100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (20 Total):
1. Cosmo Alexandre - 92.7
2. Jacob Noe - 92.4
3. Marcos Galvao - 92.2
4. Kelvin Tiller - 92.1
5. Attila Vegh - 91.9
6. Brian Hall - 91.7
7. Mike Mucitelli - 91.3
8. Mike Wessel - 90.8
9. Ryan Martinez - 89.9
10. Luis Alberto Nogueira - 89.7
Bellator 73: Vegh vs. Wiuff
Location: Tunica, Mississippi
Elevation: 197'
-Fight of the Night-
Marcos Galvao vs. Luis Alberto Nogueira
Fighters & Matches 88.4
Top 10 Fighters 91.5
TOTAL 90.0
(Knee to the Body)
     Johnson immediately shot for a takedown to start this fight, picking Alexandre up in the air, and dropping Alexandre on his head. Johnson then went for a guillotine, which allowed Alexandre to end up on top in half mount. They stood back up, and Johnson continued to push for another takedown, Alexandre sprawled, and threw an uppercut to Johnson's body, but Johnson went down and claimed it was a groin shot. BULLSHIT! FUCK YOU! BULLSHIT! That should be a first round KO due to a body shot in my opinion. When the fight started back up, Johnson threw the fastest combination he could possibly muster, and then he shot for a loose takedown, which Alexandre sprawled on easily. Johnson tried to get up, and Alexandre threw a brutal soccer kick to the body. Alexandre blasted Johnson with some heavy punches, and continued to walk him down. Johnson spent the final minute of the round looking for a takedown, but Alexandre just continued to beat the shit out of him with brutal combinations. Alexandre took down Johnson in the final 10 seconds, and smashed his face in with brutal elbows. Round one clearly goes to Alexandre. The second round started, Alexandre beat up Johnson with some strikes, blasted him with a BRUTAL knee to the body, Johnson collapsed, cried out in pain, claimed it was another low blow... BULLSHIT! AGAIN! HARRY JOHNSON SUCKS!!! After the referee watched the replay, he saw that it was a great knee to the liver, which is legal, so therefore, Cosmo Alexandre wins via KO, due to a brutal knee to the body.
(Doctor Stoppage)
      Noe started this fight by throwing some heavy strikes, and then pressured Albin against the cage. Blood was pouring out of Albin's mouth, from a NASTY cut, inside the first minute of the round. The referee separated them, and Noe continued to tee off on Albin's head with brutally powerful punches. Noe clinched again, and then tripped Albin to the ground against the cage. Noe continued to smother and beat up Albin on the ground for the rest of the fight, while a pool of blood was building around the head of Albin. In between rounds, the doctor stopped the fight due to the terrible cut on Albin's lip, giving the victory to Jacob Noe via TKO.
      These guys were both throwing some wild shit, especially Oselukwue, who has some of the craziest hair I've seen in MMA. Tiller was able to slow him down 90 seconds into the round though, as he took him down near the cage. Oselukwue stood up for a second, and Tiller slammed him to the ground again. I was going to give that first round to Oselukwue based on his wild striking, but once Tiller took him down, it was a pretty one-sided grappling match for Tiller, so I scored the first round for Tiller. Tiller was able to land some solid ground & pound in the final 20 seconds of the round, which helped.
     They traded some wild strikes to start the second round, and then one minute in, Tiller secured another takedown. This time, Tiller immediately started working some heavy punches, pounding the bald spot on Oselukwue's head, until eventually the referee was forced to stop the fight. It's worth noting, Tiller beat Oselukwue's ass for a good 3 minutes or so, before the referee finally stepped in. Really solid win for Kelvin Tiller.
      This fight was a decent back & forth fight, with Williams securing a couple of takedowns in the first round, which I thought was enough to give that round to him. Williams took Uhrich down early in the second round, giving him a decent start for the second round. They traded some strikes for the rest of the round, at a pretty even pace, so I thought Williams won that round as well, so I have him ahead, 2-0, going into the final round, but Uhrich started to land some decent punches late in the round, so that round could potentially go either way. The final round started with another quick takedown from Williams. Uhrich stood back up one minute into the round, and then locked on a guillotine choke, but Williams had side control, so Uhrich had to give it up. They continued to fight at a decent pace for the rest of the round, with Williams beating up Uhrich for most of the round. With two minutes left in the round, Uhrich had sort of a back crucifix position, which he used to pound Williams with elbows to the head & body. Uhrich won the final round, but I thought Williams deserved to win this fight, 29-28. All 3 judges disagreed though, giving the fight to Uhrich via unanimous decision.
      Here we have a couple of massive heavyweights, throwing bombs at each other. Martinez sort of scored a takedown for a few seconds in the first round, but for the most part, I thought Wessel spent the first round bullying Martinez, so it was a close round. Martinez knocked down Wessel in the final minute, and then he beat him up from side control for the rest of the round, so round one goes to Martinez.
     They continued to clash like two goliaths in the second round, until Martinez took Wessel down again, but only for a few seconds. They stood back up, and Wessel appeared to be picking apart Martinez a little bit with his boxing. Martinez threw a head kick, Wessel caught it, and took him to the ground, where he beat the shit out of him with some heavy punches. Martinez was able to get back to his feet a few seconds later though. That was a close round, especially since Martinez scored a late takedown with 20 seconds left, but I gave that round to Wessel based on the damage done from his ground & pound.
     The final round took place standing, with both guys trading shots at a relatively even pace, but I would probably have to give that round to Wessel as well. In the end, I scored this fight 29-28 in favor of Mike Wessel. The judges' scores were all over the place, with one judge giving Martinez all 3 rounds, while the other two judges gave the fight to Wessel, 29-28, for the split-decision victory.
(Triangle Choke)
      Buren threw a kick early, Mucitelli took him down immediately, and spent a little time trying to wrestle Buren against the cage, but Buren was able to sweep him, ending up on top inside Mucitelli's guard. From there, Buren was able to land some decent ground & pound. Halfway through the round, Mucitelli was able to grab Buren's ankles, as he kicked him backwards, allowing Mucitelli a chance to get back to his feet. Mucitelli continued to wrestle the shit out of Buren, but Buren ended up back on top again. This time, Mucitelli locked on a tight triangle choke, finishing the fight via submission around the halfway mark of the first round. Solid win for Mike Mucitelli in his Bellator debut.
(Punches and Elbows)
      Galvao ran down Nogueira with strikes to start the first round, and then clinched with him against the cage. Galvao secured a takedown early, but only for a few seconds. Galvao also landed a low blow, by accident. They spent the last half of the round trading punches at a pretty good pace, and Nogueira secured a takedown of his own, but only for a few seconds. That was a very even round, and I'm going to score it a draw.
      The second round was a decent striking match, with Galvao looking a little tired, and Nogueira was still bouncing around like a rabbit. Galvao blasted Nogueira with a big right hand with 90 seconds or so left in the second round, Nogueira was clearly rocked, so Galvao continued to punch him, eventually clinching with him, he took him to the ground, Galvao had full mount, he punched Nogueira in the face repeatedly, grabbed his back, flattened him out, and finished him off with some more punches. That was a HUGE win for Marcos Galvao.
      This fight was awkward. Wiuff has been on a hell of a winning streak in Bellator since beating the current champ, Christian M'Pumbu, in a non-title fight. Here he is taking on Attila Vegh, fighting for an official title shot, and it really wasn't much of a fight. They were pawing at each other for 20 seconds or so, until Vegh punched him in the side of the head, Wiuff crumbled, Vegh punched him a few more times and the referee stopped the fight. Attila Vegh just knocked out Travis Wiuff in 25 seconds. Can we all agree that M'Pumbu is in trouble?
(Punches & Elbows)
      These guys traded some wild strikes, Hall knocked Black to the ground, Hall basically slaughtered him with brutal elbows & punches, forcing Black to tapout. Nice quick finish for Brian Hall in just 44 seconds of the opening round. It's hard to make a better Bellator debut than that.