100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (18 Total):
1. Alan Belcher - 92.4
2. Luigi Fioravanti - 92.4
3. Diego Sanchez - 92.1
4. Karo Parisyan - 91.9
5. Brock Larson - 91.0
6. Logan Clark - 90.6
7. David Heath - 90.5
8. Victor Valimaki - 90.1
9. Keita Nakamura - 89.7
10. Steve Byrnes - 89.7
UFC Fight Night 7: Sanchez vs. Riggs
Location: San Diego, California
Elevation: 422'
-Fight of the Night-
Karo Parisyan vs. Drew Fickett
Fighters & Matches 89.1
Top 10 Fighters 91.0
TOTAL 90.1
     This was a pretty decent fight, between a couple of guys that had never fought in the UFC before, and will probably never fight in the UFC again. Gotta love these unaired prelims, eh? With that being said, it was actually a pretty decent scrap, with Byrnes having the crowd on his side, since they were fighting at a military base, and he was a former Marine or something. I thought Clark won the first round pretty easily, the second round I gave to Byrnes, and the third round I gave to Clark, but really, the fight was close enough that you might have been able to argue in favor of Byrnes, ESPECIALLY since the crowd was so biased and on his side. But yeah, decent fight, but I don't plan on seeing either of these guys again.
      This was a pretty decent fight, with Larson spending the majority of the fight trying to take Nakamura to the ground, and he was successful for the most part, winning at least the first two rounds. Nakamura had decent striking though, and was able to beat up Larson a little bit in the third round, and he ended up doing a decent job defending the takedown, so I gave that round to Nakamura. So 29-28 unanimous decision goes to Brock Larson in his first UFC win.
      Fioravanti was the second "former Marine" on this card, so he got a huge pop from the crowd, and that seemed to push him to take the fight to Menne. Menne almost caught him with a leg lock early in the round, and then almost caught him with an armbar a couple of minutes later, but for the most part, this fight was all about Fioravanti moving towards Menne, throwing bombs, and eventually, knocking him down with a big punch, and finishing him with hammerfists.
(Head Kick)
      This was a pretty competitive fight, with Santiago clearly winning the first round, taking Belcher to the ground, getting on his back, beating him up, and almost locking on a rear-naked choke. Belcher won the second round, by keeping the fight standing, and beating up Santiago on his feet. Once the third round started, Santiago was clearly exhausted, and Belcher picked him apart with brutal leg kicks, until he eventually landed a huge head kick, knocking Santiago to the ground, followed by a big diving punch for good measure. Alan Belcher looked pretty awesome in this fight.
      That was an interesting fight. The first round was VERY close and probably could have gone either way. The second round, Heath beat the living shit out of Valimaki, until the referee stopped the fight temporarily to check on a cut on Valimaki's face (which in turn, saved Valimaki from being finished). When the fight started back up, Valimaki took Heath down and beat him up for the remainder of the round, so it ended up being close, but I thought Heath deserved to win that one. The third round, Valimaki seemed to have slightly better striking, so that's the only round I gave to him. In the end though, I would have been fine calling this fight a draw, but two of the judges gave the fight to Heath, which was a decision I agreed with.
      This fight was actually a lot better than I thought it'd be (because I'm not a fan of Shonie Carter)... The first round consisted of Marcus Davis (the boxer) taking Shonie to the ground, and then climbing on his back, locking on the body triangle (which he held for most of the first round), and he also went for the combination by attempting a rear-naked choke... Shonie was able to escape that submission attempt though, and spent the last minute or so on top of Davis, in his guard... The second round consisted of both fighters standing with each other, and Marcus Davis almost knocked out Shonie a couple of times... The third round had both fighters just standing, and walking around in circles... In the end, Marcus Davis ended up winning by unanimous decision...
      This fight was fuckin' CRAZY! The first round basically consisted of Karo Parisyan schooling Fickett in the standup department, outboxing him for the majority of the first round... The second round started with Karo grabbing Fickett's leg, and then chasing the one-legged Fickett across the octagon while punching him in the face, and then that little flurry ended with Parisyan picking up Fickett & slamming him to the ground... Once they were on the ground, Fickett threw an elbow up at the face of Parisyan, leaving a BAD cut below Parisyan's right eye... At first I thought the fight would get stopped at that point, but Parisyan touched his cut, got pissed, and then started landing insane elbows at Fickett's face, basically exploding all over him... I gave both of the first 2 rounds to Parisyan, even though they both ended up looking real fucked up by the end of the second round... The third round was mostly more boxing, but Fickett seemed winded, and Parisyan kept up "The Heat" throughout the third round, ending the fight with a unanimous decision victory going to Karo Parisyan... GREAT fight...
      This was a pretty good fight... The highlights really all revolved around Josh Koscheck & his double leg takedowns... He would just shoot in like a torpedo, and then drive Joslin to the ground with ease... There were a few solid sprawls on the part of Joslin in an attempt to block the takedowns, but he was never really successful... Joslin attempted a few submissions during the fight, and displayed some pretty solid striking, but overall, he was just outmatched by Koscheck... This fight (along with all of the other fights so far tonight) ended with a unanimous decision victory, with the win going to Josh Koscheck...
      This fight started out kind of slow, and then Diego shot for a takedown, but it was stuffed pretty easily by Joe Riggs... A couple of minutes into the fight, Diego Sanchez decided to throw this insanely powerful righthand, knocking Riggs to the ground, as if he had been hit in the face with a sledgehammer... Riggs tried to get up, but was immediately kneed in the face by Diego Sanchez, knocking him out clean... Then Diego jumped on Riggs to make sure to finish the fight, rattling off a handful of HARD punches to the face of Riggs, until eventually the referee had to stop the fight... Diego Sanchez wins the fight relatively early in the first round, by ABSOLUTE DOMINATION... This fight started slow, but ended quickly & painfully for Riggs...