100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (14 Total):
1. Michael Osborn - 92.8
2. Eric Prindle - 92.7
3. Michael Chandler - 92.2
4. David Rickels - 91.7
5. Jay Hieron - 91.0
6. Josh Burns - 91.0
7. Tyler Stinson - 90.7
8. Cody Carrillo - 90.5
9. Ben Askren - 90.3
10. Brent Weedman - 90.3
Bellator 40: Askren vs. Thompson
Location: Newkirk, Oklahoma
Elevation: 1,152'
-Fight of the Night-
Michael Chandler vs. Lloyd Woodard
Fighters & Matches 88.5
Top 10 Fighters 91.3
TOTAL 89.9
(Triangle Choke)
     They traded leg kicks, Smith shot for a single leg takedown, got Rickels to the ground, beat him up a little bit, Rickels went for a guillotine choke, transitioned into a tight triangle choke, and got the submission victory in his Bellator debut with just 90 seconds left in the opening round. Decent Bellator debut for David Rickels.
(Doctor Stoppage)
      This fight was interesting. Apparently these guys are good friends with each other, so they're basically two gigantic heavyweights, that are good buds, that are just beating the fuck out of each other, throwing bombs for 10 minutes. The first round probably could have gone either way, every time I thought one guy was getting the advantage, the other guy would rock him with huge punches. Prindle kicked Burns a couple of times in the balls, and lost a point for it in the second round. This was a really fun brawl to watch, but the fight was stopped after the second round, due to a cut on the eye of Burns. Great fight overall though, and I look forward to seeing both of these guys fight again at some point.
      Stinson beat up James on the feet with his boxing, James kicked him, Stinson grabbed the kick, and then grabbed James's back. Stinson went for the rear-naked choke, James escaped, tried to work some ground & pound, and by the end of the round, Stinson was beating up James with elbows from his guard. I guess maybe that round goes to James for his ground & pound?
     The second round had Stinson beating up James on the feet, and James ended up taking him down 3 times in that round, with the round ending with Stinson working for a triangle choke. The final round had both guys throwing each other around a little bit, and scrapping at a pretty good pace, resulting in a fight that could potentially go either way. Two of the judges ended up scoring the fight 29-28 in favor of Tyler Stinson.
      Chandler started this fight by running in, and slamming Woodard. From there, he beat him up for a good portion of the first round with his ground & pound, as well as another nice slam. Woodard got some revenge in the second round, landing some really hard shots, including a perfectly placed knee to the face of Chandler, but Chandler was still able to use his wrestling to steal the round with another big slam, and some more control on the ground. Woodard put some serious effort into trying to get a rear-naked choke during the final minute of the second round, so he PROBABLY won that round with that? But yeah, he locked it on with 15 seconds left, and Chandler was able to survive until the bell, but not without getting his ass beat for a few seconds at the very end. Chandler wrestled the shit out of Woodard in the third round, slamming him a couple of times, and keeping his body locked down so that Woodard couldn't get any offense going. In the end, I scored this fight 29-28 for Michael Chandler, and all 3 judges agreed, giving him the hard fought unanimous decision victory. Woodard deserves some praise though, considering Chandler has destroyed everyone else in Bellator in the first round.
      OH SHIT! Hieron blasted Weedman with some brutal punches to start this fight, and then he got clipped, and fell down, with Weedman chasing him to the ground. Weedman secured full mount, and continued to beat up Hieron on the ground. Hieron somehow ended up on top, all of this just one minute into the first round. Jay Hieron locked on a tight D'Arce choke, but let it go a few seconds later, with Hieron falling into Weedman's guard. It looked like maybe Hieron was looking for the same choke, but gave it up again. He then went for a guillotine, and let that go. That was a solid opening round, which I scored for Hieron based on his top control, and submission attempts.
     They stood and traded random punches for most of the second round. I don't think either fighter really clearly won that round. I'm hoping they pick up the pace again in the final round. There was a wild scramble early in the third round, where Weedman went for a guillotine, but Hieron rolled out of it. Weedman spent most of the rest of the round stalking Hieron, picking him apart on the feet. Weedman grabbed Hieron's back with around 90 seconds left in the fight. He ended up in side control, and then moved to full mount with one minute left in the fight. That fight could have gone either way, but all 3 judges scored it 29-28 in favor of Jay Hieron.
      Askren threw a spinning backfist to start this fight, and then went for a takedown. Thompson put up a fight on the way down, but eventually, Askren ended up in firm side control. From that point forward, this fight was your typical Ben Askren fight, where he took Thompson down at the start of every round, got side control, and just laid on top of him while throwing short punches. Askren obviously won all 3 rounds, resulting in the 30-27 unanimous decision victory for Ben Askren.
      This fight was a wild 90 seconds of back & forth action, with both guys trying to take each other's heads off. Both guys landed some solid punches, elbows were flying like crazy, and the fight ended just 90 seconds in, with Osborn beating the shit out of Carrillo on the ground. Nice Bellator debut for Michael Osborn.