100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (14 Total):
1. Hector Lombard - 93.5
2. Neil Grove - 92.6
3. Megumi Fujii - 92.2
4. Farkhad Sharipov - 91.4
5. Jessica Aguilar - 90.9
6. Tulio Quintanilla - 90.9
7. Yves Edwards - 90.8
8. Luis Palomino - 89.5
9. Carla Esparza - 89.0
10. Brian Eckstein - 88.7
Bellator 24: Lombard vs. Goodman
Location: Hollywood, Florida
Elevation: 10'
-Fight of the Night-
Hector Lombard vs. Herbert Goodman
Fighters & Matches 89.2
Top 10 Fighters 91.0
TOTAL 90.1
     These guys threw a few strikes, they clinched, and then Quintanilla threw Eckstein with a hip toss, but Eckstein popped right back up. They threw a few more strikes, and then Eckstein shot in for a body lock takedown, but Quintanilla was able to stay standing. Eckstein was eventually able to take him down, but Quintanilla immediately started working his rubber guard. Eckstein tried to throw some punches on the ground, but Quintanilla was able to avoid most of them using a defensive guard. I gave that round slightly to Brian Eckstein.
     The spent most of the second round trading strikes with each other, at a somewhat slow pace. I didn't really think either fighter did much of anything worth mentioning in that round. I scored that round a draw. Quintanilla landed a kick to the dick to start the final round, but the referee ignored it and told them to continue fighting. From there, Quintanilla was able to pick apart Eckstein a little bit with his strikes. Eckstein finally got his second wind, and started to attack Quintanilla with some decent punch combinations. Quintanilla eventually landed a right hand behind Eckstein's ear, Eckstein got rocked, Quintanilla chased him down with a series of punches, and knocked Eckstein the fuck out. Awesome finish for Tulio Quintanilla in his Bellator debut.
      This fight started, and Grove nearly knocked out Sanchez by touching gloves with him. Grove pounced on top of him, and beat the shit out of him for a few seconds, and then stood back up. Sanchez tried to clinch, and Grove continued to demolish him with big knees to the body, and huge punches. Grove stood back up again, and Sanchez was barely able to get back to his feet. Grove landed a hard leg kick, clinched, landed a knee to the chin, and then continued to punch Sanchez, and then Grove stood up again. The referee told Sanchez to get back up, he couldn't really get back to his feet this time, so the referee stopped the fight. Pretty awesome performance by Neil Grove, finishing the UFC veteran in just 90 seconds of the first round.
      This was a really good fight, starting off the Bellator 115 Pound Women's Tournament. The undefeated Mega Megu pretty much handled Esparza for the entire fight, showing improved striking skills, as well as (of course) her signature grappling skills, outwrestling Esparza, and also unloading a lot of submission attempts on her. The second round started, they brawled for a few seconds, the fight went to the ground, Fujii was on the bottom, looking for a leg, and as soon as Esparza slipped out, Fujii somehow transitioned into an armbar, finishing the fight via submission. Another awesome win for Megumi Fujii.
      FUCK YEAH! Another highlight reel knockout for Hector Lombard. Goodman (for some reason), claimed that he has better striking than Lombard. So, he tried to stand with him, and he got KNOCKED THE FUCK OUT in 38 seconds of the first round, with a barrage of punches that would have killed a normal human being. Hector Lombard is the man!
(Arm-Triangle Choke)
      This was a pretty decent showing by Jessica Aguilar in her Bellator debut. She took Alvarez down without too much trouble, got the side mount, went for an arm-triangle choke, Alvarez escaped, so Aguilar beat her up a little bit, and then jumped back down on here again, still looking for another arm-triangle choke. It looked like she locked it on, but Alvarez escaped again. Nice submission defense by Alvarez. Aguilar once again, went for the arm-triangle, and this time locked it on, forcing Alvarez to finally submit. Pretty decent grappling match overall, even though it was pretty one-sided.
      Edwards secured a takedown in the first round, and beat the shit out of Palomino with some pretty decent ground & pound for most of the round. The second round was a pretty decent fight, with both guys landing some decent shots, and showing some solid grappling, and Edwards went for a guillotine choke at the end of the round, Palomino escaped, went for a helicopter kick or some shit, and fell straight on his ass. The third round was another good round of fighting, with both guys having decent peformances. Edwards secured another takedown at the end of that round, and I think that was enough to secure the fight for Yves Edwards. All 3 judges agreed, giving Edwards the win, 29-28 on all scorecards.
      Luke needs to work on his wrestling. A couple of months ago, Zach Makovsky wrestled the shit out of Luke, and then finished him with a Kimura in the second round. Here's his second shot in Bellator, in 2 months, and Sharipov took him down almost immediately. He then spent the rest of the round looking for submissions, while riding Luke's back. Round one clearly goes to Sharipov.
     They came out swinging to start the second round, and then they both went to the ground, there was a wild scramble, and Sharipov ended up back on top inside Luke's guard. Luke locked on a triangle choke, but Sharipov was able to pop out of it with 2 minutes left in the round. Sharipov threw a few punches before the referee stood them up with one minute left in the round. Sharipov shot back in for another takedown, threw Luke with the fireman's carry, and then they stood back up. Sharipov BASICALLY knocked out Luke at the end of the round, as the bell sounded, Luke got blasted and collapsed against the cage. Luke had NO IDEA where he was when he was trying to walk back to his corner. This fight probably should have been stopped.
     Sharipov started the third round by shooting in, and bodyslamming Luke against the cage. Sharipov continued to bully Luke for most of the round, eventually letting him back up to trade punches. Luke then randomly fell to his back, looking like he was clearly ready to quit. The referee told him to stand back up, so he got up, and Sharipov continued to attack him with punches. Really solid Bellator debut for Farkhad Sharipov. I've never heard of him before, but I look forward to seeing him fight again at some point.