100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (18 Total):
1. Anderson Silva - 96.7
2. Mirko Filipovic - 93.5
3. Frankie Edgar - 91.9
4. Lyoto Machida - 91.7
5. Dustin Hazelett - 91.3
6. Travis Lutter - 90.5
7. Tyson Griffin - 90.1
8. Diego Saraiva - 89.2
9. Patrick Cote - 88.7
10. Sam Hoger - 88.1
UFC 67: All or Nothing
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Elevation: 2,001'
-Fight of the Night-
Anderson Silva vs. Travis Lutter
Fighters & Matches 88.7
Top 10 Fighters 91.2
TOTAL 90.0
     This fight was a pretty decent grappling match, with the tall, lanky, awkward Hazelett, showing he has some pretty crazy grappling skills, compared to the stereotypical looking Jiu-Jitsu fighter, Diego Saraiva. Saraiva was good enough to hang in there, and even got in top position a few times, but for the most part, regardless of where Saraiva ended up in their exchanges, Hazelett still looked like the more dangerous fighter with his submission attempts. Pretty good fight overall.
      I REALLY don't like Sam Hoger, so anytime I get to see him get his ass kicked for 15 minutes, I guess I'm interested. Especially when the fighter that is kicking his ass, is the guy that I only knew previously as the "only guy that can beat Rich Franklin", other than Anderson Silva, and the fact that Machida is a training partner of Silva, I just think that storyline is interesting. So yeah, welcome to the UFC Lyoto Machida, and this was a pretty solid UFC debut for a fighter with a ton of potential.
      Tyson Griffin was supposed to come to the UFC to make a big impression, and he did that last time I saw him fight David Lee at UFC 63... This time, he's in there with a guy with a decent amount of credibility, but I've still never heard of him... Frank Edgar? Who's that? He's the guy that beat Tyson Griffin at UFC 67, that's who! After out-boxing Tyson Griffin, after out-wrestling Tyson Griffin, and after showing the bigger heart, Frank Edgar pulled off the unanimous decision victory after 3 rounds of great lightweight action... Tyson Griffin had some nice submission attempts, and almost forced Edgar to tap at the end of the third round with a DEADLY looking kneebar, but Edgar escaped, and due to all of the points Edgar scored earlier in the fight, he pulled off the victory... (even though Edgar kicked Griffin in the balls, but it was unintentional, so it's all good...)
      This fight was pretty simple... Jorge Rivera threw a leg kick to Martin, followed by a leg kick to the body, and Martin caught the kick to the body, and then punched Rivera in the side of the head, basically knocking him out... Once they went to the ground, Martin landed a few more punches to the head of Rivera, and the referee was forced to stop the fight... Simple fight, but I'm glad they decided to add it to the PPV, since it was only 14 seconds...
      Of all of the fights on the main card, this was the last one that I really WANTED to see go 3 rounds... Basically, the fight consisted of Patrick Cote's higher level of technical striking, matching up against Scott Smith's brawling style of punches... And well, to make a long story short, at the end of 3 rounds (pretty good fight, even though the crowd was booing), Patrick Cote wins by unanimous decision... (The fight was VERY close, but I gave the fight to Cote as well)...
      Man, so far this whole "Pride invading the UFC" angle is just not cutting it... Heath Herring came in, and got dominated by some random dude that I can't even remember the name of... And now Quinton "Rampage" Jackson, the only guy to ever beat Chuck Liddell, and NOT suffer from the wrath of Chuck Liddell's revenge, etc... Rampage is finally in the UFC, YAY!!! And he's taking on Marvin Eastman? Erm... For old fans of King of the Cage, this was a pretty neat matchup... But for anyone else, this was kind of lame, since all that UFC fans know about Eastman, is that he got knocked out by the Jiu Jitsu submission fighter, Travis Lutter (who is technically 20 pounds lighter than Eastman, and NOT a striker)... The point is, Eastman's chin has always been suspect, and Rampage proved it again, in a somewhat "kind of exciting, kind of boring" fight... Basically, they both slugged it out during the first round, with REALLY REALLY sloppy punches, and lots of holding, and then the second round was more of the same, until Rampage threw a nice combo in the direction of Eastman's head, knocking him out cold... Decent fight I guess, but I'm pretty sure we ALL expected more from Rampage... (Except for me, this is about what I expected after his last couple of fights... so whatever...)
      Well, I'm not sure what I think about this fight... Basically, both guys ran at each other, Huerta sort of knocked Halverson to the ground, or Halverson slipped, or SOMETHING... And then Huerta threw a knee (that was either to the head, or the shoulder) of Halverson while he was on the ground, which is basically illegal in the UFC, but if it hit the shoulder, then it's all good I guess? I don't know... The point is, that pretty much knocked out Halverson... Then Huerta jumped on the back of the already out Halverson, and started throwing hooks to the head of Halverson from the back mount, until the referee eventually stopped the fight... Weird fight, but I guess it was pretty good... One thing is for sure though, Roger Huerta is a bad man...
      This was exciting... This was actually the #1 fight that I wanted to see from this card, due to the fact that Cro-Cop is SO FUCKING AWESOME!!! *high fives everyone*... Anyways, the point is, Mirko Cro-Cop is the #1 rated fighter on ShadowMafia.com (and has been for a while) regardless of weight class... (Yes, even higher rated than Fedor)... And now he's finally fighting in the United States, via the UFC, and it's rad... Seeing this guy circle around his opponent in the UFC cage is fucking brilliant... Eddie Sanchez literally came into this fight, swinging the wildest punches I've ever seen, as if the point was to kill a swarm of bees or something... Cro-Cop just looked at him like he was retarded, and then destroyed him... KICKS to the legs! PUNCHES to the face! KICKS to the face! Then Cro-Cop takes Sanchez down, mounts him, and then throws bombs at the face of Sanchez, until eventually the referee had to stop the fight... Mirko is SO FUCKING AWESOME... Sanchez gave it a shot though, so props to him for that... I mean, we're talking about the #9 Heavyweight in the UFC, taking on the #1 FIGHTER (regardless of weight) in the entire world... So yeah, not much of a surprise, but BOY was it exciting to watch...
      This was supposed to be a Middleweight Championship fight, but Travis Lutter couldn't make weight (185 was the limit, he was 187)... So basically, the fight still happpened, but the title was no longer on the line... You could tell as soon as Lutter walked out to the octagon that he was depressed, and had no real interest in fighting Silva without the belt being on the line... He also gained 20 pounds overnight (from cutting weight, when he tried to gain it back, he kind of screwed himself)...
      So yeah, to make a long story short, Travis Lutter basically won the first round, by taking Silva down at will (Silva didn't defend the takedowns AT ALL) and then eventually, Lutter mounted Silva, started punching him in the face, and then he went for an armbar to finish the fight... Silva of course, did not fall prey to the armbar, but instead just stood up, making Lutter look like an amateur... The second round consisted of Lutter taking Silva to the ground again, this time Silva locked on a triangle choke, started throwing elbows at Lutter's head, and then forced Lutter to tap out due to the combination of submission & strikes... Anderson Silva is a fucking genius in the octagon, and I can't wait to see him fight again... Lutter on the other hand, was a pretty big disappointment...