100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (14 Total):
1. Michael Chandler - 94.5
2. Kevin Aguilar - 92.7
3. Chad Leonhardt - 92.5
4. Lloyd Woodard - 92.4
5. Booker Arthur - 92.2
6. Patricky Freire - 92.0
7. Toby Imada - 91.9
8. Marcin Held - 91.2
9. Javone Duhon - 89.8
10. Rob McCullough - 89.8
Bellator 36: Pitbull vs. McCullough
Location: Shreveport, Louisiana
Elevation: 141'
-Fight of the Night-
Michael Chandler vs. Marcin Held
Fighters & Matches 89.1
Top 10 Fighters 91.9
TOTAL 90.5
     They traded strikes to start the fight, Duhon knocked Arthur down with a barrage of punches, got on top of him, beat the shit out of him with big punches & elbows, but Arthur scrambled out of that, grabbed Duhon's back, and spent the rest of the round looking for a rear-naked choke. They continued to trade strikes in the second round, and then Arthur kicked Duhon in the dick. When the fight started back up, they continued to brawl, Duhon landed some knees, Arthur slammed him, mounted him, and beat the living shit out of him with punches & elbows, finishing the fight a few seconds later as Duhon verbally tapped out.
      Hunt took Aguilar down early in the first round, and Aguilar caught him in a triangle choke. Hunt tried to slam his way out of it, but failed. Aguilar eventually transitioned into an armbar, which he used to sweep Hunt, with Aguilar ending up in full mount, where he beat the shit out of Hunt on the ground, and then grabbed his back, looking for a rear-naked choke, while punching him in the head from back mount. Eventually Aguilar postured up, started landing some serious bombs, and Hunt tapped out due to strikes. That was an awesome Bellator debut for Kevin Aguilar.
Technical Submission
(Arm-Triangle Choke)
      Chandler ran in and tried to overpower Held, like he has in all of his other Bellator fights, but Held went for a kneebar, which put Chandler into panic mode for a minute or so. Chandler eventually broke free, and tried to work his ground & pound, while Held was constantly looking for submissions from his guard. Chandler did some decent damage with his shots, and then he shocked everyone by locking on an arm-triangle choke, putting the submission specialist Marcin Held, TO SLEEP. This was a massive victory for Michael Chandler, with ANOTHER first round stoppage.
      The first round had both guys clinching, landing similar shots, and everything looked very even, until Vanier SLAMMED Woodard, but Woodard immediately got into top position, with a front headlock, so... Who won that exchange? Woodard punched Vanier, and Vanier looked like his eye was in pain, and Woodard clinched him against the cage again. Woodard continued to beat up Vanier until the end of the round, but both guys landed decent shots, so it was close, but I gave the first round to Woodard. The second round had Woodard moving forward with his hand out (sort of like a battering ram punch?), which knocked Vanier on his ass, where Woodard was able to finish him off with some big punches on the ground. Really nice win for Lloyd Woodard in his Bellator debut.
      Shockley landed some solid strikes to start the fight, using his reach to his advantage, he then moved in, clinched, took Imada to the ground, and it was all downhill from there. It didn't take long for Imada to slap on an armbar from his guard, Shockley tried to slam his way out of it, and Shockley's elbow popped out of place on the way down, forcing him to scream, which caused the referee to stop the fight. Awesome submission victory for Toby Imada. Really tough Bellator debut for Josh Shockley, who was just an alternate in this tournament, taking on one of the favorites.
      Holy shit... Pitbull makes his Big MMA debut here, beating the shit out of the striker, Razor Rob on the feet, knocking him down several times, before getting the full mount on the ground, and then Pitbull ended up on the back of McCullough, looking for a rear-naked choke. That first round might have been a 10-8 round. Rob broke out of it at one point, and tried to unload some ground & pound, but Pitbull stopped him with a triangle attempt. Rob stood up and did the "leg kicks to a grounded opponent" thing for a minute or so, before launching a big diving right hand, followed by some solid shots. I guess he made the round kind of close there, but I would still give the first round to Pitbull, 10-9. The second round took place standing, with both guys exchanging punches & kicks, with Razor Rob dealing more damage. Pitbull secured a takedown in the final minute, getting the full mount, and then Rob's back again, but Rob spun out of it with 20 seconds left, and beat Pitbull's ass, so I had the score all tied up going into the third round. The third round slowed down a little bit, but stayed standing, and it felt like Rob was in control for the first half of the round, until Pitbull BLASTED him in the face with a right hook, knocking Rob's head back, he fell to the ground, Pitbull jumped on him, and the referee stopped the fight. Really nice win for Pitbull Freire.
(Corner Stoppage)
      Leonhardt basically dominated Leo in the first round, beating the shit out of him on the feet for the duration of the round, while also slamming him a couple of times. He couldn't keep Leo down, but Leo probably should have stayed down. Round one goes to Leonhardt. The second round had Leonhardt absolutely mauling Leo with ground & pound, he almost finished him with a heel hook, and also went for an arm-triangle choke before the round ended. In between rounds, heading into the third, Leo's corner threw in the towel. Awesome one-sided ass beating delivered by Chad Leonhardt.