100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (16 Total):
1. Daniel Straus - 92.4
2. Patricio Freire - 92.4
3. Zach Makovsky - 92.4
4. Joe Warren - 91.7
5. Brendan Tierney - 91.4
6. Marcos Galvao - 91.4
7. Carlos Flores - 91.0
8. Anthony Birchak - 90.5
9. Nick Piedmont - 89.6
10. Wilson Reis - 89.5
Bellator 41: Warren vs. Galvao
Location: Yuma, Arizona
Elevation: 141'
-Fight of the Night-
Patricio Freire vs. Wilson Reis
Fighters & Matches 88.4
Top 10 Fighters 91.2
TOTAL 89.8
     This fight started with Moore dropping Tierney with a head kick. Tierney recovered, took Moore to the ground, mounted him, locked on an armbar, Moore tried to escape, but fell flat on his face as Tierney cranked his arm, and the fight was stopped due to submission in under a minute of the first round. Decent Bellator debut for Brendan Tierney.
      The first round was kind of a wild brawl, with Parker beating up Piedmont for the most part, leaving that round scored in favor of Parker. Parker clearly started to run out of energy in the second round, as Piedmont was able to pick him apart later in the round, evening out the scorecards going into the final round. The final round was an ugly sweaty round, with both guys looking tired. Parker went for a guillotine choke at one point, and landed some solid strikes, but Piedmont held his own in there as well. By the end of the round, the scorecards were all over the place, with two judges giving the fight to Piedmont, 29-28, while the third judge gave all 3 rounds to Parker.
(Brabo Choke)
      This was a pretty good fight while it lasted. Bialecki came out swinging, Birchak tried to grapple with him, both guys were looking for submissions, Birchak eventually was able to beat up Bialecki a little bit, there was an armbar attempt, Birchak escaped, and finished Bialecki with the Brabo choke near the end of the first round. Solid win for Birchak in his Bellator debut.
(Guillotine Choke)
      These guys spent the first round clinching, trying to take each other to the ground. Straus threw Foster to the ground, almost dumping him on his head, but he popped right back up into the clinch again. Straus landed a flying knee, and then took Foster to the ground, pinning him against the cage, where Straus pounded on his head with big punches. Straus clearly won that round.
     The second round had a lot of clinching again, with Straus throwing Foster around a little bit, and halfway through the round, Straus had Foster pinned against the cage again, with Straus sort of sitting on top of him. Straus was digging for a guillotine, but Foster did a good job keep his head up. Straus tried to grab his back for a choke, but Foster shook him off, and they stood back up. In the final 10 seconds, Straus punched Foster in the face, and secured another takedown. I have Straus ahead, 2-0, going into the final round.
     The second round had both guys standing & trading for a minute or so, before Straus initiated another clinch, trying to take Foster down one more time. Once Straus was on top of Foster again, he beat the shit out of him against the cage, went for another guillotine choke, turned it into a D'Arce, Foster did a good job defending against it, so Straus yanked him up, locked on a tight guillotine choke, and forced Foster to submit with 90 seconds or so left in the final round. Great performance by Daniel Straus.
      The first round started fast, Makovsky shot for a takedown, Robichaux tried to slap on a guillotine, but he didn't have guard, so Makovsky just kind of hung out until Robichaux had to let go. They stood back up, Robichaux was running forward like a madman, looking sloppy as shit, and Makovsky was able to eventually whip him to the ground again, but Robichaux popped right back up. Makovsky won that round, but Robichaux did a good job staying on his feet for the most part.
     The second round had Makovsky whipping Robichaux to the ground again, where Makovsky was able to dominate him on the ground. He locked on a rear-naked choke, but eventually gave it up, but never let go of his top position. Makovsky locked on a tight arm-triangle choke, but Robichaux somehow bucked out of it and got back to his feet. Robichaux continued to rush forward in that aggressive sloppy style, and Makovsky threw him to the ground again, and continued to beat him up for the rest of the round.
     After beating up Robichaux for two rounds, Makovsky took Robichaux down one minute into the final round, where he grabbed side control, and continued to dominate Robichaux on the ground. Makovsky slipped into full mount, continued to pound on the face of Robichaux with some short punches. He postured up, started blasting Robichaux with some heavier punches & elbows, Robichaux gave up his back, Makovsky continued to pound on him, and the referee stopped the fight. Another great performance by Zach Makovsky.
      The first round had both guys standing & trading, with Pitbull landing some of the hardest shots, which lead me to score the first round in favor of Pitbull. Reis finally got the fight to the ground in the second round, and beat up Pitbull on the ground a little bit, but Pitbull got back up halfway through the round. From there, Pitbull was working for a standing guillotine, but Reis took him down again. Pitbull refused to let go of the choke, as he stood back up. Pitbull looked a little more aggressive at the end of the round, but that round probably could have gone either way. I have it all tied up going into the final round, just to keep it interesting. They continued to trade strikes for the duration of the final round, until Pitbull really started to tee off on Reis, knocking him the fuck out with some MASSIVE bombs. Patricio Pitbull is a beast.
      These guys clinched early, Galvao tripped Warren, grabbed his back, and beat the fuck out of him with some massive punches. Galvao dominated Warren for the first 30 seconds, until Warren got on top of him. Warren had trouble passing Galvao's guard though. They stood back up, clinched, Galvao tripped Warren again, grabbed his back, and continued to beat him up on the ground. They stood back up again, clinched some more, and Warren was looking for a standing guillotine choke. They continued to clinch for most of the rest of the round. I scored that round for Galvao, based on the way he slaughtered Warren earlier in the round. Warren secured a takedown at the very end of the round, but he didn't have enough time to do anything with it.
      Galvao opened up the second round with a pair of flying knees, rocking Warren, before they went back to the clinch again. Warren landed some decent knees to the body from the clinch, but nothing to compare to those flying knees from Galvao earlier in the round. They continued to brawl at a pretty high pace for most of the round, and I thought Galvao actually delivered the most damage. I have Galvao ahead, 2-0, going into the final round. Warren took him down late in the round, but I don't think it was enough to make up for all of the knees Warren absorbed throughout the round.
      Warren took Galvao down early in the final round, pinning him against the cage. Galvao did a good job popping back up though. Warren worked hard for another body lock takedown, Galvao blatantly grabbed the cage, but Warren took him down anyway. From that point forward, Warren beat up Galvao on the ground with some pretty decent ground & pound. In the end, I thought this fight had an obvious 29-28 outcome, in favor of Galvao. For SOME maniacal reason, all 3 judges gave the fight to Warren, with one judge giving him all 3 rounds, which is absolutely fucking stupid. So yeah, Galvao got fucked in this fight, and in my opinion, he deserves an immediate rematch.
      Carlos Flores basically chased Aguilar around for a minute or so, beating the shit out of him with leg kicks and punches. He eventually dropped Aguilar, blasted him with some heavy hammerfists, and the referee stopped the fight. Solid Bellator debut for Carlos Flores.