100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (18 Total):
1. Georges St. Pierre - 93.3
2. Nick Diaz - 92.2
3. Brandon Vera - 91.1
4. Joe Stevenson - 90.8
5. Drew McFedries - 90.7
6. Gleison Tibau - 89.3
7. Alessio Sakara - 88.6
8. Hector Ramirez - 87.7
9. Matt Hughes - 87.6
10. James Irvin - 86.8
UFC 65: Bad Intentions
Location: Sacramento, California
Elevation: 30'
-Fight of the Night-
Georges St. Pierre vs. Matt Hughes
Fighters & Matches 87.8
Top 10 Fighters 89.8
TOTAL 88.8
     This fight was boring... Jake O'Brien spent all 3 rounds, taking Shockman to the ground repeatedly, Shockman would work his rubber guard (to no avail) and the referee would eventually stand them back up... O'Brien takes Shockman down, referee stands them back up... Over and over again, about 100 times... And they weren't SLAMS or anything either, just nice gentle takedowns... This fight was lame... O'Brien wins via unanimous decision...
(Kick to the Body & Elbows)
      This fight consisted of two guys that I don't really care about at all... James Irvin gets on my fucking nerves, and I've never heard of Hector Ramirez... The fight started out with both fighters standing with each other, but after a few seconds, Ramirez took Irvin to the ground, and then completely dominated him during the first round, showing that he has better wrestling & submission skills, but he couldn't finish Irvin... Ramirez ended the first round by brutally beating the side of Irvin' head from behind... I thought Irvin was finished... Then the second round started, and they both decided to stand with each other... At this point, Irvin punched Ramirez in the face, basically knocking him out, so Irvin started cheering for himself for a minute or so, then realized the fight wasn't officially over, so he jumped on Ramirez while Ramirez was on the ground, and started punching & kicking him, until the refere eventually stopped the fight... So yeah, James Irvin wins by KO in the second round...
      This was one of the undercard fights that got played at the end of the PPV due to extra time that was available... And, well, it was kind of lame... Sherman "The Tank" Pendergarst came running out like a bull, taking Hardonk to the ground with a bit of a struggle... Once they were there, Pendergarst tried to ground & pound Hardonk, but it wasn't very effective... They eventually stood up, and then Hardonk kicked Pendergarst in the leg, knocking him out... Weird fight, kind of lame, and yeah, I don't see either of these fighters making it anywhere in the UFC...
      This fight was pretty fuckin' awesome, but I'm pissed that they didn't show it on the live card, because it ended up being Nick Diaz's last fight with the UFC, and it came across as though the UFC was trying to screw him by not promoting his fight (I'm sure they would have aired this fight, if Gleison Tibau would have won), that sort of thing... So yeah, that was some bullshit... Basically, the first round consisted of some high level jiu-jitsu being displayed by both fighters, and even though Gleison Tibau got the advantage early, Nick Diaz ended up taking the first round in my opinion, by taking control of the fight near the end of the first round, and escaping everything Tibau threw at him... The second round was 100% Diaz... He took Tibau to the ground, and then punched him a lot until the fight ended... Nick Diaz is a bad ass, and I'll definitely miss him in the UFC...
(Guillotine Choke)
      This fight kind of surprised me... Dokonjonosuke Mishima took Stevenson to the ground easily at the start of the fight, via Judo throw... As soon as they hit the ground, Stevenson locked on a guillotine choke, and I thought the fight was over... BUT! Dokonjonosuke escaped, somehow! So what happened next? Stevenson locked on another guillotine choke... This time, resistance was futile, and Dokonjonosuke was forced to submit... Stevenson is a bad man on the ground, so I was surprised that Dokonjonosuke started the fight by taking him to the ground... Either way, Stevenson wins by submission in the first round...
      This fight started with both guys standing witch each other, and both doing fairly well... Frank Mir surprised me with his "decent" boxing skills... Brandon Vera soon took control, and got Mir in the Muay Thai clinch, followed by some knees to the face... Mir got rocked, and they both went to the ground... Once they were on the ground, Vera got on top, in the crucifix position, and then started throwing punches at Mir's face, until you could just SEE Mir mentally give up... He covered his face, and just laid there waiting for the referee to stop the fight... It's sad how weak Mir is mentally now (after his accident)... He'll probably never be the same... BUT, Brandon Vera on the other hand, is becoming a bad ass, and he's definitely going to be a force to be reckoned with, in future title fights... So yeah, Brandon Vera wins by first round TKO...
      This fight was awesome... It kind of reminded me of the Robbie Lawler vs. Chris Lytle fight from UFC 45... The only difference, Lawler & Lytle seemed to enjoy fighting each other, they were laughing and clapping, etc... Sakara & McFedries on the other hand, seemed like they were out to kill each other... Alessio Sakara is known for his boxing skills, and he proved that he's a hell of a striker, by batting away at the head of McFedries... Drew McFedries on the other hand (coming from the Miletich camp), proved that he can stand with a guy like Alessio Sakara... I felt like Sakara had the upperhand during the first half of the first round, but then McFedries started to unleash the fury, and something weird happened... McFedries (while standing) hit Sakara with a few really solid shots, and then Sakara backed up, but seemed to be fine... And then he just felt down gently, and laid on his back, so McFedries jumed on top of him and started dropping BOMBS until the referee was forced to stop the fight... Drew McFedries ends up dominating Sakara at the end of a really solid fight, getting the TKO victory in the first round...
      FUCK THIS... Tim Sylvia's big goofy ass, wins by unanimous decision, due to height advantage... 6'8" Tim Sylvia vs. 5'9" Jeff Monson... That was retarded... Jeff Monson is easily the better fighter, technically... Tim Sylvia is just a big bastard, who stood there, and won by "not getting taken down"... FUCK HIM... Bla bla bla... I'm obviously biased against Sylvia, and pro-Monson... Anyways... Yeah... This fight was lame... BUT! On the bright side, at least Sylvia couldn't finish Monson... Tim Sylvia needs to retire so some people under the 6'8" height requirement, can have a chance at the title, because he is NOT the best heavyweight fighter in the UFC... He's just the tallest... PERIOD...
(Head Kick & Punches)
      This fight was fucking WONDERFUL!!! Heh... The first round consisted of GSP kicking Hughes in the balls twice, and then beating him up while standing for the entire first round... Matt Hughes tried to takedown GSP once during the first round, and GSP completely overpowered Hughes... Then, GSP threw a superman punch hitting Hughes in the face, and then GSP followed up by taking Hughes to the ground, pounding away at him, almost knocking him out, but Hughes was saved by the bell... GREAT first round...
      The second round consisted of about a minute of dancing around, and then GSP threw a Cro-Cop style kick to the head of Hughes, knocking him to the ground, and then GSP jumped on top of Hughes, completely destroying him with punches & elbows, until Big John McCarthy (referee) had to stop the fight, because Hughes could no longer defend himself... I FUCKING KNEW that GSP would be the next Welterweight Champion... FUCK YES! WAR GSP!!! Great fight, and congratulations to GSP, in my opinion, the BEST 170 pound fighter in the world...