100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (16 Total):
1. Tyler Stinson - 92.9
2. Lisa Ellis - 92.4
3. Ben Askren - 92.4
4. Rudy Bears - 92.2
5. Raphael Davis - 91.8
6. Jared Downing - 91.2
7. Jose Vega - 91.2
8. Cole Konrad - 89.9
9. Dan Hornbuckle - 89.6
10. Chad Vandenberg - 89.3
Bellator 22: Askren vs. Hornbuckle
Location: Kansas City, Missouri
Elevation: 910'
-Fight of the Night-
Tyler Stinson vs. Leonardo Pecanha
Fighters & Matches 88.6
Top 10 Fighters 91.3
TOTAL 90.0
(Rear-Naked Choke)
     These guys didn't do anything for the first minute of the fight, and then Downing shot in for a takedown, slowly getting Vandenberg to the ground near the cage. Vandenberg went for an armbar from his guard, but Downing escaped without too much trouble. Vandenberg then went for another armbar, and Downing defended well against that one too.
     The second round started with another slow clinch, Vandenberg tried to lock on a standing guillotine choke, and Downing didn't see worried at all, as he just plopped Vandenberg down to the ground. From there, Vandenberg went for a triangle, transitioned into a tight armbar, and once again, Downing escaped somehow. Vandenberg continued to show off his Jiu-Jitsu skills on the ground during the second round, winning the round for Vandenberg on my scorecard. I scored the first round as a draw, so I have Vandenberg ahead by one, going into the final round.
     Vandenberg started the final round by shooting for a takedown, Downing stepped to the side, and grabbed Vandenberg's back. Downing slowly started working toward a rear-naked choke, he locked it on after 90 seconds or so, and Vandenberg looked exhausted, so he tapped out. Really solid win for Jared Downing in his Bellator debut.
      Konrad initiated a clinch early in the first round, got the body lock, and took Orr to the ground with a 257 pound thud. From there, Konrad basically smothered Orr on the ground for the entire round. The referee stood them up with 90 seconds left in the round, but nothing really happened on the feet before the round ended. The second round was more of the same, with Konrad taking Orr down and smothering him. The referee stood them up with a minute left in the round, and again, nothing happened before the end of the round. The final round had Konrad plowing through Orr with another takedown, leading to a fairly boring 30-27 unanimous decision victory for Konrad.
      Richards threw a punch to start this round, Davis ducked under it, and shot for a strong takedown, planting Richards on his ass. Davis moved into side control, grabbed the back of Richards, and then punched him in the head a lot with some short punches. Davis continued to control the back of Richards for a couple of minutes, while constantly punching him in the head with short punches, followed by some knees to the body. Davis then tried to ride Richards like a Bull, holding his hands out to the side in a taunting fashion. Richards tried to run away to escape, but Davis just blasted him with a knee to the body, mounted him again, and then finished him off with some hard punches ot the face, forcing Richards to tapout due to strikes. Very one-sided performance by Raphael Davis in his Bellator debut.
      This fight was all about Vega punching Card in the face for a few seconds, he landed a big right leg kick, and then he knocked Card the fuck out with a left hook, followed by a couple of punches on the ground to seal the deal. Really nice quick KO victory for Jose Vega.
      Askren almost immediately shot in for a takedown, Hornbuckle stuffed it, punished Askren with several punches to the head, but Askren refused to let go of his ankle, so he tripped him, and took him to the ground. Hornbuckle fought his way to his feet, and Askren took him down again. Hornbuckle tried to go for an arm lock, but Askren popped out, and grabbed Hornbuckle's back. He then blasted him with some massive knees to the body from back side control. That's pretty much how the entire first round went, with Askren dominating Hornbuckle on the ground. Hornbuckle got back to his feet with 30 seconds left in the round, but Askren just took him down again.
     The second round started with another takedown by Askren, he moved to mount, and punched Hornbuckle in the face a lot. Hornbuckle was able to sweep him, but Askren slipped out and grabbed his back again. Hornbuckle went for another decent armbar attempt, but Askren slipped out of that one as well, and continued to grapple the shit out of Hornbuckle for the rest of the round. I don't really like Askren at all, but I have to give him credit for being a grappling machine.
     Askren started the third round with another takedown, and then he beat up Hornbuckle for another 5 minutes. This entire fight was extremely one-sided, and even though Askren never came close to finishing Hornbuckle at all, I don't know if there were more than maybe 30 seconds where Hornbuckle was winning this fight. There was a wild scramble halfway through the final round, where Hornbuckle went for a few submissions, but once Askren weathered the storm, he was able to get back on top of Hornbuckle, and bully the shit out of him until the bell rang. Really solid one-sided performance by Ben Askren, against one of the toughest welterweights in Bellator.
Technical Submission
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      Wow, that was an ass beating. Ellis took Frausto to the ground, beat her up, completely controlled her for the entire 2 minutes, and then locked on a rear-naked choke, and put Frausto to sleep. Awesome Bellator debut by Lisa (Ward) Ellis.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      Bears showed some solid striking in this fight, including some nice punch & kick combinations. Green didn't really do much, other than absorb strikes, while moving backward. Every time Green would throw a punch, Bears would counter it with multiple punches. Green finally rocked Bears with a big left right combo, but Bears continued to push forward, knocked Green to the ground, unloaded on him with some ground & pound, grabbed his back, punched him some more, and finished Green with a tight rear-naked choke. Congrats to Bears for earning his first win in Bellator.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      Yikes... Stinson blasted Pecanha with some HARD straight punches, straight to the jaw, several times throughout this fight, eventually landing a brutal left hook as Pecanha was shooting in for a takedown, Stinson exploded back to his feet, planted Pecanha with another big left hand, chased him around the cage, grabbed his back, finished him with a rear-naked choke, and as the camera moved away, it was pretty clear that Pecanha's jaw was badly broken. Broken jaws look horrifying. Awesome showing for Tyler Stinson though, with the quick submission victory over the BJJ Black Belt in Leonardo Pecanha.