100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (24 Total):
1. Francisco Rivera - 93.3
2. Shawn Jordan - 93.2
3. Brian Ortega - 93.1
4. Dustin Poirier - 93.1
5. Dan Henderson - 91.8
6. Anthony Birchak - 91.7
7. Jose Alberto Quinonez - 91.7
8. Thiago Tavares - 91.5
9. Ben Rothwell - 91.3
10. Joe Proctor - 91.0
UFC Fight Night 68: Boetsch vs. Henderson
Location: New Orleans, Louisiana
Elevation: 7'
-Fight of the Night-
Brian Ortega vs. Thiago Tavares
Fighters & Matches 89.3
Top 10 Fighters 92.2
TOTAL 90.8
(Rear-Naked Choke)
     Morales wanted to keep this fight standing, but Quinonez went straight in for the clinch, dragging Morales to the ground, landing on top of Morales. After beating him up a little bit on the ground, and dominating him with his wrestling skills, Quinonez was able to get on the back of Morales, forcing him to submit to the rear-naked choke, haflway through the first round.
      This was a pretty good fight, lots of back & forth action. Collier mostly scored his points by landing kicks and punches while standing. Abreu I thought landed the harder strikes throughout the fight though, and he also took Collier down several times, and controlled him on the ground. In the end, I thought Abreu was pretty clearly the winner of this fight, and I actually gave him all 3 rounds, but they were ALL pretty close rounds. Two of the judges gave the fight to Collier, 29-28 though, so... Nice split-decision victory I guess, but I really thought Abreu won this one.
Technical Submission
(Guillotine Choke)
      This was another close fight, but I actually had the first two rounds scored slightly for Edwards. Edwards did a good job landing a lot of strikes, throwing nice combinations, and even showed some decent grappling, always applying forward pressure. Proctor landed some nice punch combinations as well. The fight never made it to the scorecards though, because Proctor locked on a TIGHT guillotine choke at the end of the fight, putting Edwards to sleep, leaving him laying flat on his face. Really impressive submission victory for Joe Proctor.
      This was a decent grinding fight. Wade took Giagos down repeatedly, and was basically able to grind out a decision. Giagos landed some nice knees in the fight, while standing, but ultimately, the fight just didn't take place on the feet long enough for him to really score anything significant. At one point, Giagos actually got on top, on the ground, and I thought he was going to maybe win the second round because of that, but Wade ended up on top, securing the first two rounds for Wade. Giagos went into panic mode during the last half of the final round, so he might have secured that round for himself, but ultimately, this fight was all Chris Wade, so congrats to him for the unanimous decision victory.
(Knee Injury)
      Well, that wasn't a very interesting fight. It was actually one of the fights I was most looking forward to, but it ended up being sort of boring, with both guys throwing single strikes here & there, mostly kicks, not much landing. After the first round, the fight was stopped, due ot Ebersole's right knee getting fucked up by a kick from Akhmedov. So... Nice win for Akhmedov, but not a very explosive fight at all.
(Hook Kick & Punches)
      This fight was pretty fun. Lewis showed some really aggressive powerful strikes in the first round, beating Jordan's ass for a good portion of the round, but Jordan was able to take him down to the ground, where I feel he left the first round in a Draw. The second round started with the massive Jordan, throwing a wacky hook kick, that clipped Lewis's chin, knocking him kookie, as Lewis wobbled backwards, fell to the ground, and then Jordan pounced on him, and destroyed him with punches, as Lewis tried to roll over to his stomach to escape, but Jordan just wouldn't stop, and the referee was forced to end the fight. Awesome win for Shawn Jordan, who is now on a 3-Fight winning streak.
      BAM! Rivera won this fight pretty quickly, punching Caceres, knocking him on his ass, and then he jumped on him, and pounced the shit out of him with punches straight to the face, forcing the referee to stop the fight, MAYBE a little bit early, but if the fight WOULDN'T have been stopped, then Rivera would have probably squashed the head of Bruce Leeroy like a watermelon. Really nice quick victory for Rivera, and I'm glad to see him end his losing streak. Unfortunately for Caceres, this makes 3 fights in a row, that he's lost, so he could potentially lose his job for this one. I would like to see him get at least one more shot in the UFC though, because I like Bruce Leeroy.
      YES! I had money riding on this one, so I was pretty happy when I saw that Soto wasn't even TRYING to fight at all. I don't know if he even landed a single strike, as Birchak picked him apart for about a minute or so, before finally teeing off on Soto with elbows & punches against the cage, causing him to fall flat on his face, knocked out. Awesome KO victory for Anthony Birchak.
      This fight was pretty awesome. Ortega started in the first ground, showing some nice striking, as well as an especially active submission game on the ground, working over Tavares pretty well in that round, but Tavares stayed competitive, showing some strong wrestling of his own. The second round had Tavares bleeding all over Ortega, while dominating him on the ground from top position, while Ortega continued to strike from the bottom, giving the round to Tavares, but by the end of the round, Tavares had a MASSIVE cut above his right eye, which almost had the fight stopped. The third round was pretty competitive, but Tavares landed a big knee to the groin of Ortega, which sucks, because that sort of sucks the steam out of you. Once they started back up, Tavares tried to take Ortega back to the ground, but failed, so they went back to boxing, where Ortega knocked the mouthpiece out of the mouth of Tavares. They continued to box a little longer, and Ortega knocked Tavares to the ground with a big punch, and then he fucking SLAUGHTERED him on the ground with ground & pound, finishing the fight near the end of the third round, with brutal punches & elbows on the ground. This was an outstanding win for Ortega, and my wallet would like to thank him as well.
      This fight was pretty much a one-sided massacre. Poirier came out swinging, knocked out Medeiros multiple times, knocking him down chaotically, over and over again, and then Poirier got on his back, and went for the rear-naked choke for a minute or so, before eventually standing back up, where he finished Medeiros with some more punches to the face. Nice win for Poirier.
(Gogo Choke)
      Oh man, that was kind of brutal. Both of these guys are massive, and they both came out throwing big clubbing punches, but not a lot was really happening there. Mitrione eventually shot in for a takedown, got caught with a front choke, tried to pull out, they both collapsed to the ground, with Big Ben Rothwell's chest on the back of Mitrione's head, as he tightened his grip, and forced MItrione to tapout with both hands. Really huge submission victory for Big Ben Rothwell. He also had a pretty entertaining promo he cut after the fight, where he basically said he wants the #1 contender spot. I don't think he's quite THERE yet, but I mean... I had Mitrione ranked #4 going into this fight, with Rothwell somewhere around #11. So... This has to put Rothwell in the Top 5 somewhere at least, right?
      Well, both of these guys seem to be a little bit past their prime, Henderson at almost 45 years old, and Boetsch only 34, but still seemingly on a downward spiral. With that being said, Henderson REALLY needed this win, if he was going to have any chance at all of continuing his career, and he smashed Boetsch's face in under 30 seconds, finishing the fight with a lot of punches. And then in case there was any question about the stoppage, Boetsch tried to takedown John McCarthy, because he clearly had no idea where he was. Really big win for Dan Henderson, but I still have ZERO interest in ever seeing him fight for a title again.