100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (16 Total):
1. Jay Hieron - 93.0
2. Brent Weedman - 92.2
3. Waachiim Spiritwolf - 92.1
4. Paul Ruiz - 91.9
5. Rick Hawn - 91.9
6. Jaime Jara - 91.4
7. Dan Hornbuckle - 91.4
8. Brandon Bender - 91.2
9. Zoila Frausto - 91.2
10. Lyman Good - 90.8
Bellator 35: Good vs. Lozano
Location: Lemoore, California
Elevation: 230'
-Fight of the Night-
Brent Weedman vs. Dan Hornbuckle
Fighters & Matches 88.8
Top 10 Fighters 91.7
TOTAL 90.3
     Both guys came out throwing strikes, Ruiz clipped Castro in the chin, and knocked him on his ass. He pounced on top of him, inside Castro's guard, and unloaded big punches and elbows, until the referee was forced to stop the fight just over the one minute mark of the first round. Really solid Bellator debut for Paul Ruiz. He pretty much slaughtered Jesus in this fight.
      Frausto basically treated Hallinan like a punching bag for 15 minutes, beating her up with punches, and kicks, and knees from the clinch. Hallinan did a decent job staying in the fight, she was still throwing punches all the way up until the bell, but in the end, she just isn't on the same level as Zoila Frausto, and it really showed in this fight. Congrats to Frausto for another unanimous decision victory.
      Hornbuckle caught a kick and took Weedman to the ground to start the opening round, with Hornbuckle landing in side control. Weedman fought his way to top position, and Hornbuckle immediately started working his guard, looking for submissions. Weedman then started throwing headbutts to Hornbuckle's stomach. Hornbuckle rolled back, looking for an armbar, and then transitioned into a triangle choke. It looked pretty tight, but Weedman did an awesome job defending against it. They stood back up, clinched, Weedman threw Hornbuckle to the ground, and then cranked on a Kimura, but Hornbuckle was saved by the bell. Great back & forth action in the opening round. I would probably score it for Weedman, but it could go either way.
     The second round had Weedman beating up Hornbuckle on the feet for the first half of the round, until Hornbuckle took him down, and tried for another triangle choke. Weedman fell back for a heel hook, but Hornbuckle stayed calm, and was able to defend against it. They ended the round trading ankle locks with each other, and then Weedman went for a rear-naked choke in the final seconds of the round. That was another competitive round, but I think I would score that one for Weedman as well.
     The final round started with both guys trading strikes, and then Hornbuckle grabbed Weedman's back, and pulled him to the ground. Hornbuckle was clearly trying to get him to open up for the rear-naked choke, locking his body & throwing short punches. Weedman rolled over, and Hornbuckle tried to mount him, but was caught in half guard. Weedman went for a guillotine, but Hornbuckle pushed through it. That round goes to Hornbuckle. So I have the fight scored 29-28, in favor of Brent Weedman, and all 3 judges agreed, but it was a close competitive fight that could have maybe gone either way.
      Rick Hawn immediately pressed Wallhead against the cage, and started landing some big dirty uppercuts. They broke apart and traded some heavy punches. Rick Hawn was in control of that round, landing more combinations, and moving forward, so I scored the first round for Hawn. They continued to trade heavy strikes throughout the duration of the second round, this round was maybe a little bit closer, but I'd still probably score this one for Hawn as well. They continued to chop away at each other with their crisp kickboxing skills for most of the final round. Wallhead shot in for a takedown, Hawn stuffed it, ending up on top inside Wallhead's guard. They stood back up with around 90 seconds left in the round. This was a nice competitive fight, but I scored it 30-27 in favor of Rick Hawn. All 3 judges agreed, with two judges scoring it 29-28, all in favor of Rick Hawn.
Technical Submission
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      These guys both threw some wild punches to start the fight, with Lapsley moving in for the early takedown, clinching with Hieron's back for a second before he broke free. Lapsley threw a wild kick, Hieron ducked under it, and took Lapsley to the ground. Hieron was looking for some sort of front choke, but Lapsley curled up into a ball, making it hard to grab his neck. Hieron postured up and beat up Lapsley against the cage for a couple of minutes, before grabbing his back. Lapsley is scrappy, as he continued to try to fight his way out of the bad position, but Hieron did an excellent job controlling Lapsley on the ground. Hieron slapped on a tight rear-naked choke, and told the referee that Lapsley was asleep, but as soon as the fight was stopped, Lapsley jumped up and started arguing with the referee. Great win for Jay Hieron in his Bellator debut, but that was a shitty loss for Lapsley, as he got screwed by both Hieron AND the referee.
      This fight mostly took place standing, with both guys trading, similar to the Hawn vs. Wallhead fight earlier in the night, but not quite as action packed. Still, Lyman Good maintained pretty solid control for most of the round, holding the center of the cage, landing a few more strikes, and taking down Lozano a couple of times just to cap off rounds to make sure he secured them on the scorecards. Lozano had a nice moment in the third round, where he threw Good to the ground, and locked on a guillotine choke, but Good popped out of it, stood back up, and continued to beat up Lozano. Meanwhile, Lozano's left eye was almost completely swollen shut. I scored this fight 30-27 for Good, and the judges agreed for the most part, giving Good the unanimous decision victory.
(Guillotine Choke)
      This fight had Herrick securing a takedown early, but he stood back up. They traded strikes for a couple of minutes, clinched, Bender took Herrick to the ground, grabbed a guillotine choke, and forced the submission with around 90 seconds left in the first round. Decent Bellator debut for Brandon Bender.
      The first round was weird, with Jara dominating Spiritwolf with a rear-naked choke for the first couple of minutes of the round, but by the end of the round, Spiritwolf had slipped out and was beating the shit out of Jara from top position, probably stealing the round for Spiritwolf. Spiritwolf continued to beat the shit out of Jara for most of the second round, but they both looked tired. The final round was another round of wild brawling, with both guys landing some hard shots, but they both also looked sloppy as fuck. By the end of the fight, Jara was a bloody mess, and I had the fight scored 30-27 in favor of Spiritwolf. The scorecards were all over the place, giving the split-decision victory to Waachiim Spiritwolf.