100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (18 Total):
1. Martin Kampmann - 94.4
2. Rich Franklin - 93.1
3. Drew McFedries - 93.0
4. Jason Lambert - 92.8
5. Gleison Tibau - 91.6
6. Jamie Varner - 91.2
7. Matt Hughes - 90.9
8. Renato Sobral - 90.4
9. Chris Lytle - 90.3
10. Randy Couture - 90.0
UFC 68: Uprising
Location: Columbus, Ohio
Elevation: 902'
-Fight of the Night-
Martin Kampmann vs. Drew McFedries
Fighters & Matches 89.8
Top 10 Fighters 91.8
TOTAL 90.8
(Rear-Naked Choke)
     This was a fun fight, between a guy from the town I currently live in (Jason Gilliam), and a guy that was from the state I was born in (Varner)... With that being said, Varner basically destroyed Gilliam, and then danced around for a few minutes, literally... Gilliam tried to take Varner to the ground, but Gilliam ended up on the bottom, and Varner just schooled him basically, and eventually locked on a rear-naked choke... Gilliam flipped Varner off (with the finger, not physically), and then Gilliam passed out, so the referee had to stop the fight... Varner then stood up, danced the funky chicken, fell sideways to the ground, while making the "pillow" sign with his hands by his face, and then he did the worm on the ground, and then jiggled around for a few minutes... Varner is an ass, but he's funny, and he's a great fighter... Jason Gilliam on the other hand, secures his first career loss...
      This was one of those bully fights, where it started with the giant Tibau flinging Dent around like a ragdoll, slamming the shit out of him, and beating his ass on the ground. Every round went that same way, Tibau took Dent to the ground, and then beat on his face for the entire round. Really good performance by Gleison Tibau, but pretty terrible performance by Jason Dent.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      This was a pretty decent fight for Jon Fitch... My only problem with this fight is, people keep talking about how great Fitch is, but when he's fighting guys like Luigi Fioravanti (and not putting them away QUICKLY), it doesn't really impress me very much... With that being said, during the first round, Jon Fitch was able to take Fioravanti to the ground, and control him down there for the majority of the round, but when the fight went back to the feet, Fioravanti was able to land a few solid punches... The second round was basically more of the same, with Fitch eventually ending up on the back of Fioravanti, he locked on the rear-naked choke, and got the submission victory about halfway through the second round...
      Ugh... I'm really not a fan of Matt Hamill AT ALL... And I have no idea who Rex Holman is... So with that being said, I didn't really like this fight, even though it was TECHNICALLY an OK fight I guess... Basically, both guys came out swinging with sloppy punches, Matt Hamill threw a ridiculous superman punch & a spin kick that missed it's target... Eventually, Hamill took Holman to the ground, and punched him in the face for a minute or two, until eventually the referee stopped the fight... Then Matt Hamill gave a lengthy speech, where he spoke of himself in the third person, saying "Matt The Hammer Hamill is going to be here for a wrong wrong time..." OOOOOH, I know... I'm mean... ANYWAYS...
      This was a really solid way to start out the PPV... Renato "Babalu" Sobral started the fight off, trying to prove a point after his devastating loss against Chuck Liddell, by throwing a flury of punches at the head of Lambert, followed by a decent takedown... Once they were on the ground, Babalu spent the majority of the first round trying to lock on submissions, and came close a few times... The last minute or so of the first round, had Lambert making a comeback, and Lambert ALMOST knocked out Babalu, but Babalu was saved by the bell... The second round had Jason Lambert slamming Babalu to the ground, and after some grappling on the ground, the referee had both fighters stand back up... Once they were on their feet, Lambert knocked out Babalu instantly with a right hook... GREAT fight, and great way to start off the night... Lambert wins by second round KO...
      This was a hell of a fight, but damn it, I'm still feeling somewhat disappointed now that it's over... The fight basically consisted of Matt Hughes taking Lytle to the ground, and then holding him there for 3 rounds... Hughes threw some elbows to the head of Lytle early in the fight, which opened a cut over Lytle's eye, but that was pretty much the only damage that Hughes dished out during this fight... Lytle on the other hand, showed some KILLER defense, by reversing just about everything that Hughes threw at him... Sure, Hughes was dominating on the ground, by staying on top, but I almost felt like Lytle was the only one really trying to END the fight... Hughes definitely didn't want to stand with Lytle, making Lytle the better striker for the most part, and Hughes didn't want to give Lytle any room to work at all on the ground, basically making Hughes look way too cautious... I don't know... I guess I'm probably biased, but I gave the fight SLIGHTLY to Lytle, just because I wanted him to win so fucking badly... But I guess Hughes stayed on top during the entire fight, so I guess that generally means you win, right? At least in a wrestling match that's the case... Hughes wins by unanimous decision... But hey! Who thought Lytle would last all 3 rounds?
(Corner Stoppage)
      Man, I was calling Jason MacDonald the #2 Middleweight in the UFC (even above Rich Franklin), so I was kind of sad to see him lose here... But basically, the fight consisted of MacDonald trying to take Franklin to the ground, and coming up short on most of his attempts... When the fight was standing, Rich dominated him... When the fight went to the ground, Franklin overpowered him... So yeah, overall, Rich Franklin just kicked the shit out of Jason MacDonald... After the bell rang at the end of the second round, Jason's corner just said "Ok, we quit... he can't continue..." So they stopped the fight after the second round, and Rich Franklin wins, I guess by TKO? Good fight... I still give credit to Jason though, for being a terrific submission fighter, I just wish he'd improve his striking & wrestling a little bit more... But yeah, looking forward to seeing both of these guys fight again (but not each other) soon...
(Arm-Triangle Choke)
      This fight was AWESOME!!! The fight started out with my new favorite striker, Drew McFedries, throwing FUCKING GRENADES at the head & face of Kampmann... Just, SMACK, POW, BOOM, *insert explosion*, FUCK YOU UP, BANG BANG!!! It was nuts... I honestly expected the fist of McFedries to plant itself inside of the skull of Kampmann, killing him... These shots were THAT fucking hard... INSANE... Somehow, Kampmann fought through the storm, and took McFedries to the ground... Once they were on the ground, it was Kampmann all the way... Kampmann got side mount, jumped over the stomach of McFedries, locked on the sickest head & arm choke that I've ever seen, and he forced McFedries to go unconscious in a matter of mere seconds... Martin Kampmann wins by first round submission... AWESOME FIGHT... Both of these fighters deserve a standing ovation...
      Well... The first 2 minutes of this fight, had some of the greatest moments I've ever seen in MMA... Randy Couture started the fight with a one punch knock down of Tim Sylvia, and once Sylvia fell down, Randy jumped on him, and started pounding away at his face with a vengeance... Randy then got on Tim's back, and tried to lock on a rear naked choke, and basically held that position for the entire first round... From that point on, the fight consisted of Randy Couture boxing his way to a victory, over the much larger Tim Sylvia (Tim had a 11.5" reach advantage, which is ridiculous...) So yeah, Tim should have kicked him in the head or something, but Tim just didn't even try in this fight (and hasn't tried in any of his recent fights) so I'm VERY happy with the fact that Tim Sylvia lost his belt... I just feel bad that he lost it to a 43 year old wrestler, who came out of retirement to take it from him... But yeah, Randy Couture is the fuckin' man, and he basically ran right through Sylvia... The fight lasted all 5 rounds, but Randy won them all... So yeah... Fun times, etc...