100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (16 Total):
1. Eddie Alvarez - 92.9
2. Toby Imada - 92.3
3. Josh LaBerge - 91.8
4. Chuck ONeil - 90.9
5. Pat Curran - 90.3
6. Cole Konrad - 89.9
7. Carey Vanier - 89.8
8. Damian Vitale - 89.5
9. Josh Neer - 89.2
10. Roger Huerta - 89.0
Bellator 17: Alvarez vs. Neer
Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Elevation: 141'
-Fight of the Night-
Eddie Alvarez vs. Josh Neer
Fighters & Matches 88.0
Top 10 Fighters 90.6
TOTAL 89.3
(Doctor Stoppage)
     Vitale controlled O'Neil for most of the first round, taking him down from the clinch, slamming his way out of an armbar attempt, and then going for an arm-triangle choke of his own. O'Neil eventually got on top, but they stood up shortly after that. Vitale scored another takedown late in the round. Vitale wins round one. The second round was more of the same, with Vitale taking O'Neil down and controlling him on the ground for almost the entire round. The final round had O'Neil going for broke, throwing wild bombs and elbows, cutting open Vitale, resulting in the fight being stopped by the doctor due to the size of a cut. Solid comeback victory for Chuck O'Neil in his Bellator debut.
      This was a quick & easy fight for LaBerge. He came out, blasted Bonnell with a right hand, knocked him on his ass, and finished him off with a series of punches on the ground. There's not really much to say beyond that. Nice quick victory for Josh LaBerge.
      Vanier shot in for a takedown early in the first round, Imada stuffed it, and punched Vanier in the head. Vanier continued to drive through, until he finally got Imada to the ground, but they popped back up before anything happened on the ground. Imada held a strong position in the center of the cage, while Vanier circled around him. Imada threw a punch, shot for a takedown, and Vanier ended up on top, pinning Imada against the cage. Imada went for a leg lock, and they popped back up. They clinched, and Vanier took him back down, ending up in full mount again. They stood back up and traded punches until the bell. I scored the first round in favor of Carey Vanier.
     The spent the first half of the second round trading strikes while standing, until Imada dropped down for a leg lock of some sort, taking Vanier to the ground with a slick scissor sweep. Amada gave up the legs, moved in to mount Vanier, he locked on an armbar, cranked it, and Vanier was forced to submit. That was an OUTSTANDING display of Jiu-Jitsu by Imada in that second round. Awesome submission victory.
      The first round wasn't a very eventful round, with both guys trading a few strikes, a little clinchwork, and Huerta shot for a takedown, which Curran stuffed. It was a close round, but I scored it slightly for Curran, based on landing a few extra strikes. The second round was another somewhat uneventful round, which I'd probably score for Huerta, mostly for standing in the center of the cage. You know, "Cage Control" or whatever? The final round was the same thing, but finally started to pick up the pace some in the final 2 minutes of the fight. They went to the ground, Huerta grabbed Curran's back for a few seconds, but Curran ended up on top, and they stood up wtih one minute left in the fight. Curran took down Huerta, and they stood back up. They traded strikes until the end of the round. That was a close fight, but I'd probably score it slightly in favor of Curran, and all 3 judges agreed, giving him the unanimous decision victory.
Technical Submission
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      This was kind of a wild fight, with both guys going full steam ahead, with some wild grappling, hard edged wrestling, where it just LOOKED like someone was going to get hurt. Both guys were warned multiple times for grabbing the fence. For the most part though, the entire first round had Alvarez bullying Neer, pinning him against the cage, and beating him up from a variety of top positions. Nice fast paced wrestling match to open up the first round. With one minute left in the round, they stood back up, Neer clinched with Alvarez's back, but let that go so they could trade punches for a few seconds, before Alvarez scooped up Neer, and slammed him. Awesome round for Alvarez.
     Alvarez took Neer down early in the second round. Neer was looking for a Kimura, but never got close with it. They stood back up, and continued to box with each other. Alvarez took Neer down again, fought to pass his guard, grabbed Neer's back, locked on a rear-naked choke, Neer stood up, Alvarez continued to squeeze, and Neer passed out. AWESOME submission victory for Eddie Alvarez in another hardcore stoppage.
      These guys clinched early, and Konrad took Bennett down with a powerful body lock takedown. From there, Konrad beat up Bennett a little bit, but mostly just smothered him against the cage for the duration of the round. The second round was a very slow paced boring boxing match, without a lot of offense. Konrad shot for a couple of takedowns, but Bennett stuffed them all. Konrad still probably landed enough basic punches to win that round. The third round was the same deal, with Konrad shooting for a few takedowns, and Bennett easily stuffed all of them. Konrad landed a few decent punches, but neither fighter was very aggressive at all. In the end, I scored this fight 30-27 in favor of Konrad, but it was a boring debut for both fighters.