100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (18 Total):
1. Rich Hale - 92.8
2. Andrey Koreshkov - 92.1
3. Maiquel Jose Falcao Goncalves - 91.3
4. Mark Holata - 91.1
5. Karl Amoussou - 91.1
6. Jessica Aguilar - 90.4
7. Josh Quayhagen - 90.1
8. Megumi Fujii - 90.1
9. David Rickels - 90.0
10. Shanon Slack - 89.1
Bellator 69: Falcao vs. Spang
Location: Lake Charles, Louisiana
Elevation: 13'
-Fight of the Night-
Jessica Aguilar vs. Megumi Fujii
Fighters & Matches 88.1
Top 10 Fighters 90.8
TOTAL 89.5
      This was weird. Burns lost 60 pounds or so, since the last time I saw him fight, 6 months ago. And here he is, getting destroyed by Hale, punched in the face, rocked, knocked to the ground, and then Hale just pounded the shit out of him, until the referee stopped the fight. Impressive win for Rich Hale.
(Knees and Punches)
      The first round started with a clinch, and Koreshkov landed some nice elbows, winning the round, until he got carried away with knees from the clinch, where he got sloppy and slipped, allowing Krantz to get on top. Koreshkov escaped though, ending up on top, where he beat up Krantz a bit. There was another scramble with Krantz ending up on top, but I'd still PROBABLY give the round to Koreshkov. Krantz spent the second round trying, and failing, to take the fight to the ground. Koreshkov ended up being him up a little bit on the feet, including some nice clinch work near the end of the round. Fairly close fight going into round 3, but I feel like Koreshkov delivered more damage in the first two rounds. Especially considering the fact that he ended the second round on top, beating up Krantz. Koreshkov started the third round with a nice kick to the body, a kick to the head, Krantz looked a little hurt, Koreshkov unloaded a barrage of punches on him, causing Krantz to back up in panic mode, and then Koreshkov finish the fight with a knee to the head, followed by some more punches. Nice TKO victory for Andrey Koreshkov.
      They started out by hopping around and trading strikes, and then Slack took Arthur to the ground, and beat him up a little bit, before Arthur was eventually able to get back to his feet. Round one goes to Slack. The second round basically worked the same way, with Slack securing a takedown one minute into the round, where he controlled Arthur for the rest of the round. The final round was the same thing, again... So yeah, clear 30-27 unanimous decision victory for Shanon Slack. Not a great fight, but he clearly won at least.
(Achilles Lock)
      These guys came out, threw a few punches, and Holata took Wagner to the ground. Wagner almost immediately started looking for an armbar from his guard. He kept a pretty tight high guard, which prevented Holata from doing anything offensive. Holata finally broke free, and fell back for a leg lock, they went into a brief leg lock battle, Holata cranked on an achilles lock, and Wagner yelled "TAP!" for the verbal submission. Solid first round submission for Mark Holata.
      This was a good fight, really close. Aguilar was obviously the better striker, Fujii seemed to have the better grappling. I gave the first round to Fujii, mostly due to the armbar attempt at the end of the first round. Aguilar turned it up in the second round, and I gave her that round, for landing better strikes. In between the 2nd & 3rd rounds, Aguilar said she couldn't see (I think Fujii knocked her contact lense out). The third round had Megumi taking the fight to the ground again, where she basically dominated Aguilar, beating her up, and completely controlling her on the ground. The third round 100% went to Fujii. The rest of the fight was close, and apparently the rest of the fight is what won Aguilar the fight, via unanimous decision, 29-28. I gave the fight to Fujii, but I'll admit, I still might be a little bit biased in favor of Fujii.
      This fight started, they traded some kicks, Rickels kicked Amoussou in the dick, and broke the cup strap, so they had to pause the fight for a few. After an extended delay, the fight started back up, Amoussou looked pissed, and he knocked Rickels down, landing inside his guard. Rickels was almost able to sweep him, but Amoussou barely held onto top position. The referee stood them up, Rickels threw a flying knee, Amoussou took Rickels down again, Rickels got back up, and then Amoussou slammed Rickels, landing in side control. Rickels regained his guard, but Amoussou just beat the shit out of him from there with some big punches, and then fell back for a leg lock at the end of the round. That round clearly goes to Amoussou.
     Amoussou was able to throw Rickels down again pretty early in the second round. From there, he continued to pound on him on the ground for a little while before the referee stood them back up. They traded some strikes, and Amoussou pressed Rickels up against the cage in the clinch. Rickels was probably landing the better shots, but Amoussou took him down for a second time in the round, and beat up Rickels for the final minute or so. I have Amoussou ahead, 2-0, going into the final round.
     The third round started with some kicks being exchanged, and Rickels kicked Amoussou in the balls again. Once the fight started back up, they exchanged some strikes, had a little leg lock battle, and then Rickels finally ended up on top of Amoussou, inside his guard. From there, they sort of beat each other up for the rest of the fight, but since Rickels was on top, I gave that round to Rickels. I thought this fight was pretty easy to score, 29-28, in favor of Amoussou, but for some reason, one judge gave the fight to Rickels. Still, Amoussou wins a hard fought split-decision victory over a tough opponent.
      Falcao basically beat the shit out of Spang, throwing him around like a ragdoll, while hitting him with big punches for the duration of the opening round. Late in the round, Falcao threw a knee to Spang's head while he was on the ground, so the referee took a point away from Falcao. That makes that round a draw. Falcao spent the next 11 minutes or so, beating the shit out of Spang while outwrestling him, leading to the 29-27 unanimous decision victory for Maiquel Falcao.
      The first round was basically a kickboxing match, with Quayhagen landing a little more often, and he knocked down Wright at one point, so I gave the first round to Quayhagen. Wright took him down and beat him up a little bit late in the round, but Quayhagen was able to sweep him at the end, so... Yeah... Round one goes to Quayhagen. The second round was similar to the first, with Quayhagen beating up Wright on the feet, and then Wright slammed him with one minute left in the round, landing in side control, but he wasn't really able to do anything once he got the fight to the ground. I have Quayhagen up 2-0 going into the final round. The final round was another good round for Quayhagen as he continued to pick apart Wright on the feet with punches & kicks. Solid competitive fight overall, but in the end, I think everyone agrees that Quayhagen won this fight, 30-27 across the board.