100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (18 Total):
1. Brent Weedman - 92.4
2. John Troyer - 92.3
3. Ron Sparks - 92.2
4. Jeremiah Riggs - 91.3
5. Mike ODonnell - 90.8
6. Bryan Baker - 90.8
7. Zach Makovsky - 90.3
8. Ed West - 89.8
9. Mike Fleniken - 89.4
10. Stoney Hale - 89.2
Bellator 30: Horn vs. Baker
Location: Louisville, Kentucky
Elevation: 466'
-Fight of the Night-
Brent Weedman vs. Jacob McClintock
Fighters & Matches 88.2
Top 10 Fighters 90.9
TOTAL 89.6
     Mike Fleniken started this fight with an early takedown, pressing Riggs against the cage. He spent most of the round beating up Riggs on the ground. Halfway through the round, Riggs flipped him over, ending up in side control. Fleniken then went for an inverted triangle choke, but Riggs was able to beat his way out of it. Riggs went for a rear-naked choke at the end of the round, but time ran out. That first round was close, but I think I would score it for Fleniken, maybe?
     Riggs knocked Fleniken down early in the second round with some big punches. They wrestled around for a little while, but for the most part, I thought Riggs pretty much beat up Fleniken in that round. I have it all tied up going into the final round. Fleniken grabbed the back of Riggs early in the final round, but Riggs spun out of that, ending up in Fleniken's guard. Riggs beat up Fleniken for most of the round on the ground. Riggs secured another takedown with around one minute left in the fight. Fleniken slapped on an armbar with 30 seconds left, but had to give it up due to exhaustion. I scored this fight 29-28 for Jeremiah Riggs. All 3 judges agreed, giving the fight to Jeremiah Riggs via unanimous decision.
      The first round had a lot of awkward striking from both guys, with Hale stalking O'Donnell for most of the round. O'Donnell finally started to land some hard knees from the clinch later in the round, but for the most part, that round was all about Hale hunting O'Donnell with awkward punches. The second round started with O'Donnell blasting Hale with some punches, he chased him, grabbed him, took him to the ground, locked on a Kimura, turned it into an armbar, and finished the fight via submission in his Bellator debut. Solid win for Mike O'Donnell.
      Vega secured a takedown in the first round, pinning West, but not doing a ton of damage. It looked like West was working for a triangle or something, but he had a hell of a time getting his ankle under his knee. Vega continued to press him against the ground, while throwing short punches. So who won that round? West? With his shitty attempt at a triangle choke? Or Vega? With his takedown, and ground control, but no damage? I'm calling that one a draw.
     Vega took West down again in the second round, and pressed him against the cage. West went for an armbar, but Vega powered his way through it, and continued to beat up West on the ground a little bit. West went for another armbar, but Vega rolled out of it without much of a problem. West went for a Kimura, and Vega rolled out of that as well, but gave up his back in the process. West was looking for a rear-naked choke in the final 90 seconds of the round, but Vega did a respectable job defending it. I'm scoring that round for West, based on the submission attempts.
     Vega took West down again to start the final round, got side control, and then West popped back up. They clinched, and West started looking for a standing guillotine choke. They broke apart, and traded strikes for the rest of the round without either fighter really taking a clear lead from that point forward. This fight could have maybe gone either way, but I think I would lean toward West based on his submission attempts throughout the fight, compared to Vega's takedowns, but lack of damage. Two judges agreed, giving West the split-decision victory.
      Makovsky took Goldsby down pretty early in the first round. Goldsby kicked out and got back to his feet, and then took Makovsky to the ground with a nice body lock takedown. Makovsky wrestled his way back to his feet and took Goldsby down again. They stood back up, and Makovsky secured another takedown. This fight is basically just a matter of tallying up the takedowns to see who is winning. Makovsky is ahead 3-1 after the first round.
     Makovsky took Goldsby down again to start the second round, moving into full mount pretty quickly. He beat up Goldsby on the ground for pretty much the entire round. Makovsky took Goldsby down again to start the final round. They stood up, and Makovsky took him down again, this time he cranked on a guillotine choke from full mount. Goldsby spun him over, and somehow escaped, ending up in Makovsky's guard. Goldsby beat up Makovsky a little bit on the ground in that round. They referee stood them up, and Goldsby took Makovsky back down. I ended up scoring this fight 29-28 in favor of Makovsky, and all 3 judges agreed, giving Makovsky the unanimous decision victory.
      Horn beat up Baker on the feet in the first round, took him down, locked on a guillotine choke, and then Baker broke free to stand back up. They circled around each other for the rest of the round. Baker threw Horn down a couple of times near the end of the round. It was a close round, but I scored that first round to Baker for controlling the end of the round.
     Horn took Baker down again in the second round, and then ended up getting caught in a triangle choke. It wasn't very deep, so Horn was able to pull his head out, but it was still a decent submission attempt by Baker. I guess I would score that round for Baker? The final round took place standing for the most part, with both guys landing a few decent shots. Baker started laying it on a little heavier at the end of the round, leading to a 30-27 scorecard in favor of Baker in my opinion, but Horn could have maybe won a round or two, depending on how you scored the first couple of rounds. All 3 judges agreed, giving the fight to Bryan Baker via unanimous decision.
(Knee to the Body and Punches)
      Weedman kicked McClintock early in the first round, and he fell to the ground, with sort of a slip, as he lost his footing. He got back up, and threw on a flying guillotine choke, but Weedman stayed standing, broke free, and gently set McClintock on the ground. From there, Weedman landed in side control, and beat the shit out of McClintock with some pretty heavy punches. McClintock was never really able to get off any offense from that point forward. Weedman let him stand up halfway through the round, Weedman blasted him with a knee to the body, McClintock crumbled, and Weedman finished him off on the ground with some heavy punches. Really solid one-sided performance by Brent Weedman.
      Greg Maynard is 263 pounds, and he looks like he's about 5 feet tall, so you can imagine the kind of shape he's in. Sparks on the other hand, looks like a pretty dangerous brawler. They danced around for 40 seconds or so, they traded some pretty wild punches, and Sparks knocked Maynard the fuck out with a big left hand. Oooooooh, wait... Bad stoppage. It looked like Maynard was out, based on the way he fell down, but he was still awake when he hit the ground, so he immediately started complaining about a bad stoppage. Still, it looked like Sparks was going to kill Maynard if this fight continued, so nice quick KO victory for Ron Sparks.
      Troyer plowed forward to start this fight, throwing wild punches, eventually pinning Clark against the cage in the clinch. They broke apart, and Troyer continued to beat the shit out of a bloody Clark, with big punches & knees on the feet. It looked like he was definitely going for the finish, but Clark was able to hang in there, absorbing a ton of strikes. Troyer knocked Clark down in the final 30 seconds, and continued to beat on him on the ground. Round one clearly goes to Troyer.
     The second round started, and Clark took Troyer down almost immediately. Troyer broke out of that, got on top of Clark, and started beating the shit out of him again. Clark's face was 70% covered in blood, as Troyer took him down again, into the mounted crucifix, where Troyer continued to beat on him. Troyer moved into full mount, and continued to punch & elbow the fuck out of Clark's face. Blood was pouring out of Clark's face into a small pond on the floor. Clark is absorbing an insane amount of damage in this fight.
     They almost stopped the fight between rounds, but the doctor said it was fine. As soon as Clark stood up, blood started pouring out of his face again. This fight probably should have been stopped. They both looked exhausted in the third round, throwing slow strikes, with all of their bodyweight behind them, but no speed. Troyer continued to pick apart Clark though, and took him down 90 seconds into the round. Troyer spent the rest of the round on top of Clark, punching him in the face. With one minute left, Troyer let Clark up, Clark landed a few solid shots, and then Troyer knocked him down, and brutally beat him for the final 45 seconds of the fight. I'm scoring this fight 30-26 in favor of John Troyer. All 3 judges agreed, with 30-27 scorecards, giving John Troyer the unanimous decision victory.