100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (18 Total):
1. Marcus Davis - 93.7
2. Thales Leites - 93.3
3. Roger Huerta - 92.9
4. Kendall Grove - 92.0
5. Leonard Garcia - 90.7
6. Matt Serra - 90.6
7. Pete Spratt - 90.3
8. Heath Herring - 90.1
9. Yushin Okami - 89.8
10. Pete Sell - 88.5
UFC 69: Shootout
Location: Houston, Texas
Elevation: 43'
-Fight of the Night-
Roger Huerta vs. Leonard Garcia
Fighters & Matches 88.3
Top 10 Fighters 91.2
TOTAL 89.8
     The first round of this fight was kind of boring... Haynes took Cummo to the ground once, but other than that, it was mostly just sloppy striking from both fighters, back & forth... The second round was more of the same, but it ended with a great right hand by Cummo, which knocked out Haynes... After the fight was over, Haynes was still out of it, and he tried to take down the referee, AND WAS SUCCESSFUL!!! Cummo wins by second round KO...
(Achilles Lock)
      This was a pretty great fight, and it shows that Marcus Davis is improving by leaps & bounds compared to the fighter he was when he first got in the UFC... The first round showed some pretty aggressive boxing on the side of Marcus Davis, and he was also able to throw Spratt to the ground, and dominate him for the entire first round... Once the second round started, it looked like Spratt was going to be a little more aggressive, but Davis was able to get him to the ground again, and after beating on him for a couple of minutes, he locked on an ankle lock / kneebar type of submission, and Pete Spratt was forced to either submit, or lose his leg... Marcus Davis wins by a pretty great submission, after entirely dominating the rest of the fight...
      This was a fun fight to watch, but it was extremely one-sided... Thales Leites blasted Sell a few times while standing, with big punches, some knees, leg kicks, etc... Leites was also able to take Sell down to the ground whenever he felt like it, and he unleashed a large arsenal of submission attempts, most of them basically could have finished the fight, but Sell kept getting saved by the bell at the end of the rounds... In the end, Thales Leites wins all 3 rounds, easily, and walks away with the unanimous decision victory...
      This fight was basically just two really big guys, going at it, in a great big brawl... Heath Herring impressed me in this fight, by beating the shit out of Brad Imes while standing, and he also showed some pretty solid ground & pound... Also, Brad Imes went for several submissions, and Herring was able to escape all of them... Brad Imes was kind of impressive, just because he lasted all 3 rounds, but other than that, Imes didn't do anything to make me want to see him fight again... It's just awkward watching a giant man, try to use the rubber guard on a guy with a pink mohawk or whatever... In the end, Heath Herring wins by unanimous decision...
(Brabo Choke)
      This fight started out kind of sloppy... Kendall Grove was throwing sloppy strikes, and Belcher was going for some sloppy takedowns... They bounced back & forth during the first round, with Belcher taking the early lead, and Grove catching up with some nice reversals near the end of the round... So I had them tied at the end of the first round... Then the second round started, and Grove just started unleashing some sweet Muay Thai kickboxing, with brutal elbows, knees, punches, kicks, he just let it all hang out... Then near the end of the second round, Grove locked on a nice "D'Arce Choke" which is some sort of modified triangle choke from the half guard or something... I don't know what it was exactly, but it was nice... So yeah, Kendall Grove comes with an impressive submission victory, at the end of the second round...
      Crap... Mike Swick was on his way up the rankings in the middleweight division, but this fight kind of killed it, especially after Swick's boring fight against David Loiseau... Basically, the first round of this fight, had Yushin Okami taking Swick to the ground, and almost taking him out with a kimura submission... Then the second round, was more of Okami beating up Swick, until the end of the round, when Swick started unloading on Okami with a flurry of punches, almost knocking him out, but not quite finishing it... Then the third round was more of Okami's ground & pound attack on Swick, leading to the unanimous decision victory for Yushin Okami... I feel bad for Mike Swick, since I like the guy, AND it was his hometown... I don't think either of these guys really deserves a title shot though...
      This fight was exciting!!! Leonard Garcia is a pretty great submission grappler, but he just wasn't big enough to hang with Huerta... I can see Garcia maybe being a BAD ASS 145 pounder or something, if they ever start a lower weight class, but yeah, he was just a little bit out of shape, and couldn't hang with Huerta... Roger Huerta spent the entire 3 round fight, throwing crazy punches, bombs, combos, just going nuts on Garcia... I have to give credit to Garcia for not getting knocked out, and if Huerta's striking was a bit more accurate, then Garcia would have been knocked out 10 times... So yeah, Roger Huerta wins after a 3 round war, by unanimous decision...
      Well that was some bullshit... So basically, this was the most hyped fight on the card, even though it wasn't the main event (due to the lack of a title), it was the only fight that really had any bad blood behind it... Diego Sanchez & Josh Koscheck HATE each other, and wanted to kill each other... Diego even nearly threw Koscheck off the stage at the weigh-ins the day before... With that being said, neither guy brought their A game, they barely even brought their B games... This was a C-Grade fight, and it was lame as shit... Lots of circling, lots of walking around, NOTHING ground related (which both of the guys are for the most part, ground fighters)... It was just a weak ass striking fight, with hardly any strikes thrown at all... It was a bunch of bullshit... Koscheck took Diego down once at the end of round one, and landed a couple of decent punches on Diego's head, so I gave the fight to Koscheck, and so did everybody else... Boring fight... Koscheck wins by unanimous decision...
      This fight started with hell freezing over... Pigs started flying over the octagon, Georges St. Pierre threw a couple of week strikes, and then it was all over from there... Matt Serra absolutely dominated GSP, by punching him in the head repeatedly until GSP eventually crumbled to the ground... Serra jumped on him, and then continued to pound away on the head of GSP until eventually the referee had to stop the fight... Matt Serra beats the living shit out of GSP in the first round, by TKO... And hell is still frozen...