100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (20 Total):
1. Gabriel Gonzaga - 93.6
2. Michael Bisping - 93.3
3. Terry Etim - 91.7
4. Alessio Sakara - 91.3
5. Junior Assuncao - 91.2
6. Paul Taylor - 91.2
7. Jess Liaudin - 90.5
8. Matt Grice - 90.4
9. Elvis Sinosic - 90.2
10. Cheick Kongo - 89.2
UFC 70: Nations Collide
Location: Lancashire, England
Elevation: 873'
-Fight of the Night-
Michael Bisping vs. Elvis Sinosic
Fighters & Matches 89.1
Top 10 Fighters 91.3
TOTAL 90.2
(Head Kick & Punches)
     This was a pretty solid undercard fight... The first round was kind of close, with both guys showing decent striking, but once the second round started, Paul Taylor showed that he is easily the better striker, by outboxing Oliveira, and making him look pretty foolish... Oliveira tried to take the fight to the ground, but that was absolutely pointless, since he had no takedown skills whatsoever, and Taylor was able to easily sprawl, and get back to his feet... In the third round, Taylor got kicked in the balls, took a few seconds to catch his breath, and then exploded on Oliveira, knocking him out early in the third round... Good show by Paul Taylor... As for Oliveira, he looked like a caveman on crack... No good... Just not good at all...
      This was a pretty fun fight to watch... Jess Liaudin started the fight with some pretty crazy kicks, including a spin kick, and a left high kick to the head of Siver... He then tried to follow up with a big knee to the face of Siver, but he was taken to the ground, and Siver got on top of him... Liaudin was able to pull guard, and quickly finished Siver with an armbar early in the first round... Great display of striking & grappling by Jess Liaudin, and one helluva debut for the guy...
      What a weird fight... The fight basically started with both guys trying to stand with each other, Sakara is the better boxer, and he showed that by punching Valimaki a handful of times in the face... Valimaki shot for the takedown a couple of times, but Sakara did an EXCELLENT job defending the takedown, and he pretty much ended the fight by punching Valimaki in the face (knocking out his mouth piece), and then following it up with a kick to the face... The referee then stopped the fight (everybody assumed it was over), and called timeout so that Valimaki could put his mouth piece back in... WHAT A TERRIBLE CALL!!! Anyways, the fight started back up (after Sakara already celebrated the victory), and Sakara rushed Valimaki, and took him out with a flurry of punches, pinning him up against the cage, forcing the referee to officially stop the fight this time... Weird fight, but Alessio Sakara looked solid, with great striking & great takedown defense...
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      This was a pretty fun ass whoopin' to watch... David Lee looked like a scared, lost monkey in the octagon... Junior Assuncao basically punched Lee a lot, and he threw lots of knees from the clinch, and he pressed Lee up against the fence and made him feel worthless, and he pretty much dominated the entire first round (except for one nice spinning back fist delivered by David Lee)... The second round was more of the same, and Assuncao ended up on Lee's back, he locked on the rear-naked choke (without even getting his hooks in), and forced Lee to submit... Great showing by Junior Assuncao... As for David Lee, I have no idea why he was even here (other than the fact that he's from England, and that's where this event took place)...
(Guillotine Choke)
      This was an awesome fight... The fight basically started with Matt Grice taking Etim to the ground, and then throwing crazy punch combos & elbows at the head & face of Etim... From that point, I honestly thought Grice was going to win, and just end up destroying Etim, since that's basically what happened... UNTIL, Etim stood back up, locked on a standing guillotine choke, and almost caused Grice to tap... Grice after a minute or so, powered out of it, and KIND OF escaped, but then Etim locked on another guillotine on the ground, with a more controlling position, and he actually put Grice to sleep, so the referee had to stop the fight... Terry Etim wins by first round submission... AWESOME comeback, and AWESOME overall fight...
      This fight was pretty decent I guess... Cheick Kongo is an absolute monster on his feet, which he really displayed during the third round, by absolutely dominating Silva while standing with him... Most of the fight though, consisted of Assuerio Silva taking Kongo to the ground (by lifting him up, and slamming him) which LOOKS good, be he did no damage with it... Once they were on the ground, Assuerio just layed on him the entire fight... So after 3 rounds of semi-back & forth action, Cheick Kongo wins by split decision... (I had scored the fight with Kongo winning fairly easily, simply because he did 20x's the damage that Silva did...) Good fight for Kongo, but I don't see Assuerio Silva coming back to the UFC anytime soon...
      This was a boring fight, especially for David Heath, who just couldn't do ANYTHING to even come close to making contact with Machida... The entire 15 minute fight consisted of Lyoto Machida dodging Heath's punches, and countering with either kicks or punches of his owen... Machida easily won the first 2 rounds, just by not getting hit... The third round looked like more of the same, until the last couple of minutes, where Machida got Heath in the clinch, and landed a series of huge knee strikes to the chin of Heath, and followed that up with some ground & pound, and finally tried to finish the fight with a rear-naked choke, but the buzzer saved Heath, and the judges gave the fight unanimously to Lyoto Machida... Machida is a great fighter, but he's just not much fun to watch... As for Heath, I honestly felt sorry for him & his poor performance against Machida...
      Well holy fuck! What an awesome, yet weird, fight... The first round was basically just like Tito Ortiz vs. Ken Shamrock... Sinosic came out swinging, Bisping grabbed the leg of Sinosic, and then pushed Sinosic to the ground (which was a funny & awesome takedown)... Then Bisping jumped on him, just like Tito would, and started throwing crazy & punches for about 4 minutes straight until the end of the first round... Sinosic was absolutely dominated (but he still made me nervous because of his black belt in Jiu-Jitsu)... The second round started, and Bisping slipped, or SOMETHING... Not 100% sure what the hell happened, but basically for some reason, Sinosic ended up taking Bisping to the ground, and almost destroyed Bisping with a barrage of submission attempts, but Bisping escaped some TOUGH submissions (including one kimura that I honestly felt was going to end the fight)... Then Bisping got pissed, flipped Sinosic onto his back, and then crushed him, causing the referee to stop the fight due to strikes... So Michael Bisping wins a well deserved TKO victory over Elvis Sinosic...
      I'm still nervous about seeing Bisping take on some TOP LEVEL competition, BUT, I still rank him as the #3 Light-Heavyweight in the world (if not higher), just under Chuck Liddell & Shogun Rua... The only defense that I have to say, to anyone thinking that Bisping is over-rated, is... The dude is now 14-0... NONE of his fights go to decision... The dude is an animal, and I'd like to see him take on someone like Rashad Evans, and then have the winner get a title shot... We'll see what's going on though... GREAT fucking fight none-the-less...
      This fight was a bit disappointing... Andrei Arlovski lost his magic a long time ago, and I don't even consider him a Top 10 Heavyweight right now... Fabricio Werdum on the other hand, was climbing his way up the rankings, and before this fight, I had him rated as the #6 Heavyweight in the world... With that being said, I was VERY disappointed in Werdum's debut in the UFC, and Arlovski didn't exactly do much of anything either... It was a close fight, with Arlovski winning the first round, and then neither fighter really doing much of anything to finish the fight during the last 2 rounds... Andrei Arlovski wins a boring unanimous decision victory after 3 rounds...
(Head Kick)
      Holy fuckin' crap... Gonzaga absolutely destroyed the #2 Heavyweight in the entire world... Gonzaga took Cro Cop to the ground, and started pounding away on him, cutting Mirko's head with elbows, and just slamming heavy fists into the face of Cro Cop... Referee Herb Dean eventually made both fighters stand up (in an attempt to save Cro Cop in my opinion, because Gonzaga was killing the guy on the ground...) Well, bad move... Once they stood back up, with about 10 seconds left in the first round, Gonzaga threw a right high kick at the head of Cro Cop, and I honestly thought he ended the guy's career... (And he may have)... Cro Cop's leg literally was turned inside out, with his foot basically backwards & up his ass when he hit the ground... It was the most insane knock out that I've ever seen, and I literally almost threw up, and almost cried... Gonzaga is a fuckin' beast, and is extremely under-rated... I want to see Gonzaga take on Fedor!!! But instead, we're getting Gonzaga vs. Randy Couture for the Heavyweight Championship... So basically, Gonzaga is going to be your next UFC Heavyweight Champion...