100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (18 Total):
1. Attila Vegh - 93.6
2. Emanuel Newton - 92.5
3. Jason Butcher - 91.8
4. Brett Rogers - 91.2
5. Tim Carpenter - 91.2
6. Josh Stansbury - 90.8
7. Travis Wiuff - 90.7
8. Kevin Zalac - 90.2
9. Zelg Galesic - 90.2
10. Roy Boughton - 89.6
Bellator 71: Wiuff vs. Davis
Location: Chester, West Virginia
Elevation: 705'
-Fight of the Night-
Attila Vegh vs. Zelg Galesic
Fighters & Matches 87.4
Top 10 Fighters 91.2
TOTAL 89.3
(Rear-Naked Choke)
     Artsdalen spent the entire first round hopping around in circles, surrounding Johnson, while throwing leg kicks and jabs. Johnson shot in for a takedown with a minute left in the round, but Artsdalen got right back up and continued his circles. Round one goes to Artsdalen. Artsdalen continued to kick the shit out of Johnson's legs in the second round, and Johnson's leg pretty much gave out on him, as he had a heavy limp, clearly having no idea how to properly check a kick. Artsdalen went in for the finish, and Johnson took him to the ground, they scrambled around in a sloppy grappling battle, as Johnson nearly secured a rear-naked choke, and then Artsdalen went for a ridiculously poor attempt at a flying armbar. They continued to grapple wildly for the rest of the round, with both guys looking like elderly men in a drunken Jiu-Jitsu match in a bar or something. Johnson eventually really started to pound on Artsdalen's head with punches, before he locked on a rear-naked choke, and finished the fight via submission. That was a fun fight, but neither fighter seems to have much skill at all.
(Triangle Choke)
      These guys circled around each other for 20 seconds or so, they traded some hard punches, Bastress shot in for a takedown, Butcher slapped on a triangle choke, it took him a few seconds to lock it on, but he wrapped it on tight, Bastress looked like he was going to die, and then he tapped out. Really solid submission victory for Jason Butcher in his Bellator debut, in just over one minute of the first round.
(Guillotine Choke)
      This fight started with Stansbury kicking Spohn in the dick. The fight started back up, they traded a few strikes, and Spohn almost immediately started complaining about a poke to the eye which caused his left eye to bleed. I didn't see the poke, so I'm assuming it was a legal shot. From there, Stansbury continued to attack Spohn since the referee refused to give him a break, Stansbury blasted Spohn in the face with a big right hand, Spohn fell down, Stansbury locked on a guillotine choke, and finished the fight via submission halfway through the first round. He's apparently the new NAAFS Light Heavyweight Champion (whatever the fuck organization that is). Spohn is having a shitty time in Bellator so far.
      The first round had Goldbaugh beating up Zalac a little bit on the feet for 2 minutes, before Zalac was able to take him down against the cage. Once they hit the ground, Goldbaugh did a decent job using his guard to avoid taking too much damage. The referee stood them back up with a minute left in the round. Goldbaugh spent the rest of the round stalking Zalac, beating him up with some basic punches & kicks, so I gave the first round to Goldbaugh.
     Zalac blasted Goldbaugh with some knees from the clinch to start the second round, they continued to clinch for a few, and then Goldbaugh took the fight to the ground, immediately grabbing Zalac's back, but Zalac was able to spin out of that, ending up on top inside Goldbaugh's guard. From there, Zalac spent the last half of the round in control, while pounding on Goldbaugh with short elbows & punches. I have the score all tied up going into the final round.
     Zalac took Goldbaugh down early in the third round, landed inside his guard again, and this time, spent almost the entire round beating up Goldbaugh on the ground with short punches & elbows. The first couple of rounds were kind of close, but in the end, I scored this fight 29-28 in favor of Zalac, and all 3 judges agreed, giving him the unanimous decision victory.
(Doctor Stoppage)
      Here we have a couple of massive heavyweights, with Rogers coming in from Strikeforce, where he fought all of the best heavyweights in the world, and Asplund, who is on a 15 fight winning streak, but I've still never heard of him. They started this fight by clashing like two bulls, and then Rogers threw Asplund to the ground, where he beat the shit out of him against the cage. Asplund got back to his feet with 2 minutes left in the round, but he already looked exhausted. The pace slowed down dramatically from that point forward, but Rogers already clearly won the round. Just to cap it off to be sure, Rogers rushed Asplund, knocking him down again in the final 20 seconds. Solid round for Brett Rogers as he makes his Bellator debut. Asplund's face looked like hamburger by the end of the first round.
     Asplund chased Rogers around to start the second round, he shot for a takedown, Rogers blasted him in the chin with a knee, but Asplund was able to complete the takedown, but only for a few seconds. Rogers almost got back up, and then Asplund put him back down again. Asplund moved to side control, it looked like he was going for a Kimura, but Rogers powered out of it, ending up on Asplund's back for the final 2 minutes of the round, where he was able to pound on him against the cage. That round was nice & competitive, but I have Rogers ahead, 2-0, going into the final round. None of that matters though, since the doctor stopped the fight in between rounds, due to Asplund's mangled face.
      These guys spent the first round trading punches & kicks, at a moderate pace. Neither fighter really stood out that much in the opening round, but I guess Carpenter was walking down Tribolet for most of the round, so I'll give the first round to Carpenter. Tribolet came out throwing fire in the second round, knocking Carpenter down a couple of times, but to be fair, I think Carpenter was slipping more often than he was actually getting rocked. They both landed some really solid punches & kicks in that second round, landing the kinds of shots that you would expect would finish the fight at any moment. Tribolet shot for a takedown halfway through the round, but Carpenter stopped him with a tight guillotine attempt, but when he pulled guard, Tribolet slipped out of it. Tribolet tried to beat up Carpenter a little bit from inside his guard, but it was clear that Carpenter was working for an armbar. Tribolet landed some pretty solid punches, but with 10 seconds left in the round, Carpenter slapped on an armbar, and Tribolet tapped out immediately. Solid submission victory for Tim Carpenter.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      The first round was a pretty good grappling match, with Newton taking the fight to the ground, Boughton got on his back and was looking for a choke, Newton spun out of that, got on top, Boughton was looking for a triangle choke, and then Newton passed his guard. Boughton held onto Newton's head to try to keep him under control, but that just allowed Newton to scoop him up, and bodyslam him. Newton tried to grab his back, Boughton pressed through it and tried to secure a takedown, but Newton showed some solid takedown defense. Newton clinched with him, and slammed him to the ground again. Boughton looked bigger than Newton, but Newton didn't seem to have any trouble ragdolling Boughton around the cage for the duration of the first round. The second round started kind of slow, Boughton shot in for a takedown, Newton sprawled, got on Boughton's back, locked on a rear-naked choke, and finished the fight via submission in under one minute of the second round. Really great Bellator debut for Emanuel Newton.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      These guys grabbed each other, Vegh tried to throw Galesic to the ground, but they rolled, and Galesic ended up on top. Vegh got back up, Galesic went crazy, trying to knock out Vegh, he got sloppy, got clipped, fell to the ground, and Vegh locked on a rear-naked choke for the quick submission victory at the one minute mark of the first round. Fun fight while it lasted.
      Wiuff is an insanely massive Light Heavyweight. He threw a big punch, and then clinched with Davis against the cage. He spent a couple of minutes looking for a takedown, Davis broke free, and Wiuff just clinched with him again. Wiuff eventually knocked down Davis, he grabbed his back, and punched Davis in the head repeatedly. The referee decided to stop the fight a few seconds later. I like seeing Travis Wiuff win fights, but I have to admit, this fight wasn't that impressive.