100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (20 Total):
1. Andreas Spang - 92.8
2. Eddie Alvarez - 92.5
3. Brian Rogers - 91.7
4. Rick Hawn - 91.4
5. Frank Caraballo - 91.3
6. Jessica Eye - 90.9
7. Brent Weedman - 90.8
8. Maiquel Jose Falcao Goncalves - 90.4
9. Thiago Michel Pereira Silva - 90.4
10. John Hawk - 90.1
Bellator 66: Alvarez vs. Aoki
Location: Cleveland, Ohio
Elevation: 653'
-Fight of the Night-
Eddie Alvarez vs. Shinya Aoki
Fighters & Matches 88.6
Top 10 Fighters 91.2
TOTAL 89.9
(Guillotine Choke)
(Flying Knee)
      This fight was weird, because it's a 5 round prelim fight, for the NAAFS Featherweight Championship. I only caught the fourth round, but apparently, Caraballo destroyed Walker, 30-26, in the first 3 rounds. Once the fourth round started, Walker was looking for a takedown, but he was unable to take Caraballo to the ground, so they spent a couple of minutes trading random jabs. Halfway through the round, Caraballo blasted Walker with a flying knee that seemed to come out of nowhere, causing Walker to collapse face first to the canvas. Really nice win for Frank Caraballo.
      Vegh started this fight with a nice little headlock takedown, ending up in Spohn's guard. From there, nothing really happened for a couple of minutes, so the referee stood them back up. They traded punches, with Vegh winning the first round. The second round was pretty even, so I guess I would score that round a draw? Spohn's corner gave him one hell of a pep talk going into the third round, telling him he's losing, and he needs to kill Vegh. Vegh started the final round looking strong, landing some hard punches & kicks, but looking a little sloppy. Spohn opened up with about 30 seconds left in the fight, but in the end, I think it was too little too late. Attila Vegh pretty clearly won this fight in my opinion, 30-28, with the second round being even. Somehow, the judges let it go to a split-decision. Vegh still won, but yeah, neither fighter really came anywhere close to finishing, or doing anything really noteworthy at all.
      Hawk has a very awkward, tall / clunky posture, while Vanttinen has more of a refined striker's stance. The entire first round took place on the feet, with both guys striking with each other, but I didn't think either fighter really stood out that much. Vanttinen clinched, and took Hawk to the ground in the second round, but Hawk caught him in a tight guillotine choke. Vanttinen broke free a minute later, and then beat up Hawk on the ground a little bit. By the end of the round, Hawk was able to wrestle his way to top position, where he beat up Vanttinen for the final 30 seconds or so. This is a really close fight, that could go either way. The final round was a bit of a brawl from the clinch, with Hawk probably landing the better shots, so in the end, I'm going to score this fight 29-28 in favor of John Hawk. Two of the judges agreed, giving the fight to Hawk via split-decision.
      These guys traded strikes for 90 minutes, they clinched, Silva took the fight to the ground, and Weedman was able to wrestle his way to side control. Silva locked on an inverted triangle choke, but Weedman broke through that, and continued to hit Silva with knees to the body. He then tried for a ridiculous D'Arce choke, but his arms weren't nearly long enough to lock it on from the angle he was going for. They stood back up and continued to trade strikes. Silva probably landed the better strikes while they were standing. Weedman secured another takedown in the final seconds of the round, making the round a draw in my opinion.
     Weedman brought the fight to the ground in the second round, and Silva caught him in a proper D'Arce choke. Weedman looked like he could be in some serious trouble, but he eventually popped his head out. They continued to wrestle at a pretty decent pace, with Weedman in control for the rest of the round. This fight is really hard to score, since Weedman seems like the better wrestler, and Silva seemed like the better submission fighter. I'm going to say this fight is still all tied up going into the final round.
     They traded strikes for the first 90 seconds of the final round, and I thought Weedman was doing pretty well until he slipped. From there, Silva beat him up a little bit on the ground before standing back up. Weedman then pressed Silva against the cage in the clinch, and then took him down with a body lock. They stood back up, and continued to trade strikes. Honestly, this fight could go either way, and I wouldn't complain about the decision regardless of who the judges give it to. I wanted Weedman to win, going into this fight, so I'm happy with the decision, but yeah, super close split-decision, in favor of Brent Weedman.
      The first round mostly had Hawn pressing Woodard against the cage in the clinch. Not a lot of action, mostly just wearing him down. Woodard threw a gentle knee to Hawn's groin, so the referee broke them up and restarted the fight. Woodard tried to get kind of crazy with a flying knee, but it just allowed Hawn to throw him to the ground. They stood back up, Woodard initiated the clinch, and then Hawn pressed him against the cage again. Round one wasn't very exciting, but it goes to Hawn. The second round started, Woodard moved forward, Hawn blasted him in the jaw with a massive right hand, it sounded like a car crash, and Woodard went down hard. Awesome KO punch by Rick Hawn.
      The first round had Vasilevsky pressuring Falcao with strikes, before taking him to the ground. From there, Falcao worked his guard to tie up Vasilevsky. Vasilevsky was able to beat up Falcao enough on the ground, for me to score that first round for Vasilevsky. Falcao wrestled Vasilevsky for most of the second round. Vasilevsky tried to work a guillotine at one point, but for the most part, Falcao was in control. They ended up clinching against the cage, with Vasilevsky in control, but after a takedown attempt, Falcao ended up on top, so I gave that round to Falcao. I have it all tied up going into the final round. The final round had some awkward back & forth action, with Vasilevsky taking down Falcao halfway through the round. He moved into full mount, and then Falcao was able to sweep him. Falcao finished out the final 2 minutes on top inside Vasilevsky's guard. This fight probably could have gone either way, but I scored it 29-28 in favor of Falcao. All 3 judges agreed, giving Falcao the unanimous decision victory.
      These guys came out and threw some hard leg kicks at each other, and then Rogers clipped Spang's balls, so the fight was paused for a few seconds. Once they started back up, Rogers attacked Spang violently, slaughtering him with punches, but Rogers was careless, and slipped, and that allowed Spang to jump on his back, looking for the rear-naked choke. Rogers stayed standing, but Spang spent over a minute riding the back of Rogers, with a rear-naked choke nearly locked on. Rogers eventually slammed his way out of it and stood back up. From there, Rogers continued to throw wild punch combinations & flying knees. Spang threw a kick, Rogers caught it, and took him to the ground. Rogers tried to get a rear-naked choke, but he slapped it out while hanging onto Spang's side, which didn't make sense, so Spang was easily able to slip out of it, ending up on top in Brian's guard. That was a wild first round, and I'm not really sure who I would score it for.
      Rogers came out swinging in the second round. This round was a lot slower than the first round, with both guys trading punches & kicks, but just nowhere near the volume they were throwing in the opening round. Halfway through the round, Rogers started teeing off on Spang, blasting him with insane punches, rocking the shit out of Spang against the cage. It looked like Rogers was going to finish Spang at any moment, and then Spang BLASTED him with a rocket from his left hand, nearly causing his opponent's head to explode. That was an INSANE comeback victory for Spang, considering he was getting destroyed in that second round. Really solid Bellator debut for Andreas Spang.
      Alvarez spent the first couple of minutes of this fight picking apart Aoki with his boxing. Aoki shot in for a takedown, and tried to pull guard, but Alvarez was smart, and told him to stand back up. Aoki was landing some pretty decent strikes, but Alvarez looked calm, cool & collected. 2 minutes into the opening round, Aoki threw a standing elbow, missed, and then Alvarez absolutely SLAUGHTERED Aoki with punches, dropping him with a big right hand, followed by a barrage of punches on the ground. Aoki's corner threw the towel in, the referee didn't see it, so it took a few seconds for the referee to finally stop the fight. That was an AMAZING victory for Alvarez, against a guy that MIGHT be the best Lightweight in the entire world, UFC included. Great fight while it lasted, and one of Alvarez's biggest wins for sure.
      Rodriguez wasted too much time in this fight, going for a schoolyard headlock takedown, while Eye spent most of the fight, beating her up, and outwrestling her. It wasn't really a great fight by any means, but I thought Eye did a pretty good job of keeping it interesting. She still comes across like a "B+" grade fighter though. I have a hard time seeing her fighting for a title anytime in the near future, and when she's fighting people I've never heard of, like Anita Rodriguez, it's hard to get excited about these fights. Congrats to Eye for walking away with the unanimous decision victory though.