100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (18 Total):
1. Ben Saunders - 93.5
2. Patricky Freire - 93.5
3. Ryan Quinn - 91.9
4. Dave Jansen - 91.8
5. Rene Nazare - 91.7
6. Eddie Alvarez - 91.3
7. Dan Cramer - 90.8
8. Toby Imada - 90.2
9. Rick Hawn - 90.0
10. Lyman Good - 89.8
Bellator 39: Alvarez vs. Curran
Location: Uncasville, Connecticut
Elevation: 259'
-Fight of the Night-
Ben Saunders vs. Matt Lee
Fighters & Matches 88.4
Top 10 Fighters 91.5
TOTAL 90.0
     This fight had a decent amount of back & forth action, without a ton of highlight reel worthy moments. Both guys brought the fight to the floor a few times, there was a lot of clinching, a few decent shots going in both directions, leaving the fight all tied up going into the final round in my opinion. At that point, Tugman pretty much went to town on McLaughlin, taking him down, going for submissions, beating him up, controlling him, etc... It's pretty clear that this fight should be a 29-28 decision in favor of Tugman, and the crowd agrees. All 3 judges however, scored the fight 29-28 in favor of McLaughlin.
(Arm Injury)
      The first round was a pretty good round of back & forth striking, with both guys landing some serious shots, a decent amount of damage being dealt, and Nazare was able to wrestle Azeredo around, controlling him with his grappling. By the end of the round, it was pretty clear that Nazare had won the round, and the fight was stopped, due to Azeredo's wrist apparently breaking due to blocking a kick or something. Nice Bellator debut for Nazare against a tough Pride veteran.
(Brabo Choke)
      Here we have a couple of guys that had a hard time in the WEC, making their Bellator debuts. Jansen beat up McAfee on the feet with some big punches, rocked him, took him to the ground, Jansen went for a Kimura, switched to throwing elbows from side control, he moved around, locked on a Brabo choke, and finished the fight via submission with 2 seconds left in the round. Solid performance by Dave Jansen in his Bellator debut.
      The first round had some wild back & forth grappling, with both guys securing some takedowns, both guys trading submissions on the ground, and both guys landing some decent strikes. In the end, I scored that round for Quinn, but it was competitive the entire time. The second round was another wild back & forth grappling match, with Quinn taking that round on the scorecards as well. The final round was another round of Quinn outworking Winters, taking him down, grappling the shit out of him, and beating him up. 30-27 for Ryan Quinn is how I scored it, and all 3 judges agreed, with one judge giving him the fight, 30-26.
(Doctor Stoppage)
      Ben Saunders pretty much slaughtered Matt Lee in this fight. We have a UFC veteran, taking on a guy I've never heard of, so I don't think that anyone was surprised by the fact that Saunders dismantled this guy. Saunders looked awesome in the first two rounds, blasting Lee with punches, elbows, and brutal knees from the clinch, leaving them both covered in blood, but all of the blood on Saunders, as far as I could tell, came from Lee. Ben Saunders is a badass, and I'm shocked that the UFC let him go. By the end of the fight, Lee looked like he'd had his face bashed in with a baseball bat. Brutal destruction by Ben Saunders. I had a similar reaction to this fight, as I did with the curb stomp scene in American History X. I don't know if I ever want to see Lee fight again after this ass beating, I would much rather have him just take naps, and recover, for the rest of his life. Awesome showing for Ben Saunders, with the fight being stopped early in the third round due to the brutal beating, and the massive cuts above both of Lee's eyes.
(Flying Knee and Punches)
      This entire fight took place on the feet, with both guys exchanging strikes, in a fairly close first round, until Pitbull launched a flying knee that turned Imada into a rubber chicken. From there, as Imada did the chicken dance with his wobbly legs, Pitbull finished him off with a couple of punches, knocking Imada on his ass. Awesome KO victory for Pitbull Freire.
      The first round consisted of both guys clinching against the cage for 4+ minutes. Hawn controlled most of the clinch, but when they broke apart in the final minute, Good was able to land a few decent strikes, which probably won the first round for Good. Hawn took Good down early in the second round, and held him down for the entire round, beating him up with some short punches, but not really doing a ton of damage. The final round had both guys striking with each other, and it was a somewhat even battle, with Hawn taking Good down with 10 seconds left in the round. I personally scored this fight a draw, and I hate draws, so I'm glad that the judges decided this one for me. Congrats to Rick Hawn for the split-decision victory.
      This entire fight basically consisted of 25 minutes of Alvarez circling around Curran, picking him apart with his boxing. There was some clinching, a little stalling, not a ton of damage happening, but Eddie Alvarez pretty clearly controlled this fight for almost the entire 25 minutes. Curran landed some decent shots, including a nice knee in the second round, but as far as volume is concerned, Alvarez was outstriking Curran from all directions. Props to Curran for going 25 minutes with the monster, Eddie Alvarez, but yeah, this fight was pretty easy to score. I had it 50-45 in favor of Eddie Alvarez, and for the most part, all 3 judges agreed, giving him the unanimous decision victory as he retains his title against one of the toughest challengers in Bellator's Lightweight Division. Who's next? I have Michael Chandler next in line on my rankings.
      The first round had them clinching against the cage, Cramer was working for a taekdown, Rebello tripped him, the fight went to the ground, Cramer got on top, beat up Rebello with some ground & pound, resulting in the round being scored for Cramer. Cramer got Rebello to the ground again in the second round, and spent most of the round pounding on him with hard shots. The final round was another round for Cramer, who beat up Rebello on the feet for most of the round, stuffed some takedowns, and won the fight 30-27 on all scorecards.