100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (16 Total):
1. Alexandre Bezerra - 93.6
2. Pat Curran - 93.2
3. Ronnie Mann - 92.5
4. Nazareno Malegarie - 92.1
5. Marlon Sandro - 92.1
6. Jessica Aguilar - 91.2
7. Dan Cramer - 90.9
8. Carla Esparza - 90.8
9. Genair da Silva - 90.7
10. Tony Johnson - 90.0
Bellator 46: Curran vs. Palomino
Location: Hollywood, Florida
Elevation: 10'
-Fight of the Night-
Pat Curran vs. Luis Palomino
Fighters & Matches 89.1
Top 10 Fighters 91.7
TOTAL 90.4
     This was a pretty good fight, fairly competitive, but Cramer was just too much for Samman, constantly taking him down from the clinch, beating him up with strikes, outgrappling him, outworking him, etc... In the end, Cramer had a pretty good showing for himself, in constant attack mode, and Samman just wasn't able to score enough points to stand a chance in this one. Good fight overall, and congrats to Cramer for the unanimous decision victory.
(Triangle Choke)
      This was a pretty slick display of skill for Bezerra. He started the fight with a scramble and a takedown, he picked up Jones to slam him, and got hit in the back of the head with illegal elbows in the process. They then started brawling, Bezerra secured another takedown, got the full mount, beat the shit out of Jones for a few, got the mounted triangle choke, rolled over, and forced Jones into submission. Awesome showing by Alexandre Bezerra.
      This fight was all about Johnson taking Lewis to the ground repeatedly, and battering him with elbows. The longer the fight lasted, the more exhausted both guys looked, and eventually, the pace started to grind a little bit. Lewis was able to win the third round, by rocking Johnson with a few solid punches, but in the end, it's not enough to win the fight against two rounds of being dominated by Johnson's wrestling. Nice win for Tony Johnson.
      Esparza seemed to get better as the fight went on. She started a little too slowly, and I think Aguilar picked her apart for the majority of the fight, using her superior striking, as well as some decent aggression. The tricky part is, Esparza ended every round with a takedown, beating up Aguilar on the ground, and whenever you thought she might officially lose a round, she would come out swinging, and catch back up on points. Really, I guess this fight could have gone either way, I scored it 29-28 for Aguilar, so I'm glad that she won, but Esparza put up one hell of a fight as well.
      Schindler stared this fight by clinching against the cage, with Schindler in control. They broke apart, and traded punches. They started turning up the pace of things in the final 90 seconds of the round, with Mann picking apart Schindler from the outside, and then he blasted him with a massive left hook, knocked Schindler to the ground, and then jackhammered his face with his right hand on the ground, until Schindler went unconscious and the fight was stopped. Great win for Ronnie Mann.
(Guillotine Choke)
      Malegarie shot in for a takedown at the start of the fight, and locked on a tight guillotine choke 20 seconds into the first round. About a minute later, Devree finally broke out of it, but was still stuck in the tight guard of Malegarie. Devree tried to get back to his feet, and was caught in a heel hook attempt. Once they finally got to their feet, their striking looked to be pretty even. The second round started with another tight guillotine choke from Malegarie, this time from the full mount. Malegarie completed dominated Devree with his grappling for the duration of the round, all the way up until the very end of the round, where Devree finally threw a diving punch which landed, but didn't do enough to make up for getting dominated for the past 9+ minutes. Malegarie shot for another takedown early in the third round, beat the shit out of Devree's body with some hard punches, Devree tried to scramble back to his feet, Malegarie locked on ANOTHER mounted guillotine choke, and finished the fight by submission early in the third round. Really great dominating performance for Nazareno Malegarie.
      The first round of this fight was a pretty fun striking match, with both guys landing some decent shots, and about halfway through the round, Sandro blasted Silva with some massive punch combinations, which laid him out on the floor, where Sandro continued to demolish Silva's face with huge punches, before moving into a guillotine attempt, followed by a triangle attempt, followed by a crazy scramble with Silva grabbing Sandro's back, Sandro slipped out of that, and ended up back in top position against the cage. Pretty crazy round, with both guys looking violent, but I'd give that first round to Sandro. The second round was another pretty good round, but I thought Sandro was more active, and therefore, won a second round with his aggression. Silva kicked Sandro in the nuts pretty hard to start the third round. Once the fight started back up, Silva tried his hardest to secure a takedown, but Sandro showed some outstanding takedown defense, and continued to pick apart Silva with his boxing. Sandro secured a takedown near the end of the final round for good measure. I'm kind of shocked that this fight went to a split-decision, since I thought Sandro clearly won all 3 rounds, AT LEAST two of them, but yeah, good fight overall, and I'm glad that Sandro got the victory.
(Peruvian Necktie)
      This was a decent fight for a couple of minutes, and then Curran landed a big right hand, knocked Palomino down, Curran started throwing flying knees, and wild shit, Palomino started looking for a takedown, and Curran ended up reversing things, ending up on top in Palomino's half guard. Curran went for a D'Arce choke, used that to pass Palomino's guard, Palomino went to his knees with Curran on top, he locked on the Peruvian Necktie, and finished the fight via submission. I love that move, because it's so rare, and Curran executed it flawlessly. Really nice win for Pat Curran.