100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (16 Total):
1. Moyses Gabin - 92.8
2. Zach Makovsky - 92.3
3. Frank Carrillo - 91.4
4. Toby Imada - 91.4
5. Brian Eckstein - 90.9
6. Pat Curran - 90.9
7. Mike Hayes - 90.8
8. Luis Palomino - 90.5
9. Megumi Fujii - 90.2
10. Jose Figueroa - 89.7
Bellator 21: Palomino vs. Figueroa
Location: Hollywood, Florida
Elevation: 10'
-Fight of the Night-
Toby Imada vs. Pat Curran
Fighters & Matches 88.1
Top 10 Fighters 91.1
TOTAL 89.6
     Eckstein started this fight with some knees from the clinch, followed by a takedown early in the first round. Once he was on top of Chamale, he tried to pass his guard, grabbed his back, and went for the rear-naked choke, with 3 minutes left in the round. He gave that up, and landed some hard knees to the body of Chamele, while still controlling him on the ground. That was a one-sided ass beating delivered by Eckstein in the first round.
     Eckstein took Chamale down again early in the second round, beating him up against the cage. They eventually stood back up, and Chamale threw a few decent kicks, including a solid shot to Eckstein's dick. When the fight started back up, Chamale landed a few more kicks before Eckstein took him back down again. I have Eckstein ahead, 2-0, going into the final round. The final round had Eckstein punching Chamale in the head, knocking him to the ground, he pinned him against the cage, and then once again, spent the round controlling Chamale with his wrestling. They stood up at one point, but Eckstein just took Chamale right back down. Strong work by Eckstein in this fight, walking away with the 30-27 unanimous decision victory.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      Gabin blasted Boffil with some hard leg kicks early in the first round. He then shot for a takedown, dragging Boffil to the ground near the cage. They stood up, clinched, and this time, Boffil took Gabin down, but landed inside a guillotine choke. Gabin gave that up, and then tried to move into a triangle choke. They stood back up, Boffil tried to secure a standing guillotine choke, and it looked like it could potentially be pretty tight. Gabin stayed calm, but after a minute or so, Boffil blasted Gabin with some knees from that position as well. Gabin eventually took Boffil back to the ground with a body lock, ending up in full mount. From there, Gabin was able to do enough damage with his punches, that Boffil was forced to roll over onto his stomach, giving up his back, for the rear-naked choke submission victory. Nice win for Moyses Gabin.
      Steven Banks has ZERO footwork. He just kind of stands there and waits for shit to happen. When I saw Hayes fight in Strikeforce a couple of years ago, his footwork actually impressed me, but in this fight, he was mostly just kind of standing there as well. Both guys were throwing some heavy punches, but not a lot of anything was landing. Banks probably won the first round by standing his ground. It looked like Banks started to gas in the second round, and Hayes finally started picking him apart with punches, before taking him down with a minute left in the round. From there, Hayes pounded on Banks from inside his guard until the buzzer sounded.
     Banks looked like he was ready to go to bed when he came out for the third round. Hayes on the other hand, still looked like he was in decent shape, as he was throwing some pretty heavy bombs to the head & body of Banks, pressuring him against the cage for the first half of the round. Hayes secured another takedown in the final 90 seconds of the fight, and he finished the fight on the ground, punching Banks in the face with short punches. Solid 29-28 unanimous decision victory for Mike Hayes in his Bellator debut.
      Megumi Fujii almost always seems to have an unfair advantage over all of her opponents, in that she has a TON of experience. As an example, she came into this fight with a record of 19-0, compared to Schneider's 4-4 record. Fujii pretty much controlled the pace of the fight, taking Schneider to the ground, and controlling her with her wrestling skills in all rounds. Schneider did a good job surviving for the first two rounds, but the fight was pretty clearly going in Fujii's favor, until the very end, when she finished Schneider with some ground & pound in the third round. Cool win for Fujii, in her Bellator debut.
      There wasn't a lot of action in the first half of the opening round. They mostly just circled around each other, until they clinched, which allowed Imada to trip Curran, taking him to the ground for a few seconds. They stood back up, and Imada just pressed Curran against the cage, while throwing a few knees to the body. They continued to trade knees from the clinch for a couple of minutes, until they broke apart, and Curran blasted Imada with a big left hook, rocking him for a second. I was going to score that round for Imada, but that one big punch from Curran might make it hard to score, but I still scored it slightly in favor of Imada.
      The second round mostly had both guys standing & trading with each other, in a pretty active striking battle. I thought Imada's movement was good, and he landed some solid shots, so I scored that round for Imada as well. I have Imada ahead, 2-0, going into the final round, but it's a close fight so far. Curran rocked Imada early in the third round with a punch, and they continued to brawl for a while. Imada tried for another takedown by clinching with Curran's back, but Curran was able to spin out of that, causing Imada to fall to the ground. He stood back up, and they clinched with each other a little bit. Imada landed a few nice kicks, and some nice punches, and Curran was standing & trading with him the entire time. Curran shot for a takedown with a minute left in the fight, and Imada stuffed it. Imada started to tear up Curran from the clinch at the end of the round, and then he whipped him to the ground with an awesome Judo throw. In the end, I thought this fight was a pretty clear 30-27 decision for Imada. Two judges disagreed though, giving the fight to Curran, 29-28.
      The first two rounds took place standing for the most part, with Homasi moving forward, holding the center of the cage, and beating up Carrillo with a few random strikes here & there. Halfway through the second round, Homasi secured a takedown. Homasi controlled Carrillo for the entire round, until Carrillo flipped him over with 30 seconds left in the round. From there, Carrillo beat the shit out of Homasi, making the round a lot closer than I thought it'd be. Carrillo took the fight to the ground to start the third round, and as he was working toward side control, he beat the shit out of Homasi with some pretty brutal elbows, holding him down, and crushing his face with elbows. That was a pretty brutal finish by Frank Carrillo, in a fight that he might have been down 2 rounds to none.
      Makovsky took Luke down in the first round and wrestled the shit out of him. Luke tried to work for some stuff from his rubber guard, but Makovsky just wrestled his way through it, and continued to beat up Luke on the ground. Makovsky is a monster on the ground, moving into full mount for the fnal 90 seconds or so. He didn't do a ton of damage, but he clearly controlled Luke for that entire first round, and he even tried to finish him with an armbar in the final 30 seconds. Makovsky secured another nice takedown in the second round, controlling Luke again from the early seconds. Makovsky eventually moved into sort of a mounted inverted triangle position, he locked on a fast Kimura, cranked the shit out of it, and forced Luke to tap with around 30 seconds left in the second round. Really solid performance by Zach Makovsky.
      Palomino looked pretty decent in this fight, scoring some points with his brawling style in the first & second rounds, but Figueroa stole the second round, by taking Palomino to the ground and beating him up for the last half of the round. I had the fight all tied up going into the third round. Palomino wasted a minute or so in the third round just tauning Figueroa, but once they engaged, Palomino was landing the better shots, Figueroa got sloppy, and fell down several times. Figueroa shot for a takedown late in the round, going back to his ground & pound game, which could be enough to steal the final round, which would give Figueroa the fight. In the end, I guess I'd probably score the fight a draw, but I hate draws, so I'm glad the judges made this easy for me, giving Palomino the unanimous decision victory, 29-28 on all scorecards.