100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (18 Total):
1. B.J. Penn - 96.6
2. Matt Hughes - 95.8
3. Melvin Guillard - 92.7
4. Rashad Evans - 91.5
5. Roger Huerta - 90.7
6. Tyson Griffin - 90.4
7. Mike Swick - 89.9
8. Jorge Gurgel - 89.6
9. David Loiseau - 88.4
10. Jason Dent - 87.9
UFC 63: Hughes vs. Penn
Location: Anaheim, California
Elevation: 157'
-Fight of the Night-
B.J. Penn vs. Matt Hughes
Fighters & Matches 88.8
Top 10 Fighters 91.4
TOTAL 90.1
(Rear-Naked Choke)
     This fight was kind of weird... Good, but weird... The UK fighter, David Lee, came out with a whacky looking right hook that went right over Griffin's head, and then he followed that up with a flying knee, and what looked like a Judo takedown... After the fight was over, I think that maybe Tyson Griffin is the one that pulled David Lee to the ground? Not sure... Either way, the takedown isn't what's important... On their way to the ground, Griffin latched onto David Lee's back, locked on the body triangle to hold himself in position, and followed that up with a nice clean rearnaked choke for the submission victory about halfway through the first round... Tyson Griffin looks to be tough as nails, but David Lee has an unorthodox style, that even though he lost, makes me want to see him fight again sometime... Personally, I would like to see Jens Pulver come back and fight David Lee... That would be a fun fight...
      This fight was ok, I sort of had a hard time paying attention though. It started strong, with Gurgel trying for a flying armbar in the first round, and he was pretty active throughout, but never really came close to finishing the fight, and Abbadi didn't do anything to impress me either. In the end, I gave the fight to Gurgel, and the judges agreed.
      Meh, what's the point in adding this fight to the end of the pay per view? I mean... I'm all for watching as many fights as possible, but this was ridiculous... After one of the best fights I've seen all year (Hughes vs. Penn) they decided to end the pay per view with THIS? Anyways... First round was boring... Second round ended in a knockout overhand right, by Sanchez... So, Eddie Sanchez wins his UFC debut, by KO in the second round...
      This was a pretty decent debut by both guys. Roger Huerta has some solid boxing skills, and was able to secure several takedowns, controlling the pace of the fight, and pretty much beating up Dent both on the feet and on the ground. Dent showed some solid boxing as well, and went for a triangle at one point, but he wasn't able to really get anything going for more than a few seconds, so I gave all 3 rounds to Roger Huerta, and all 3 judges agreed.
      Wow... Well... I was looking forward to seeing Jens Pulver come back to the UFC (the only Lightweight Champion the UFC has ever had, etc...) And after he won the belt a long time ago, he quit due to contract disputes or something, so basically, he never lost the title... BUT, it was so long ago, that they eventually stripped the title from him... Bla bla bla... The point is, Jens is known for his bad ass striking, and Joe Lauzon knocked him the fuck out, EARLY in the first round, with a nice left hook... Congratulations to Joe Lauzon for the huge upset win (Jens was the 7-1 favorite)... But yeah, I don't see Lauzon actually being a force to be reckoned with in this weight class or anything... In my opinion, it was a lucky punch... BUT, hey, even luck takes a little bit of skill... Disappointing performance by Jens Pulver... Lauzon wins by TKO in the first round...
      Wow again... Second fight of the night, and I'm surprised again... Not in the same way as the first fight though... Rashad Evans is known for being one of those really good wrestlers, that can't finish a fight, and always goes to decision... Lambert on the other hand, is known for finishing his fights, so I was kind of expecting Lambert to hand Rashad his first loss... Instead, Rashad Evans completely dominated Lambert, taking him to the ground at will, with slams, bams, jams, and other rhyming words that end with "AM"... Once they were on the ground, Rashad kept up a pretty good pace, and just dominated Lambert with his wrestling ability, ALWAYS staying in a dominant position, and dropping bombs from all kinds of different top positions... In the end, the fight was stopped about halfway through the second round, after Rashad took Lambert to the ground one last time, and started swinging like crazy, until Lambert eventually got knocked the fuck out... GREAT fight for Rashad Evans, not so much for Lambert... Rashad Evans wins by TKO in the second round...
(Punch to the Body)
      Fuck yeah man! Honestly, I think Melvin Guillard MIGHT be the #1 Lightweight in the UFC right now... We'll have to see what happens with the Sean Sherk vs. Kenny Florian fight in October, but at the moment, it's looking like Guillard might be a contender... He came out and slammed Ruediger around, making him look like his bitch for the entire first round, and Guillard absolutely dominated the first round with his ground & pound, and punch combinations... At the very end of the first round, Ruediger almost locked on a rearnaked choke, but Guillard was saved by the bell... That was really Ruediger's only chance in the fight... The second round consisted of Guillard punching Ruediger in the stomach twice, knocking him out... Melvin Guillard wins by TKO in the second round, due to body blows!!!
      This fight was a pretty good one... Going into it, I thought that Mike Swick would win, but I definitely didn't expect it to go all 3 rounds... Swick pretty much dominated the first round (only because Loiseau didn't do ANYTHING during that round)... And then the second round was closer, but I still gave it to Swick, for being a little bit more aggressive, and having a few good flurries during both of those first two rounds... The third round was easily Loiseau's, because he started to take Swick to the ground, and he started throwing those elbows that he's known for, but it ended up being a case of too little, too late... Mike Swick wins by unanimous decision... I was thinking after this fight, Swick would be next in line for a title shot, but since the fight went the distance, I would like to see Swick fight Leben first, and then go for the title... (The only reason I want to see him beat Leben, is because Leben is the only guy to ever beat Mike Swick...) So yeah, there's that... Good fight...
      Honestly, I didn't give BJ Penn a chance in hell in this fight, after his poor performance against Georges St. Pierre... BUT, after the first two rounds, I honestly thought that Penn was going to win this fight... He started the first round dominating the striking game, standing with Hughes, and pretty much making Hughes look ridiculous... Every time Hughes tried to take Penn to the ground, Penn unleashed the craziest sprawls I've ever seen, defending every single takedown that Hughes could throw at him... The second round was pretty much more of the same, but it ended with Penn climbing on the back of Hughes, and locking on a triangle choke AND an armbar at the same time... Hughes honestly would have lost the fight right then, if he wasn't saved by the bell... So by that point, I thought Penn was going to win... Then come to find out, his cardio sucks, and he had no gas left in the take once the third round started, so Hughes just started to pick him apart... First Hughes stood with him for a while, showing off some of his boxing skills, and eventually FINALLY took Penn to the ground, locked on a crusifix from the sidemount, and then started launching right hands at the head of Penn (while both of Penn's hands were locked up) eventually forcing the referee to stop the fight... So Matt Hughes wins by TKO in the third round... If Penn had better cardio, he would have killed Hughes... It's too bad that Penn doesn't take his training more seriously, he could honestly be the best fighter in the world, with better cardio... Matt Hughes proves to be one of the greatest Champions of all time though... After the fight was over, Georges St. Pierre stepped into the octagon, and told Hughes that "I'm glad you won this fight, but I wasn't impressed by your performance..." And that got quite the reaction from the crowd... I'm honestly glad Hughes won this fight too, because I want nothing more, than to see GSP come in and take out Matt Hughes as soon as possible... GSP is the man!!! (I just hope he didn't bite off more than he could chew with this challenge)... But yeah, back to this fight, again, Hughes wins by TKO in the third round...