100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (16 Total):
1. Hermes Franca - 92.3
2. Josh Burkman - 92.0
3. Nate Marquardt - 91.1
4. Rashad Evans - 90.9
5. Ed Herman - 90.7
6. Rich Clementi - 90.6
7. Jake OBrien - 90.3
8. Din Thomas - 89.9
9. Chad Reiner - 89.3
10. Clay Guida - 88.8
UFC Fight Night 8: Evans vs. Salmon
Location: Hollywood, Florida
Elevation: 10'
-Fight of the Night-
Hermes Franca vs. Spencer Fisher
Fighters & Matches 89.2
Top 10 Fighters 90.6
TOTAL 89.9
(Rear-Naked Choke)
     This was a pretty average quality fight. Both guys boxed with each other for a few, pretty close first round, and pretty close second round, until eventually Clementi shot for the takedown near the end of the second round, progressed into the full mount pretty quickly, and then finished him with a rear-naked choke.
      Meh, this was a decent fight... I went back to watch this one as research for the Clay Guida vs. Marcus Aurelio fight at UFC 74, and Clay Guida was a lot less impressive in this fight, compared to the more recent ones I've seen... Basically, both guys threw some solid punches (especially Guida during the first round ground & pound), Guida also showed solid wrestling skills, but Din Thomas was able to either avoid all of the takedowns, or transition instantly into a submission attempt, every time Guida tried to take him down... In the end, both guys gave solid performances, and Din Thomas won by unanimous decision, but it probably could have gone either way... I also gave the fight to Din Thomas though, so it's all good...
      This fight was neat... Ed Herman started the fight by taking Price to the ground, with a nice little wrestling takedown... Once they were on the ground, Chris Price went for 3-4 Kimura attempts, trying to submit Herman (and almost locked them on several times) but then Herman scrambled around and got on Price's back... Everyone thought that Herman was going to go for the rear naked choke, but instead, he locked on an armbar instantly, which was fucking BEAUTIFUL!!! So yeah, Ed Herman comes from behind, and wins with impressive fashion, around the middle part of the first round... Good clean fight...
      This fight had a few moments that were really exciting, like when Burkman picked Reiner up repeatedly, and slammed the shit out of him, I think he might have been hoping for another one of those slam knockouts, but it didn't happen. Instead, it just put Burkman in position to pound away at Reiner for most of the fight. Reiner had a couple of moments where he was able to go for submissions, including one rear-naked choke attempt that I'm not sure why he wasn't able to finish, but in the end, I gave all 3 rounds to Josh Burkman, and all 3 judges agreed for the most part, a couple of them giving a round to Reiner, but either way, Burkman wins via unanimous decision.
      Here's another fight that wasn't shown on the live broadcast, and now I have to go back and watch it to gather some more information on Nate Marquardt, since he has a title fight coming up at UFC 73 against Anderson Silva... This fight against Dean Lister, lasted all 3 rounds, but there's really no reason it should have... Nate Marquardt completely dominated Dean while standing with him, almost knocking him out several times with punches & knees, and he took Dean down at will, and was able to stand back up whenever he wanted... Dean Lister spent the entire fight trying to find a submission, and he never even came close... Granted, Big John McCarthy (referee) kept making them stand back up whenever the fight went to the ground, so Dean didn't exactly have a lot of time to work for a submission... Either way, after a pretty decent 3 round fight, Nate Marquardt wins by unanimous decision... (two of the judges scored the fight, 30-25) DAMN SON! Dean Lister got smoked...
      This fight was basically the #1 contender fight, for the UFC Lightweight Championship... (And I seriously doubt that either of these guys could take out the current champion, Sean Sherk, but Hermes Franca might be able to give him a run for his money!) The point is, Spencer Fisher started the fight fairly light on his feet, very hyper, and he looked like he wanted to take apart Franca, with his "superior striking" skills... That was not the case my friend... Hermes Franca started the fight by taking Fisher to the ground, with a solid grinding takedown, and then started working his magic on the ground... The first round basically consisted of a lot of dancing, and Franca showing that he's the better submission fighter, by almost taking out Fisher on a couple of occasions... The second round started up, that's when the action really got HOT!!! Ha... Franca for some reason fell to the ground (maybe trying to pull guard? maybe he tripped?) and Fisher wanted to capitalize on this, by throwing an axe kick to the body of Franca... Franca caught his leg, and ALMOST locked on a heel hook... Fisher escaped, and then the fight went back to the feet... At this point, Franca was definitely winning the fight already, via points... BUT! A decision would not be good enough, Franca started swinging these huge bombsat the head of Fisher, eventually (even though they were still standing) causing the referee to just stop the fight, because Fisher was pinned up against the cage, wobbling back and forth, getting punched in the face by the BOMBS from Franca... Hermes Franca impressed the hell out of me during this fight, and I'm looking forward to seeing him take on Sean Sherk for the title...
      HA! Well there goes the UFC's plans on reviving their dying heavyweight division, by adding great superstars like "Heath Herring"... This fight basically consisted of the UFC debut of international superstar, Heath Herring, getting absolutely dominated by the superior wrestler/submission guy, Jake O'Brien (from Indiana! WOOT WOOT!) Heath Herring didn't stand a chance in this fight... Jake O'Brien took Herring down HUNDREDS of times throughout the 3 round fight, he locked on a million submissions, he mounted Herring about 57 times, and he cut open Herring's face with some elbows... Heath Herring got SERVED... Jake O'Brien wins the fight by UNANIMOUS decision, and he was technically brilliant... Herring on the other hand, spent half the fight on his back, crying to the referee about how O'Brien was holding him down... Isn't that the point of MMA!?! You beat the guy's ass... Herring proved that he is entirely one dimensional (all he has are those punches)... I just wish Brandon Vera was still in the UFC, because I think a fight between Vera & O'Brien would have been fucking grrrrrrrreat!!!
(Head Kick)
      This fight was rad... Rashad "Cro Cop" Evans, proved once again, that he definitely deserves to be one of the top Light Heavyweights in the UFC... Sean Salmon came into this fight seemingly out of nowhere, looking like an ogre... My prediction was that Rashad would win this fight, but I wasn't sure how... Sean Salmon surprised me, by pretty much dominating Rashad with his superior wrestling skills... Wrestling doesn't help much though, when you get kicked in the face, and that's exactly how this fight ended... Rashad Evans threw a Mirko Cro-Cop style high kick to the chin of Salmon for the instant KO victory in the second round... GREAT fight...