100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (18 Total):
1. Patricky Freire - 93.0
2. Lucas Pimenta Borges - 92.5
3. Scott Heckman - 92.4
4. Marcin Held - 91.4
5. LeVon Maynard - 91.3
6. Karl Amoussou - 90.9
7. Eric Prindle - 90.8
8. Eduardo Dantas - 90.4
9. Gregory Milliard - 90.4
10. Phillipe Nover - 89.9
Bellator 59: Prindle vs. Santos
Location: Atlantic City, New Jersey
Elevation: 7'
-Fight of the Night-
Patricky Freire vs. Kurt Pellegrino
Fighters & Matches 87.8
Top 10 Fighters 91.3
TOTAL 89.6
     Saling started this fight by throwing a kick, Milliard caught it, and took him to the ground. From there, Milliard laid on top of Saling for most of the round, dropping a few elbows here & there. The referee stood them back up with 2 minutes left in the round. Milliard secured another takedown to start the second round. From there, Milliard beat up Saling for the entire round again. Saling stood back up at one point, and Milliard just pulled him back to the ground again. Saling tried to take out Milliard with some looping punches in the third round, but Milliard did a good job keeping just outside of Saling's range. They clinched, and then Milliard took Saling down again, with half of a round left in the fight. From there, he grabbed Saling's back, and continued to punch him. This fight was a pretty easy fight to score, 30-27 on all scorecards, for Gregory Milliard.
(Guillotine Choke)
      Artsdalen practically ran across the cage, looking for the clinch to start the fight. Heckman remained calm, scooped him up, SLAMMED him to the ground, locked on a guillotine choke, and they wrestled around for a few seconds, with Artsdalen grabbing Heckman's back. Heckman broke free, locked on another guillotine, threw a knee to Artsdalen's body, and they broke apart. They traded some strikes, Artsdalen shot in for another takedown, Heckman slapped on another guillotine choke, and Artsdalen was forced to submit. Really slick submission victory for the much more patient Scott Heckman.
      Gordon threw a few kicks, Borges BLASTED him with a massive right hand, causing Gordon to hit the ground with a loud thud. Borges jumped on him, blasted him with a lot of hard short elbows, and the referee was forced to stop the fight as Gordon went to sleep. That was an INSANE KO victory for Lucas Pimenta Borges in his Bellator debut.
      Maynard pressed Wing against the cage in the clinch, for a good portion of the first round, while beating him up with short punches to the body. When they broke apart, neither fighter really threw very many strikes. I guess I would give the first round to Maynard. Wing threw some wild strikes in the second round, and Maynard took him down. From there, Maynard beat up Wing on the ground with short punches. Maynard eventually really started to open up, dropping some heavy ground & pound, leaving Wing's face bloody & wrecked. Maynard is ahead 2-0 going into the final round. Maynard took the fight to the ground again in the third round, and continued to beat the shit out of Wing. This fight started slow, but by the end of the fight, I was pretty impressed with Maynard's ground & pound. 30-27 unanimous decision victory for LeVon Maynard.
      These guys spent the first half of the opening round trading random strikes, with Amoussou probably landing more strikes overall. Amoussou threw a head kick, followed by some punches, Martinez collapsed, Amoussou jumped on his back and continued to punch him in the head until the referee stopped the fight. Really solid win for Karl Amoussou.
      These guys traded strikes to open the first round, and Nover dropped Held with a right hand, but he popped right back up. Held rolled to the ground and went for some wild leg lock attempts, ending up grabbing ahold of Nover's back. There was a wild scramble, and Held went for a kneebar, but he was too low on Nover's leg to make it work. They continued to roll around like maniacs, trading leg locks, with Held clearly being the better grappler, but Nover was at least holding his own. Round one goes to Held, after a really wild round of insane grappling from both fighters.
     Nover took the fight to the ground in the second round, and spent most of the round beating up Held with short punches on the ground. Held secured a takedown with 90 seconds left in the round, but Nover tied him up, negating any offense that Held might have had planned. I gave that round to Nover, so it's all tied up going into the final round.
     Held took the fight to the ground in the third round, controlling Nover for the first 2 minutes, but Nover flipped him over and took control, beating up Held for a few seconds on the ground. Held continued to look for leg locks, they stood up, Held went for a flying knee, and then fell straight into another heel hook attempt. They continued to scramble back & forth for the rest of the fight. This was a close fight, but I ended up scoring it 29-28, for Marcin Held, and two of the judges agreed, giving him the split-decision victory.
      Vila shot in for an ultraquick takedown to start the first round. He was moving so far, I honestly thought I had the video rolling in fastforward. Dantas stood back up, and Vila continued to clinch with him, pressing him against the cage. Vila won that round, but it ended up being boring as shit.
      The second round had Vila still looking for takedowns, but Dantas was able to stay standing, while he picked apart Vila on the feet, using his reach to full effect. Vila shot for another takedown with 2 minutes left in the round, and Dantas stopped him with a brief guillotine attempt. The same thing happened again with one minute left in the round. I scored that second round for Dantas, and have it all tied up going into the final round.
      Dantas continued to outstrike Vila in the final round, until Vila shot for a takedown, Dantas avoided it, and grabbed Vila's back instead. From there, Dantas started working for a rear-naked choke near the cage. From that point forward, Dantas held onto Vila's back, constantly looking for that choke until the bell rang. Easy fight to score, 29-28 for Dantas on all 3 scorecards.
      Pellegrino spent the first 30 seconds testing the distance with his jab, and then he got punched in the jaw with a big right hand from the Pitbull, and then Pitbull followed him to the ground, where he finished him off with some more punches on the ground. It was pretty much a one-sided ass beating. The stoppage was a LITTLE bit early, it looked like Pellegrino was still ready to defend himself, but this was still a really nice win for Patricky Freire. The crowd was chanting "Bullshit" after the fight ended, since like I said, the stoppage was a little early, but I feel pretty confident that if the fight would have continued, it would have results in more punches to the head of Pellegrino, until he eventually would have gone out. So...
(Accidental Kick to the Groin by Santos)
      Prindle threw some heavy punches early in the opening round, and then Santos took him to the ground, and hammered at the head of Prindle with helicopter fists. They stood back up, and Santos took him down again. Santos stood back up again, and then threw a soccer kick at Prindle's dick on the ground, which caused the fight to come to a screeching halt. The fight was officially declared a No Contest, but fuck that, I've never seen someone throw a soccer kick to the dick. I'm going to give Prindle the victory points here, because I'm going to disqualify Santos myself. That soccer kick to the balls was bullshit.