100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (16 Total):
1. Zoila Frausto - 93.5
2. Brent Weedman - 93.4
3. Alexander Shlemenko - 93.0
4. Nick Mamalis - 92.5
5. Stoney Hale - 92.5
6. Kurt Kinser - 92.2
7. Joe Warren - 91.3
8. Patricio Freire - 91.2
9. Daniel Straus - 91.1
10. John Troyer - 90.8
Bellator 23: Weedman vs. Troyer
Location: Louisville, Kentucky
Elevation: 466'
-Fight of the Night-
Alexander Shlemenko vs. Bryan Baker
Fighters & Matches 89.5
Top 10 Fighters 92.2
TOTAL 90.9
     Kurt "Carrot Top" Kinser started this fight by pressing Overfield against the cage, and then Overfield pulled guard. Kinser pressed him against the cage on the ground, and then absolutely slaughtered him with punches and elbows, busting up Overfield's face, causing him to bleed all over the place until the referee finally stopped the fight halfway through the first round. Solid performance by Kurt Kinser.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      Hale spent a minute or so trying to take Fleniken to the ground, and he paid for it with some hard punches to the body, delivered by Fleniken. They both took each other down a couple of times, while wrestling around like mad men, with Hale ending up on top halfway through the round. They stood back up, and Hale secured another takedown, but fell into a triangle choke attempt by Fleniken. Fleniken ended the round in top position, blasting away at the face of Hale with big punches. Really great back & forth round, with both fighters showing a lot of aggression.
     The second round was more of the same, until Hale BLASTED Fleniken with a massive overhand right, which knocked Fleniken to the ground, so Hale tried to jump on him, but Fleniken wrestled his way back into side control. Hale was eventually able to wrestle his way back into side control, continuing the back & forth action through most of the second round. Hale grabbed Fleniken's back with about a minute left in the round. He slowly locked on the rear-naked choke, and finished the fight via submission with around 40 seconds left in the second round. Awesome performance by Stoney Hale in his Bellator debut.
(Knee and Punches)
      OH SHIT! Up until this point, Sexton has looked pretty unstoppable in all of the fights I've seen of hers. She started this fight the same way she always does, trying to take the fight to the ground, but Frausto was able to avoid the takedowns, and she landed a BEAUTIFUL knee to the face of Sexton, flopping her backwards to the ground like a pancake, and then Frausto jumped on her, and punched the unconscious Sexton a few times before the referee finally realized what was happening. HUGE win for Zoila Frausto.
      This is one of those weird situations where we have a couple of guys fighting for Top 10 positions in the World's Middleweight Rankings, and they're fighting outside of the UFC. The winner of this fight gets a title shot against the beast, Hector Lombard. With all of that business out of the way, let's get to the fight. It was basically just a "decent" kickboxing match, with both guys hitting each other with some solid shots, Baker even knocked Shlemenko to the ground with a leg kick at one point. Shlemenko rocked Baker with a right hand, Baker went to the ground, and Shlemenko finished him off with a series of punches on the ground that forced the referee to stop the fight. This was a HUGE win for Alexander Shlemenko.
      Pitbull took Warren to the ground in the first round, and beat him up with some punches. They stood back up and scrambled wildly in the clinch, landing knees and punches, and eventually Pitbull threw Warren away toward the cage. Warren went in to clinch again, and Pitbull locked on a standing arm-triangle choke which was pretty fucking slick. They broke apart, and Pitbull beat the living shit out of Warren, knocking him to the ground, he mounted him, Warren rolled onto his stomach, and Pitbull punched him 1,000 times in the head, and the referee spent the final 10 seconds warning Warren that he was going to stop the fight, but he was saved by the bell. That was a 10-8 round for Pitbull. Pitbull continued to outstrike Warren in the second round, causing Warren to shoot in desperately for a takedown, and Pitbull continued to throw him off, countering with more punches & knees. Pitbull even took Warren to the ground again, while clinching Warren from behind. Warren finally secured a takedown of his own halfway through the second round. Pitbull tied him up, as Warren tried to unload some ground & pound, but Warren wasn't able to land very many clean shots. Warren probably won that second round, but not nearly to the same degree that Pitbull won the first round. Warren secured another takedown early in the final round, Pitbull tied him up again, and we were left with a repeat of the second round. In the end, if I had to pick a winner, I'd say Pitbull won this fight, with the 10-8 opening round, and the second round COULD have been a draw. For some reason, two judges gave the fight to Warren (I guess they scored the first round 10-9 which is ridiculous), so Warren walks away with the split-decision victory. Pretty solid fight overall though.
(Punches and Elbows)
      Mamalis came out swinging in the first round, rocking Rios against the age with a series of punches. After Mamalis beat up Rios for the first two minutes, Rios went for a flying guillotine choke, but Mamalis stayed calm, escaped, and took Rios to the ground. Rios locked on another guillotine choke, this time it looked really tight. Mamalis popped out somehow, stood up, and went back to striking with Rios on the feet. Mamalis ended up cornering Rios against the cage, blasted him with a series of punches, Rios fell to the ground, and Mamalis mauled him with punches & elbows until the referee stopped the fight. Another solid performance by Nick Mamalis.
      These guys clinched, Hinton tried to trip Straus, and Straus ended up on top of Hinton inside his guard. Hinton went for a Kimura, and Straus just held top control, while spinning around in circles to avoid the shoulder lock. Straus moved into full mount, and then beat up Hinton with some ground & pound. Hinton locked on a standing guillotine at the end of the round, but Straus just slammed his way out of it. Round one goes to Straus.
      The second round started with another takedown from the clinch for Straus, landing in side control. Straus beat up Hinton for a while, they sort of stood back up, and Straus dropped Hinton to the ground again with another little scoop takedown. Straus turned it up a notch in the final 90 seconds of the round, really pounding on the face of Hinton with some decent punches & elbows. Strong performance for Straus so far.
      There were some wild exchanges on the feet to start the third round, but before long, Straus shot for another takedown, and pressed Hinton against the cage, again... Straus then beat up Hinton for the rest of the round, making this a very easy fight to score. I had it 30-27 in favor of Daniel Straus, and all 3 judges agreed, giving Straus the unanimous decision victory in his Bellator debut.
      This fight started with some grueling clinch work by both fighters, as they were fighting to see who could secure a takedown first. Weedman was able to grab Troyer's back 45 seconds into the first round. From there, Troyer pushed through it, so Weedman caught him in his guard. They beat each other up a little bit, with Troyer mostly working his ground & pound, while Weedman was digging in for submissions, including a tight leg lock, but Troyer wrestled his way out of it, and landed some more elbows. Troyer really started to beat the shit out of Weedman with some heavy punches, halfway through the first round. Troyer tried to go for an armbar, but Weedman was able to escape, ending up in side control. Weedman really started to beat the shit out of Troyer in the final 30 seconds of the round, eventually locking on an armbar, forcing Troyer to submit, with just 5 seconds left in the opening round. Really great performance by Brent Weedman.