100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (18 Total):
1. Lloyd Woodard - 93.5
2. Brent Weedman - 92.9
3. Rick Hawn - 92.9
4. Luis Vega - 91.4
5. Rad Martinez - 91.4
6. Sean Spencer - 91.1
7. Dave Jansen - 91.1
8. Patricky Freire - 91.0
9. Thiago Michel Pereira Silva - 90.9
10. Rene Nazare - 89.9
Bellator 62: Pitbull vs. Woodard
Location: Laredo, Texas
Elevation: 438'
-Fight of the Night-
Lloyd Woodard vs. Patricky Freire
Fighters & Matches 88.2
Top 10 Fighters 91.6
TOTAL 89.9
(Rear-Naked Choke)
     Daily tried a variety of attacks in the opening round, but every time he would land a punch, Spencer would return 2-3. Daily would shoot for a takedown, and then Spencer would finish the takedown. Spencer beat Daily at everything in the first round. The second round started with a few strikes, Spencer secured another takedown, grabbed Daily's back, locked on a rear-naked choke, Daily said he was ok, and then tapped out. Solid second round submission victory for Sean Spencer in his Bellator debut.
      This fight was kind of a slow paced 4 minute slap fest, where both guys were trying to touch each other, without getting touched. Sort of like a two man game of tag, in a cage. In the final 90 seconds of the opening round, Martinez went kind of nuts, knocked Frey down with some wild punches, and then slaughtered him on the ground, beating the shit out of him until the referee stopped the fight. Really exciting finish to an otherwise boring fight.
      Jansen came out swinging, Kirwan ducked under the punches, and took Jansen to the ground with a front choke. Jansen was able to spin out of it, getting back to his feet. They continued to clinch, while mixing it up with some dirty boxing, and then they finally broke apart 90 seconds into the opening round. Kirwin went for another takedown, and Jansen caught him in a tight guillotine, but Kirwan slid over to side control, so Jansen had to give it up. By the end of the round, Kirwan was on top, wrestling the shit out of Jansen. I was going to give that round to Kirwan, but in the final 20 seconds, Jansen got top position, mounted Kirwan against the cage, and beat the shit out of him with punches. Round one goes to Jansen.
     Kirwan scored an early takedown in the second round, but Jansen stopped him with another guillotine attempt. Kirwan wrestled his way into full mount, grabbed Jansen's back, and then locked on a rear-naked choke. Jansen somehow was able to spin out of it, so Kirwan went back to full mount. Kirwan grabbed his back again, locked on another rear-naked choke, and again, somehow Jansen was able to spin out of that, this time rolling into Kirwan's guard. Jansen spent the last 3 minutes of the round on top, in Kirwan's guard, but I don't think the punches he landed were enough to win the round, after Kirwan had him caught in two rear-naked chokes earlier. It was a close round, but I'm giving that round to Kirwan. Jansen grabbed his back in the final 20 seconds, and sort of went for a choke, but... I don't know... Yeah, still going with Kirwan here.
     Jansen brought Kirwan to the ground early in the final round, Kirwan sort of went for a guillotine, but gave it up quickly. From there, Jansen spent the rest of the round beating up Kirwan with some basic ground & pound. The referee stood them up two minutes into the round, but Jansen just took Kirwan back down again, Kirwan went for another guillotine, and then Jansen spent some more time with the ground & pound from inside Kirwan's guard. In the end, I scored this fight 29-28 for Jansen, and I wouldn't argue against 30-27 either, all 3 judges agreed, so he wins via unanimous decision.
      There was a lot of clinching in the first round, with Nazare in control, but he didn't really do much from the clinch. Whenever they broke apart, Silva was able to pick him apart with strikes, using his superior reach. The second round started with more clinching, this time Silva was in charge. 90 seconds in though, and Nazare was able to secure a takedown. On the ground, Nazare looked like he was in control of things, but still wasn't doing much damage from inside Silva's guard. The referee got bored and stood them up with 2 minutes left in the round. Silva was able to avoid a few takedown attempts from Nazare, while he picked apart Nazare with strikes. The final minute of the round had Silva teeing off on Nazare with big punch combinations, clearly looking to finish the fight. Silva is ahead 2-0 going into the final round. The final round had Silva circling around Nazare for most of the round, picking him apart with big kicks & punches. Nazare shot for a takedown with 2 minutes left in the fight, and pinned Silva against the cage. From there, Nazare beat up Silva on the ground for the rest of the round, leading to a 29-28 victory for Silva in my opinion, and two of the judges agreed, giving him the split-decision victory.
(Von Flue Choke)
      These guys were throwing wild strikes to start the opening round, with Weedman planting Ambrose on his ass with a big left hand, but he let Ambrose stand back up. From there, Ambrose took Weedman to the ground, went for a D'Arce choke, and Weedman broke free, ending up on top. Ambrose flipped him over, and Weedman threw an upkick that blasted Ambrose's mouthpiece across the cage. Weedman then got on top of him, mounted him, grabbed his back, locked on the body triangle, and started digging for the rear-naked choke, but he couldn't get his arm under Ambrose's chin before the end of the round. Weedman wins round one after a wild 5 minute war.
     Weedman threw a wild kick to start the second round, Ambrose caught it, and took him to the ground. From there, Ambrose spent a couple of minutes trying to pass Weedman's guard. Ambrose locked on a D'Arce choke, but Weedman rolled out of it, ending up in side control. He moved into the mounted crucifix, and landed a few short punches. Ambrose sort of went for a guillotine while Weedman had side control, so Weedman applied some pressure with the Von Flue choke, finishing the fight via submisison with around 90 seconds left in the second round. Really solid performance by Brent Weedman.
      Tirloni started this fight with a flying knee. They reset, and Tirloni threw a slapping head kick. Tirloni then threw a leg kick, and a kick to the body. He threw an inside leg kick, and Hawn tried to counter with a punch combination. They clinched, with Hawn pressing Tirloni against the cage. They broke apart, and traded a few random strikes. Hawn then jumped in like a bulldozer, pressing Tirloni against the cage again, but Tirloni was able to break back to the center of the cage. Tirloni threw some more leg kicks, Hawn blasted him in the jaw with a massive right hand, knocking Tirloni to the ground. Hawn jumped on him, blasted him in the jaw with a few more heavy punches, and the fight was stopped as Tirloni went to sleep. The referee pulled off Hawn, and then Tirloni woke up and thought he was about to fight the referee. Really great KO victory for Rick Hawn.
      Wow, Pitbull has had a string of bad luck, as far as his balls are concerned. After taking 3 groin shots in his last fight against Michael Chandler, here he is 4 months later, and this fight starts off with Woodard beating him up from the clinch, and then throwing a big knee to the groin. Once the fight started back up, Woodard completely dominated Pitbull, taking him down, and beating the shit out of him on the ground, smothering him up against the fence, and not giving him any room at all to work. Pitbull broke out of the bad position though, took Woodard to the ground, and then when they stood back up, they clinched against the cage. Pitbull took him down again, got the full mount, Woodard scrambled out of it, ending up on top in Pitbull's guard, and Woodard continued to pound on Pitbull from various top positions. They stood back up, and Pitbull started launching bombs, trying to take Woodard's head off, and then he took him to the ground again. All of that happened in the first round, it was VERY back & forth, but I think I'd have to give the round to Woodard. The second round was another wild round of back & forth clinchwork. They went to the ground, with Woodard in side mount. He locked on a Kimura, cranked it, lost it, got it again, cranked it, and Pitbull tapped. AWESOME win for Lloyd Woodard.
      The first round was weird, with a decent amount of back & forth action, both guys sort of stumbling around, while missing with kicks, and tripping over things. Jones spent some time rubbing his crotch, before his cup actually fell out of his shorts. The fight continued once he put it back in, and he took Peterson down late in the round. I guess Jones won that round.
      The second round continued the 3 Stooges theme, with both guys throwing wild strikes, and missing a lot. Jones secured a couple of takedowns throughout the round, but kept letting Peterson back up, clearly afraid of his guard game or something. I guess Jones is ahead 2-0 going into the final round, but neither of these fighters really seem like they're cut out for the major leagues.
      The final round had some additional shitty strikes being thrown by both fighters. Peterson ended up winning the round by getting Jones to the ground, grabbing his back, and looking for a rear-naked choke, showing some of the best grappling of the fight. In the end, I thought this fight was a pretty clear 29-28 for Jones, but one judge gave all 3 rounds to Peterson for some reason, making the decision a split decision, still in favor of Jones.
(Arm-Triangle Choke)
      Vega rocked Luque early in this fight, they clinched, Vega slammed him, mounted him, beat the shit out of him, put him in some bad positions, and then finished the fight with the arm-triangle choke with around 90 seconds left in the opening round. That was a very one-sided ass beating delivered by Luis Vega in his Bellator debut.