100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (16 Total):
1. Travis Lutter - 91.2
2. Pete Spratt - 90.1
3. Charles McCarthy - 89.2
4. Scott Smith - 89.1
5. Din Thomas - 88.8
6. Martin Kampmann - 88.7
7. Gideon Ray - 87.6
8. Patrick Cote - 86.4
9. Matt Serra - 86.1
10. Jeremy Jackson - 86.1
UFC The Ultimate Fighter 4 Finale
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Elevation: 2,001'
-Fight of the Night-
Travis Lutter vs. Patrick Cote
Fighters & Matches 86.8
Top 10 Fighters 88.3
TOTAL 87.6
     "The Legend" Thales Leites finally arrives in the UFC!!! With his undefeated record of 9-0... This guy is supposed to be a BAD ASS, and he's supposed to crush the competition with his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu skills... Well, to make a long story short, he dominated the first round, and almost knocked out Martin Kampmann... After that, the last 2 rounds consisted of Martin Kampmann stuffing all of the takedown attempts by Leites, and dominating with his kickboxing skills... Martin Kampmann pretty much made Thales Leites look like an amateur, which is the kind of thing that could ruin this poor guy's career... If you're undefeated, but then lose your first fight in the UFC to a relatively unknown fighter, that kind of takes away some of the credibility that you may have gained from your wins... Anyways, Martin Kampmann wins by unanimous decision after 3 rounds of kickin' ass! YEAH!!!
      This fight felt like one of those "these guys probably don't belong in the UFC" fights. Gideon Ray seemed to have slightly better striking, McCarthy didn't seem to really know what he was doing in there, but he somehow got Ray on the ground, where he was able to go for a Kimura, he complained that Ray was holding his own shorts, which is legal, and then eventually he transitioned into an armbar for the submission victory. To be honest, it was a pretty lame fight.
      This fight was AWESOME!!! Both fighters came out giving each other high fives, and then they'd follow that up with some clapping, and then they'd smile and make faces at each other, and then high five again... And for anyone that knows me, you'll KNOW that I am 100% all about the high fives... Eventually, about 5 minutes into the fight, they decided it was time to get down to business, and punches & kicks started flying all over the place like a Dragon Ball Z tournament... The fight ended in the second round, when Pete "Drago" Sell punched Scott Smith in the stomach, almost ending the fight (Scott Smith basically keeled over and was ready to call it quits)... Drago chased him down to finish the fight, and with everything he had left in him, Scott Smith threw one final punch at Drago's face, knocking him the fuck out... At first I thought that Scott Smith was playing possum, until he immediately fell to the floor holding his stomach in pain... GREAT fight, and if Drago didn't spend the entire fight looking like he was going to get his ass kicked, then this could have been one for the record books... It was fairly obvious from the start of the fight though, that Scott Smith came to kill... Great fight, Scott Smith has more heart than your mom, and Drago put up a good fight, and is one hell of a high fiver!
(Neck Injury)
      Well, that was a pretty uneventful ending, to an otherwise uneventful fight. Spratt showed solid striking skills, and some decent wrestling skills in the first round. Jackson tried to take him to the ground in the second round, and apparently had a neck injury or something going into the fight, so while Jackson was trying to take Spratt down, Spratt kept pushing down on his head, and eventually Jackson tapped. Weird ending, that LOOKED very uneventful.
      It was pretty clear that both of these guys were a little bit nervous going into this fight... I could tell that neither fighter was feeling all that confident, even though they both KNEW that they needed to get the win... The fight basically consisted of both fighters standing, and striking with each other... Jorge Rivera started the fight throwing some leg kicks, and eventually started unleashing some punch combos... Edwin Dewees then made a comeback, with an even BETTER punch combination... Then Jorge returned the favor again, until Edwin Dewees fell to the ground, covering up against the cage... To be honest, Edwin Dewees was doing fine, covering himself, just waiting for the storm to be over so he could get a better position, but Rivera just kept throwing punches at the head of Dewees, and then looked at the referee, and the referee stopped the fight... So Jorge Rivera wins by TKO, even though Dewees was still defending himself... BUT, I guess that just shows that you need to keep fighting, even if your opponent isn't hurting you, because if you don't fight back, the fight WILL be stopped... Sucks, because if Dewees would have had his head in the game, I think he could have taken out Rivera... So yeah, Rivera wins by first round TKO...
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      Din Thomas is the man... Rich Clementi start the fight with some antics comparible to Robbie Lawler (throwing up the metal horns, enjoying getting punched in the face, nodding his head with excitement, etc...) Unlike the first fight of the night, you could tell both of these guys WANTED to be in this fight... The difference is, Din Thomas came 100% prepared, and Rich Clementi was pretty much a handful of steps behind him the entire time... Din Thomas dominated while standing, and the only time the fight went to the ground at all, was in the second round when Din Thomas took Clementi to the ground, got the mount without any trouble at all, and then locked on the rearnaked choke... Rich Clementi got schooled (even though he put up a pretty decent fight during the first round)... Din Thomas wins by submission in the second round, and then he called out the Lightweight Champion, Sean Sherk... (Probably a bad idea for Din Thomas)... This was a good fight though, I look forward to seeing some more of Din...
      After hearing both fighters talk shit during their promos, I was under the impression that Patrick Cote was going to beat the shit out of Lutter, but that wasn't even close to reality... Travis Lutter started this fight by faking a punch, and then taking down Patrick Cote, with a BIT of resistance from Cote, but not much... Once the fight was on the ground, Travis Lutter absolutely dominated Cote, got on his back, and then locked on some sort of armbar/triangle from the back of Cote... Bad ass submission by Lutter, and he really proved that he's a force to be reckoned with in the UFC Middleweight division... Can he beat Anderson Silva? Probably not... BUT, hey, at least now he has a chance... For now, I'll say that Travis Lutter is the man, and leave it at that... (Let's just hope that he has decent cardio when he comes in to fight for the belt)...
      Hmmm... This was the main fight I was looking forward to, and it was kind of boring... It consisted of 3 rounds, of Matt Serra hugging Lytle, pressing him against the cage (while standing), and then stomping at his feet... Every time Serra would go for the takedown, Lytle would block it... During the first round, Serra almost locked on a bad ass arm lock, but Lytle escaped... Other than that, it was a fairly boring fight... I have no idea why Lytle wasn't striking at all, and I also have no idea why Serra is fighting at 170, when he SHOULD be at 155... Blah, whatever... Matt Serra wins by split-decision... (I scored the fight a draw)...