a contender for the welterweight belt... Josh Koscheck wins by TKO early in the first round...
      Jesus Hot Damn! That was one fuck of a fight man... It went all 3 rounds, to decision, so... Yeah... But with that being said, Dean Lister finished the fight about 128 times with various submissions, and suplexes, and elbows, and all kinds of neat stuff... Dean Lister is the man (except for in the third round, when he's entirely gassed, and has no energy left)... Yuki Sasaki on the other hand, had some GREAT striking skills, but only showed them for the last few seconds of the second round... What really scored points for Sasaki though, was his amazing submission defense... At one point, Dean Lister had a triangle choke locked on for a couple of minutes, and even included some sort of inverted armbar, and Sasaki still didn't tap, he just broke free, because Lister didn't have the energy to hold the submission any longer... So yeah, Sasaki is the man, as far as defense is concerned... But Dean Lister is a submission machine... So yeah, awesome fight, and Dean Lister wins by unanimous decision...
      This fight was SOLID!!! The first round started out with (in my opinion), Jorge Santiago pretty much dominating Leben, by stopping all of Leben's takedown attempts, throwing a near KO punch to Leben's chin, as well as utilizing some pretty decent ground skills to stop Leben from doing any damage... The announcers seemed to think Leben won the first round, but whatever... The important part is, Chris Leben threw a devastating counter punch during the second round, knocking Santiago flat on his ass... Then Leben broke out the trademark Chuck Liddell move, and jumped on Santiago after he was already knocked out, and hit him a couple more times in the face before the referee finally pulled him off... Leben wins by bad ass KO in the second round... (But Santiago put up a hell of a fight while it lasted)...
      This fight was an all out WAR!!! Easily worth calling it the main event of the evening... Diego Sanchez came out early and hurt Parisyan with an uppercut to the, that cut him & stunned him a little bit... Diego went on to dominate the first half of the first round, but then Parisyan freaked out and started unleashing CRAZY ass Judo throws on Sanchez, in my opinion, winning the round for Parisyan... Then the second round was a whole bunch of bad ass grappling from both guys... Great round... Then the third round started up, and Parisyan was just doing everything he could to hang in there, because he was absolutely exhausted... Anyways, this was definitely a fight that you would have to see to believe, and I can't really summarize it in words, without giving a 25 page play by play... So to sum it all up, Diego Sanchez pulled off the slight victory, by unanimous decision... GREAT fight for both fighters, and I'd be lying if I were to say that I wasn't disappointed... I WANTED Parisyan to win... But hey! Since when did that matter?