100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (18 Total):
1. Karo Parisyan - 95.0
2. Din Thomas - 93.7
3. Josh Burkman - 93.3
4. Jeremy Stephens - 91.5
5. Terry Martin - 91.1
6. Quinton Jackson - 90.8
7. Wilson Gouveia - 89.9
8. Houston Alexander - 89.2
9. Kalib Starnes - 89.0
10. Ivan Salaverry - 88.8
UFC 71: Liddell vs. Jackson
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Elevation: 2,001'
-Fight of the Night-
Din Thomas vs. Jeremy Stephens
Fighters & Matches 87.8
Top 10 Fighters 91.2
TOTAL 89.5
(Guillotine Choke)
     This fight was kind of boring at first... Carmelo Marrero is the most one-dimensional fighter I've ever seen... All he can do is wrestle, and he doesn't SEEM to even be THAT good at it... I wouldn't mind seeing Carmelo Marrero vs. Sean Salmon in a steel cage match... They can just wrestle to their heart's content, until the fans eventually fall asleep... Wilson Gouveia on the other hand, is a great fighter, and I'm expecting pretty big things from him in the future... But yeah, about halfway through the first round, Gouveia started throwing brutal leg kicks, which chopped Carmelo to the ground, until he literally couldn't even walk, so he was crawling around on his knees, trying to take Gouveia to the ground... Eventually, after getting the hell beat out of him (Carmelo Marrero), Gouveia locked on a guillotine choke for the submission victory...
      This fight was AMAZING!!! I thought the Parisyan vs. Burkman fight was the bomb, but I think that the Thomas vs. Stephens fight may have taken the cake tonight... The first round started with Din Thomas showing some solid boxing skills, then he took Stephens to the ground... Once they were on the ground, Thomas wrestled around until he got on the back of Stephens, and basically locked on a rear-naked choke, but Stephens just would not tap... Eventually, Stephens escaped, and once he stood up, he fuckin' DESTROYED Thomas with some of the craziest ground & pound, and standup striking that I've ever seen... Stephens went fuckin' bonkers!!! But then the round was over... During the second round, they were both boxing for a while, then the fight went back to the ground, this time Stephens ended up on top, but then Thomas locked on an armbar, and the referee stopped the fight... But Stephens did not tap!!! So it ended with a bit of controversy, but basically it comes down to either, the referee stops the fight, or else Stephens leaves with a broken arm... So yeah, GREAT fight, good stoppage (even though I think Stephens might have been able to escape if he could have rolled over onto his stomach), but yeah, just all around great fight... This will be one that will get a lot of discussion from MMA fans during the next week or so...
(Guillotine Choke)
      Ha, this fight was retarded... Sean Salmon has no business fighting MMA... The first 50 seconds or so, consisted of both guys just dancing around in a circle, nothing really happening at all... Then Salmon ran headfirst for the takedown, Belcher locked on a guillotine choke, and then jumped up, locking his legs around the waist of Salmon like a spider monkey, Salmon jumped headfirst to the ground in an attempt to shake Belcher loose, and then tapped out to the guillotine choke... Belcher wins by early first round submission...
(Knee Injury)
      This fight started off strong, and then ended with a fluke injury... James Irvin started the fight, with some crisp striking skills, punching Silva in the head, and following it up with a nice leg kick, which almost knocked down Thiago Silva... Irvin then tried to lock on an awkward guillotine choke, but he couldn't get the leverage, so Silva tried to take him down... Right before Silva secured the takedown, Irvin's leg (knee) popped, and you could see it bend sideways, and then he collapsed to the mat, and started to tap... So basically, Thiago Silva wins by submission, even though it was due to a fluke injury, and Silva didn't do ANYTHING in this fight to show that he could actually beat Irvin... It sucks when fights like this end due to injury, ESPECIALLY when the guy that gets injured, is the one that is winning the fight...
      This was a really good fight... Chris Leben came out with a lot of confidence, and really brought the fight to Starnes from beginning to end, Leben was ALWAYS coming forward, and ALWAYS pushing the pace of the fight... Kalib Starnes on the other hand, was a little bit more defensive, but maybe a little bit cleaner with his kicks & punches? Not really sure to be honest... Whenever the fight went to the ground, Starnes would get on top, in Leben's guard, and Leben would try to work the rubber guard, maybe going for a gogoplata or something? He just couldn't get his leg in front of the neck of Starnes though... But yeah, Leben seemed more active on the ground, even though he was on the bottom for the most part... In the end, I gave the SLIGHT edge to Chris Leben, but it was a very close fight... All 3 judges ended up giving the fight to Starnes though... It could have gone either way... Good matchup...
      Well then! Good show my man!!! Houston Alexander makes his UFC debut, by absolutely destroying Keith Jardine... Apparently Keith said before the fight that he was pissed that he had to fight Alexander, because Keith Jardine thought he should be fighting better competition, who is Houston Alexander anyways?!? That sort of thing... Well, the fight started with Keith Jardine throwing a solid punch to the face of Alexander, and everything after that was all one-sided for Houston Alexander... Houston started throwing these uppercuts from hell, hooks, overhand rights, punch, punch, punch, punch... And Keith Jardine was basically just crushed... Houston Alexander wins by first round KO...
(Suplex & Punches)
      This fight was awesome, even though I was kind of sad about how fast it was... Basically, the fight started with Ivan Salaverry throwing some devastating leg kicks to the inside of Terry Martin's legs... Martin didn't appreciate that, so he eventually ran Salaverry up against the cage... Once they were standing against the cage together, Martin got behind Salaverry and tried to throw him, but Salaverry showed great balance, making it very difficult for Martin to take him to the ground... While standing, Salaverry tried to lock on the Kimura, but Martin overpowered him, and slammed Salaverry down onto the side of his head, then followed that up with some hammerfists to the side of Salaverry's head, until the referee was forced to stop the fight... Terry Martin is an animal, Ivan Salaverry is a technical wizard, and this was overall a really solid fight... Terry Martin wins by first round TKO...
      Fuck yeah! Before the fight happened, most predictions said this would be the fight of the night, and it may very well have been... Karo Parisyan has always been a GREAT fighter, but his cardio sometimes gets the best of him... Today, he showed up with cardio from hell, and he really brought the fight to Burkman... They were both throwing bombs, swinging for the fences, etc... Most of the punches didn't land, but they were still throwing them! And speaking of throwing people, Burkman had a couple of nice wrestling takedowns, but none of them had the same impact as Parisyan's judo throw, that sent Burkman flying... Overall, it was a relatively close fight, with both fighters showing good standup & takedowns, etc... Parisyan had a couple of submission attempts, but none of them went anywhere... It was an exciting fight, but neither fighter could stop the other... So yeah, in the end, Karo Parisyan wins by unanimous decision after 3 rounds...
      Well... From where I was sitting, I've got no excuses for this fight... It looks like Chuck Liddell was just completely out-classed... Chuck did his usual, counter-stance, where he would back up, waiting for Rampage to attack, but Rampage wasn't chasing him, Rampage was calling his bluff, and just standing there taunting Chuck... Eventually, Chuck had to attack, so he threw a punch to the body of Rampage, and Rampage dodged it, and threw the huge right hook, smashing Chuck's jaw, and dropping him to the floor... Rampage jumped on him, landed an elbow or two and a couple of punches, and the referee stopped the fight... Afterwards, Liddell didn't think he was out, so he argued with the ref for a second, but upon watching the replay, he was definitely out... Chuck is my boy, and one of my favorite fighters, but Rampage has his number... This was their second fight, and Rampage won both of them... To be honest, I want to see Chuck move up to heavyweight now... I don't want to see these 2 fight again... Congratulations to Quinton "Rampage" Jackson for becoming the new UFC Light-Heavyweight Champion...