100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (18 Total):
1. Michael Chandler - 93.7
2. Marlon Sandro - 93.1
3. Cosmo Alexandre - 92.3
4. Hector Lombard - 92.3
5. Eddie Alvarez - 92.2
6. Brett Cooper - 92.0
7. Jessica Aguilar - 90.9
8. Jonas Billstein - 90.9
9. Fabio Mello - 90.7
10. Valdir Araujo - 90.5
Bellator 58: Chandler vs. Alvarez
Location: Hollywood, Florida
Elevation: 10'
-Fight of the Night-
Michael Chandler vs. Eddie Alvarez
Fighters & Matches 89.0
Top 10 Fighters 91.9
TOTAL 90.5
     Mello hammered Sharipov with some shots early, Sharipov fell down, and Mello got on top of him, and continued to beat him up from side control. Mello sort of went for an arm-triangle choke, but he was on the round side of Sharipov's body, so he wasn't able to make it work. Round one goes to Mello. Sharipov shot for a takedown early in the second round, but Mello sprawled, and locked on a guillotine choke. They broke apart, traded some strikes, and Sharipov shot for another takedown, and Mello continued to show some solid takedown defense. Mello scored a takedown of his own with 2 minutes left in the round. From there, he beat up Sharipov for a minute or so, and then Sharipov broke free, and took Mello to the ground. I still have the score 2-0 for Mello, going into the final round. The final round had some back & forth striking action, capped off with Mello knocking down Sharipov again, and then he controlled him on the ground for the last half of the round. 30-27 for Mello across the board.
(Soccer Kick to Downed Fighter)
      The first round took place on the feet, with Billstein chasing Goodman around the cage, picking him apart with random strikes. The second round was the same story, with Goodman backing up, while Billstein picked him apart with random punches & kicks. Halfway through the round, Billstein blasted Goodman with a hard combination, putting him on the ground with a hard left hand. Billstein followed that up immediately with a soccer kick to Goodman's throat, nearly ripping his head off. The referee took a point, and gave Goodman a few minutes to recover. Goodman was unable to continue, so the fight was stopped, and Billstein was disqualified. That sucks, because Billstein was CLEARLY winning this fight, but yeah, that was a pretty obvious foul. I sort of wish this would have been a no contest, but it was officially called a DQ, so I guess Goodman wins. Goodman didn't do anything at all to earn a victory here though. This sort of reminds me of how Matt Hamill "beat" Jon Jones, by getting his ass handed to him too brutally. Fuck it, I gave Jones the victory points for his fight with Hamill, I'm going to give Billstein the victory points here as well.
      These guys touched gloves, and then Alexandre put McPhatter on his ass with a MASSIVE left hand, Alexandre threw McPhatter around a little bit, blasted him in the chin with a knee from the clinch, and the referee stepped in to save McPhatter. That was an awesome highlight reel performance by Cosmo Alexandre, earning his first win inside Bellator.
      The first round took place standing, with Barbosa probably landing the better shots. Araujo took him down with 20 seconds left in the round, but that probably wasn't enough to win the round. Barbosa was swinging for the fences in the second round, for the first 90 seconds or so, looking to take Araujo's head off, but Araujo took him to the ground, and spent most of the round on top, so... I guess Araujo wins round 2. Just to keep it interesting, I have it all tied up going into the final round. Araujo came out like a wildman in the final round, throwing spinning kicks, and flying all over the place, before taking Barbosa to the ground again. Araujo then spent pretty much the entire round, on top of Barbosa, beating him up and folding him up into awkward positions. I scored this fight 29-28 in favor of Araujo, and all 3 judges agreed, giving him the unanimous decision victory.
      Cooper spent the first round beating up Hess on the feet. Hess grabbed a guillotine choke at one point, and whipped Cooper to the ground, but Cooper continued to plow forward, and ended up taking down Hess. Hess rocked Cooper with some heavy punches in the final minute of the round, got on top of Cooper, and beat him up for a little while, but he didn't have enough time left in the round to finish it. Hess at least won that first round, based on his performance in the final minute.
     The second round was a pretty action packed brawl, with both guys throwing big punches, and then Cooper took Hess to the ground. They stood back up, and Hess tried to secure a takedown, pressing Cooper against the cage. Once they broke apart, shit got really crazy, both guys throwing bombs, Hess shot for a desperate takedown, and Cooper continue to beat him up on the feet. Round two goes to Cooper.
     Cooper continued to blast Hess with big punches in the final round, picking him apart with a wide variety of punches, while Hess looked exhausted, so his offense was nonexistent. Cooper took Hess down 90 seconds into the final round. Cooper locked on a Kimura with 2 minutes left in the fight, but Hess was able to rip his arm free. Cooper still held onto side control, and continued to look for various arm locks. Cooper locked on a D'Arce choke with one minute left in the fight. That was a pretty wild fight, and a clear 29-28 unanimous decision victory for Brett Cooper.
(Arm-Triangle Choke)
      These guys traded some strikes for a minute or so, and then the fight was paused after Sandro poked Dias in the eye. Once the fight started back up, Dias rocked Sandro, Sandro fell down, Dias chased him to the ground, they clinched, and Sandro ended up on top after a brief scramble. Things slowed down for a minute or so, as they grappled with each other on the ground, but Sandro eventually locked on a standing arm-triangle choke from the clinch, he brought Dias to the ground with it, and finished the fight via submission with a minute or so remaining in the opening round. Solid submission victory for Marlon Sandro.
      This was a pretty good fight, but Ellis seems to be losing her forward momentum lately. At one point, she was a destroyer, but now she's having some serious problems fighting other girls at the top of the weight class. With that being said, Aguilar going into this fight, was ranked #1 in the world in my opinion at 115 (since Frausto moved up to 125). So Aguilar spent this entire fight beating up Ellis with her striking, and she also showed superior grappling in the second round, as she beat the crap out of Ellis with knees from the clinch, and controlled her with a headlock at one point. Overall, Ellis didn't really have anything to show for this fight, leaving Aguilar with the clear unanimous decision victory. It's worth noting that I think Ellis broke Aguilar's nose in the first round, but it didn't really seem to slow her down at all.
      This fight started, and Lombard immediately initiated a clinch against the cage. OH MY GOD! Around the 90 second mark of the first round, Lombard opended up on the head of Prangley, punching him 20+ times in the face, nearly knocking his head clean off. Prangley then took him down, but Lombard immediately stood back up, clinching with Prangley against the cage again. Things slowed down significantly, but it still ended up being a pretty clear round in favor of Hector Lombard. The second round started, and nothing happened for almost a full mount. Lombard then blasted Prangley with a massive left hand, Prangley wobbled down to the floor, shot for a desperate takedown, and then Lombard opened up on him, blasting him in the head on the ground, until the referee had to rip him off of Prangley. Another highlight reel finish for Lombard, in an otherwise boring fight.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      HOLY SHIT! This fight started out like a massive explosion, with Chandler nearly knocking out Alvarez in the first 15 seconds. He then grabbed Alvarez, and threw him to the ground. Alvarez was landing some good shots too, but yeah, that was an outstanding start for Chandler. There were some wild scrambles, lots of wild haymakers being thrown both ways, and that ended up being one of the best opening rounds I've seen in a while. Chandler almost knocked out Alvarez again in the final 5 seconds. That was an AWESOME round for Chandler.
      They both started the second round swinging, until Chandler clinched with Alvarez, pressing him up against the cage, where he took him down, and then mounted Alvarez. Alvarez tried to stand up, Chandler tried to take his back, and Alvarez finally broke free, 2 minutes into the second round. Alvarez was able to get Chandler back under control with a front choke, mostly just holding him in place, but it looked like Alvarez might be going for an Anaconda Choke. He gave that up, blasted Chandler with a knee to the face, and they broke apart again. That ended up being a really even round, with Chandler winning the first half of the round, and Alvarez coming back for the last half. I'm not sure who I would give that round to. I'm leaning slightly in favor of Chandler so far.
      The third round slowed down a little bit, and Alvarez was finally able to spend a round picking apart Chandler with his award winning punch combinations. Chandler was practically running for the exit that entire round, while Alvarez just brutally massacred him, leaving Chandler a bloody mess. 10-8 round for Alvarez. I have this shit all tied up going into the fourth round. This fight is fucking insane!
      Alvarez continued to chip away at an exhausted Chandler in the fourth round. Alvarez was well on his way to winning another round, as he spent the first half of the round beating up Chandler. Chandler randomly got a second burst of energy, and started teeing off on Alvarez, knocking him to the ground, where Chandler slaughtered him with brutal punches. Chandler transitioned to side control, then full mount, Alvarez gave up his back, Chandler locked on a rear-naked choke, Alvarez tapped, and Michael Chandler is Bellator's new Lightweight Champion. That fight was FUCKING INSANE!!!