100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (18 Total):
1. Rene Nazare - 92.8
2. Ryan Quinn - 92.1
3. Pat Curran - 91.8
4. Andrew Calandrelli - 91.2
5. Nik Fekete - 91.2
6. Seth Petruzelli - 91.2
7. Cole Konrad - 90.5
8. Saul Almeida - 90.5
9. Jeff Nader - 89.8
10. Marlon Sandro - 89.8
Bellator 48: Curran vs. Sandro
Location: Uncasville, Connecticut
Elevation: 259'
-Fight of the Night-
Pat Curran vs. Marlon Sandro
Fighters & Matches 88.3
Top 10 Fighters 91.1
TOTAL 89.7
     The first round had both guys trading, and then clinching, and then going to the ground, where there was a decent amount of back & forth action, with Almeida ending up in a position where he was close to grabbing Matsuda's back in the final seconds. I scored the first round for Almeida. The second round was the same thing, except this time, Almeida got Matsuda's back earlier on. He lost position at one point, but regained it, and by the end of the round, he was working for another rear-naked choke. The final round had some solid scrambling from both fighters, but more often than not, Almeida maintained control, resulting in a 30-27 scorecard in favor of Saul Almeida. Two judges agreed, and the third gave him the fight, 29-28. Solid show of grappling by both fighters.
Technical Submission
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      Oteri threw a leg kick, and Quinn immediately took him to the ground. Oteri tried to work from his guard, but Quinn kept his posture low, making it hard for Oteri to do anything. Quinn eventually passed the guard, grabbed Oteri's back, locked on a rear-naked choke, and put Oteri to sleep. Quinn is putting together a nice little 3 fight winning streak in Bellator.
      Calandrelli held the center of the cage, while Nice circled around him for a couple of minutes. Calandrelli then blasted Nice with a big left hand, followed by another punch. Nice shot for a takedown, Calandrelli stuffed it, got on top, locked on a keylock for the submission victory in the last half of the opening round. Decent submission victory for Calandrelli in his Bellator debut.
      These guys traded strikes while standing, with Griffin delivering more damage, forcing Fekete to shoot for a takedown. From there, Fekete beat up Griffin on the ground for most of the round. The second round started with Griffin throwing bombs, and Fekete took him down again, this time ending up in the mounted crucifix, which he used to punch Griffin in the head a few times, eventually opening up with elbows, causing the referee to stop the fight. Nice ground & pound finish for Nik Fekete, earning his first win in Bellator.
      They clinched to start this fight, until Cramer took Nader down a minute into the first round. From there, Cramer was able to beat up Nader with punches & elbows against the cage. Cramer really opened up, pretty much mauling Nader against the cage, smashing his head with big punch combinations & heavy elbows. Nader was covering up decently, but he clearly wasn't fighting back at all, so the referee could have stopped this fight at any moment. I scored that opening round 10-8 in favor of Dan Cramer.
     Cramer took Nader down again to start the second round, and continued to beat the shit out of him with punches & elbows. This has been a pretty piss poor performance for Nader so far. After beating up Nader for nearly 9 full minutes, Cramer tried to move into full mount to finish out the final round. I'm feeling pretty embarrassed for Nader. This might be two 10-8 rounds for Cramer, going into the final round.
     They clinched to start the final round, but at least Nader was able to stay on his feet this time. Nader started randomly swinging for the fences, as he clearly couldn't see out of his right eye at all, and somehow he clipped Cramer, continued to blast him in the head with punches, and the referee stepped in to stop the fight, as Cramer was having a hard time standing up straight. That MIGHT have been a fast stoppage, considering how Cramer dominated Nader for two rounds and the fight wasn't stopped, but honestly, if this fight would have continued, Cramer would have eventually been knocked out cold. Insane comeback victory for Jeff Nader in his Bellator debut.
(Doctor Stoppage)
      Nazare was going crazy on Barrantes in the opening round, winging wild punches, looking to chop Juan's head off. After beating the shit out of Barrantes for the first 2 minutes of the round, Nazare shot in for a lightning fast takedown, pinning Barrantes against the cage. From there, Nazare continued his one-sided slaughtering, chopping away at the head of Barrantes on the ground for a couple of minutes. Barrantes is clearly outmatched in his Bellator debut here. Nazare tried to finish him with a guillotine in the final 10 seconds of the round.
     They both came out swinging for the fences in the second round, and it wasn't long before Nazare took Barrantes to the ground again, this time in the center of the cage. Nazare spent the rest of the round beating the shit out of Barrantes on the ground with punches & elbows, busting up his face, and causing his right eye to swell shut, forcing the doctor to stop the fight in between rounds. Awesome ass beating delivered by Rene Nazare.
      These guys traded strikes for a minute or so, before Petruzelli threw a spinning back kick to Rodriguez's dick, putting him down for a minute or so. Once the fight started back up, they continued to trade sloppy strikes, before Petruzelli plowed Rodriguez to the ground. Rodriguez locked him up, so they stood back up. They continued to trade sloppy strikes for a couple more minutes, as Rodriguez was clearly slowing down from exhaustion. Petruzelli started to pick him apart, blasted him in the chin with a big right hand, knocked Rodriguez on his ass, and Petruzelli finished him off with some heavy hammerfists. Solid win by the professional underdog, Seth Petruzelli.
      This fight basically had both guys standing and trading, at a pretty slow pace, throwing single strikes here & there, while bouncing around in circles. If I would have known the fight would take place 100% standing, I would have assumed Buentello would maul Konrad, but he didn't. Buentello mostly just waited to throw counters, which allowed Konrad to win each round, by just a little bit, leaving the fight with a 30-27 scorecard in favor of Konrad. Konrad finally brought the fight to the ground in the final round, at which point he dominated Buentello. I'm just not sure why he didn't do that sooner.
(Head Kick)
      The first round was a pretty good standup battle, with both guys landing some solid punches & kicks, but I would probably score that opening round in favor of Marlon Sandro. They continued to trade hard punches in the second round, with Sandro still delivering more damage I think. I thought I was going to score this fight in favor of Sandro, 2-0, going into the final round, but with one minute left in the second round, Curran BLASTED Sandro with a massive right head kick, knocking Sandro the fuck out. Curran then pounced on him, punched him with a few crisp punches to the face, before the referee was able to pull him off. AWESOME comeback KO for Pat Curran. That was a brutal head kick, and an amazing finish for Pat Curran against a tough competitor.