100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (14 Total):
1. Neil Grove - 92.4
2. Jameel Massouh - 92.3
3. Kyle Weickhardt - 91.5
4. Brett Cooper - 91.4
5. Sasa Perkic - 91.0
6. Cole Konrad - 89.8
7. Justin Lemke - 89.5
8. Alexey Oleynik - 88.6
9. Nick Mamalis - 88.6
10. Nick Dupees - 88.4
Bellator 29: Grove vs. Oleinik
Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Elevation: 617'
-Fight of the Night-
Neil Grove vs. Alexey Oleynik
Fighters & Matches 87.7
Top 10 Fighters 90.4
TOTAL 89.1
(Head Kick)
     These guys circled around each other for 25 seconds or so, and then Weickhardt launched a MASSIVE left head kick, blasting Ramirez in the chin, knocking him on his ass immediately. Great first round KO victory for Kyle Weickhardt. Ramirez on the other hand, looks like he's recently lost 200 pounds or something. He doesn't have the body of someone that you'd expect to be able to take a kick, so this KO wasn't much of a surprise.
      Dupee started this fight looking good, landing some heavy punches, and really taking the fight to Perkic. He was throwing a lot of wild shit, and eventually Perkic was able to capitalize on that, by countering with some sharp punches, cutting open both brows of Dupees. Dupees shot in for an ugly takedown, grabbing the ankles of Perkic, making it easy for Perkic to stuff him, and then just step out of it. Perkic continued to pick apart Dupees for the rest of the round with punches & kicks. Round one goes to Perkic. I honestly probably would have stopped the fight based on the cut above the left eyebrow of Dupees.
     The second round slowed down significantly, with both guys clearly showing that they were running out of energy. I guess I would score that round for Perkic based on a few clean strikes, but it wasn't a great round for either fighter. The final round started slow, until Perkic landed a nice kick to the body, which hurt Dupees, Perkic punched him in the head a lot, while Dupees rolled around on the ground in all directions, looking for an exit. Perkic grabbed his back and locked on a rear-naked choke, but it wasn't under the chin, so he wasn't able to finish it. Dupees rolled out of that, and Perkic trapped him with his rubber guard. The referee stood them up, and Perkic had to help Dupees to his feet. Perkic knocked him down with some more strikes. In the end, this fight should clearly be scored in favor of Sasa Perkic, and all 3 judges agreed, giving him the unanimous decision victory in his Bellator debut.
      The first round mostly had both guys trading punches & kicks, in a relatively even round, until Cooper secured a takedown with about 90 seconds left in the round. I feel like that takedown was enough to win the round for Cooper, since everything else was pretty even. Major tried to pick apart Cooper with punches to start the second round, but Cooper just took him down and then slaughtered him with punches on the ground, finishing the fight with an early second round stoppage due to strikes. Solid performance by Brett Cooper. It's worth noting, Major claimed he's a fashion designer, and he designed his own shorts, which had tassles & polka dots. PROBABLY the ugliest shorts I've ever seen, so I couldn't be happier with this win for Cooper.
      25 seconds into the first round, Grove was stalking Oleinik, walking him down with kicks and punches, and he ended up absolutely slaughtering him with punches on the ground, as Oleinik looked completely defenseless. Really solid performance by Neil Grove, against a pretty tough opponent. I'm looking forward to seeing who Grove with face in the tournament finale.
      Grabowski threw a silly punch to start the fight, Konrad ducked under it and immediately took him down, ending up in side control. From there, Konrad didn't really do anything, but he still clearly won the round. Grabowski started the second round with a couple of strikes, leading to the clinch, which Konrad used to take him to the ground again. From there, Konrad used every bit of his 25 pound weight advantage to keep Grabowski on the floor. The referee stood them up halfway through the round, they clinched again, and Konrad secured another takedown. Konrad is clearly ahead, 2-0, going into the final round. Grabowski started the third round with a punch, Konrad ducked under it, and took him down again. I keep hearing about Grabowski's ground game, but so far, he looks like a fish out of water on the ground. He was finally able to get back to his feet, a couple of minutes into the final round. From there, he sort of went for a guillotine, but then Konrad took him to the ground. This fight was a clear 30-27 unanimous decision victory for Cole Konrad.
(Guillotine Choke)
      Mamalis was moving around a lot, while Massouh was mostly just standing there waiting to counter something. Mamalis went in for a clinch, and Massouh destroyed him with knees to the body & balls. The fight was never paused though, so they kept clinching against hte cage, with Mamalis looking for a possible takedown. They broke apart and continued to trade, this time, Mamalis was waiting to counter, and Massouh looked like he was sort of stalking him. Both fighters landed some decent shots, but Massouh seemed to have the better overall striking game. Mamalis sort of went for a takedown, Massouh went for a flying guillotine, and Mamalis backed out of it. They continued to trade for another minute or so, before Mamalis shot for another takedown, Massouh slapped on another flying guillotine choke, locked that shit on TIGHT, and Mamalis collapsed, eventually tapping to the submission. Awesome victory for Jameel Massouh.
      These guys both look like a couple of out of shape 205 pounders. Lemke rocked Guida at one point in the first round, and beat him up from the clinch, so round one goes to Justin Lemke. The rest of the fight was a slow paced boring fight, with both guys throwing a few punches here & there, but neither fighter really going in for the kill at all. Guida scored a takedown in the third round, and spent most of the round hugging Lemke's back, which probably won that round for Guida, but in the end, I gave the fight to Lemke, 29-28, for rocking Guida in the first round, but one judge disagreed, making it a split-decision victory for Justin Lemke in his Bellator debut.