100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (18 Total):
1. D.J. Linderman - 92.8
2. Rich Hale - 92.3
3. Austin Lyons - 91.2
4. Blagoy Ivanov - 91.2
5. Tim Carpenter - 90.8
6. Jake Underwood - 90.5
7. Christian MPumbu - 90.2
8. Cody Donovan - 90.2
9. Amaechi Oselukwue - 90.0
10. Daniel Gracie - 89.8
Bellator 38: Carpenter vs. Gracie
Location: Tunica, Mississippi
Elevation: 197'
-Fight of the Night-
D.J. Linderman vs. Raphael Davis
Fighters & Matches 87.6
Top 10 Fighters 90.9
TOTAL 89.3
     The first round had Oselukwue landing some decent strikes, before taking Wilson down repeatedly. Wilson was active from his guard looking for submissions, but Oselukwue secured several takedowns, making it a hard round to score. The second round was another round of Oselukwue taking Wilson to the ground, but Wilson locked on a tight triangle choke at the end of the round, which won the round for Wilson. The final round had Oselukwue ground & pounding Wilson for most of the round. In the end, the fight could have maybe gone either way, but I scored it 29-28 for Oselukwue, and all 3 judges agreed, giving him the unanimous decision victory in his Bellator debut.
      This was a decent fight, with both guys landing some solid strikes. Ivanov clinched and took Penn to the ground, but Penn stood back up. They continued to strike with each other, Ivanov secured another takedown, tried to grab Penn's back, that didn't work out, so they stood back up. Ivanov blasted Penn with a big left hand, rocked Penn, he blasted him with another left hand, Penn went down, and the referee stopped the fight. Nice win for Blagoy Ivanov.
      Donovan secured several takedowns in the first round, including two nice slams. Donovan landed some nice strikes in the second round, including an illegal knee, and he also secured more takedowns. The final round was more of the same, with Donovan shooting for takedowns, he grabbed Albin's back, went for a rear-naked choke, they grappled around for a little while, and the fight eventually ended. Nice 30-27 unanimous decision victory for Cody Donovan.
      M'Pumbu looked strong early in the first round, working his clinch game, until Davis took him to the ground 90 seconds into the round, pinning him against the cage. M'Pumbu tried to get up a few times, but Davis did a good job wrestling the shit out of him. He brought him to the center of the cage, and beat the shit out of him with big punches. M'Pumbu tried to slap on a triangle choke, but he wasn't able to get his ankle under his knee, so Davis just continued to grind the shit out of him, leaving the round in favor of Davis on the scorecards.
     The second round had Davis taking M'Pumbu down again. M'Pumbu tried to sweep him, but Davis did a good job staying on top for most of the round, even grabbing M'Pumbu's back at one point. M'Pumbu randomly locked on a tight kneebar out of nowhere, but Davis did a good job fighting out of it, ending up on M'Pumbu's back again. Davis continued to beat up M'Pumbu for most of the round, but M'Pumbu got top position for the final minute of the round. M'Pumbu then tried to lock on a triangle in the final 15 seconds, but his legs don't seem flexible at all, he really needs to give up on those triangle attempts. I have Davis ahead, 2-0, going into the final round.
     Davis tried for another takedown to start the final round, M'Pumbu stuffed it, grabbed his back from the side, and punched him in the head a lot. He threw a few hard knees to the body of Davis, and then continued to punch him in the face, until eventually the referee had seen enough, and he stopped the fight. Nice comeback victory for Christian M'Pumbu in his Bellator debut.
Technical Submission
(Inverted Triangle Choke)
      Hale started this fight by picking apart Fekete on the feet with jabs, using his reach advantage to full effect. Fekete got tired of getting hit, so he shot in for a takedown one minute into the first round, picking up Hale, and dumping him to the ground, with Fekete in side control. Hale flipped up, locked on an inverted triangle choke, literally out of nowhere, and he put Fekete to sleep a minute later. Really awesome submission victory for Rich Hale in his Bellator debut.
      This fight started with a lot of nice clinch work, with LInderman working his dirty boxing, and Davis was blasting him with knees. I thought Davis won the first half of that round with those knees, but Linderman shot for a takedown, and sort of got it, but they both stood right back up. They continued to trade strikes for the rest of the round. With 30 seconds left in the round, Linderman rocked Davis with some heavy punch combinations, followed by a guillotine attempt where he pulled guard. Davis popped his head out right before the bell sounded, and he landed a few punches at the end of the round. I'm giving the first round to Linderman.
     Linderman came out swinging in the second round, and consistently beat up Davis on the feet, rocking him, and taking him to the ground halfway through the round, where Linderman tried to snag a desperate rear-naked choke, but Davis was able to roll out of it, landing in Linderman's guard. Davis then took Linderman's back pretty quickly, went for a choke, and sort of dominated Linderman on the ground for a minute or so, until Linderman was able to flip him over again, with Linderman ending up back on top. Davis flipped him over one more time at the very end of the round, but I'm still going to have to score that round for Linderman, based on the damage done earlier in the round, and he finished the second round with a last minute Kimura attempt.
     The final round had Linderman coming forward with big punches again, he knocked Davis to the ground early, and then he backed off, forcing Davis to stand back up. Linderman then threw a knee to Davis's groin. The fight was paused for quite a while, as Davis was milking the clock, trying to get some energy back. Once the fight started back up, Linderman continued to slaughter Davis on the feet with big punch combinations, and a ton of forward movement. Davis shot for a takedown, and pressed Linderman against the cage. They stood back up, and Linderman continued his headhunting action, rocking the shit out of Davis with big punches, even causing him to fall face first. Eventually, the referee had seen enough, stopping the fight halfway through the final round. Awesome showing for D.J. Linderman in his Bellator debut.
      Carpenter blasted Gracie with some big punches early in the opening round, knocking Gracie to the ground. Carpenter jumped into Gracie's guard, and Gracie just locked him up. Gracie sort of went for a headlock, and Carpenter picked him up and took him down again. From there, Carpenter mostly just laid on top of Gracie, trying to pass his half guard, eventually moving to full mount. Carpenter then went for an armbar, Gracie broke free, and beat up Carpenter from inside his guard. Gracie ended the round on top, beating the shit out of Carpenter, but Carpenter slapped on another armbar in the final seconds. Very competitive round, but I scored it slightly for Carpenter.
      Gracie clinched with Carpenter against the cage to start the second round. Gracie tried to throw him to the ground, but Carpenter almost took his back on the way down. They stood back up and continued to clinch, trading back & forth with a little bit of dirty boxing. They fell down, Gracie turtled up, and Carpenter beat him up on the ground. Gracie then moved into top position, but couldn't really make anything happen from inside Carpenter's guard. Another close round, and I might score that one for Gracie, because he ended the round on top? I don't know.
      Carpenter knocked Gracie on his ass with a big punch to the chin, and then Carpenter got on top of him, in Gracie's guard again. They scrambled through an awkward 69 inverted triangle exchange, with Gracie ending up on top inside Carpenter's guard. Most of that round was close, but since Carpenter knocked Gracie down with that big punch to start the round, I scored that round for Tim Carpenter, resulting in a 29-28 scorecard for Carpenter. Two judges agreed, giving him the split-decision victory.
(Triangle Choke)
      They both came out throwiing bombs in their Bellator debuts, Galluzi shot in for a takedown, landed inside a triangle choke, and a minute into the first round, Galluzzi was tapping to the submission. Nice quick debut for Jake Underwood.
      Lyons threw a leg kick, Horn returned fire with a leg kick of his own, Lyons caught it, took Horn to the ground, and they had a little leg lock battle for a few seconds. Lyons then slapped on an armbar, for the submission victory, just over two minutes into the first round.