100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (20 Total):
1. Andrey Koreshkov - 94.3
2. Daniel Straus - 92.2
3. Lyman Good - 92.0
4. Mikkel Parlo - 91.9
5. Billy Horne - 91.2
6. Justin McNally - 91.0
7. Jason Butcher - 90.8
8. Brian Rogers - 90.7
9. Zoila Frausto - 90.6
10. Rob Hanna - 90.0
Bellator 78: Good vs. Tsarev
Location: Dayton, Ohio
Elevation: 738'
-Fight of the Night-
Andrey Koreshkov vs. Marius Zaromskis
Fighters & Matches 88.1
Top 10 Fighters 91.5
TOTAL 89.8
Technical Submission
(Triangle Choke)
     These guys are both making their Pro MMA debuts. These guys clinched, Blattman drove through for a takedown, McNally slapped on a quick triangle choke, Blattman tried to fight his way out of it, but McNally locked it on tight, and put Blattman to sleep. It's hard to have a better debut than a 38 second technical submission. Solid performance for Justin McNally.
      These guys clinched early, Edwards took Hanna down with a bulldog choke, and that just lead to Hanna taking his back, Edwards spun out of that, and went for a Kimura from half guard. They continued to trade back & forth on the ground with various positions, leading to what I would probably call an even round.
     They clinched again to start the second round, and Hanna was able to drag Edwards to the ground with a body lock, ending up in half mount. After 90 seconds or so, Edwards wrapped his way around to Hanna's back, where he spent some time digging for a rear-naked choke. Hanna broke free, and stood back up. They went back down to the ground in an ugly fashion, with both guys kind of flopping all over each other, without either fighter really having clear control. I still have the fight a draw going into the final round.
     They clinched some more in the final round, worked a little dirty boxing, and then Hanna took Edwards down with another body lock. At this point, I think I'm leaning toward Hanna winning this fight... BUT! Edwards started working for submissions again, so... I have no idea who should win this fight. It was a really close fight, with all 3 rounds flapping in the wind, so it could have gone either way, but since Hanna ended the fight in full mount, I'm giving him the win, and two judges agreed, giving him the split-decision victory in his Bellator debut.
      These guys stood & traded punches & kicks for this entire fight, moving at a sparring pace for the first 90 seconds, until Parlo rocked Combs with a big right hand. They continued to trade, and then Parlo nearly knocked the head off Combs, as Combs was flopping all over the place like a dying fish. Parlo continued to attack him, chasing him around the cage for another minute or so, as Combs was practically out on his feet. Parlo finally finished him off with some heavy punch combinations, rocking Combs hard, causing him to crash violently to the ground, giving Parlo a BRUTAL first round KO victory in his Bellator debut.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      These guys traded a few punches, clinched, and then Horne threw Houston to the ground, landing in side control. Houston rolled out of it, and got back to his feet, but not before taking a few heavy punches & elbows from Horne. Once they got back to their feet, Horne shot in for another takedown, threw Houston to the ground, mounted him, and beat the living shit out of him with some pretty massive punches & elbows. Houston had to give up his back to save himself, but that just opened him up for the rear-naked choke, which Billy Horne used to earn the submission victory in his Bellator debut.
(Guillotine Choke)
      Asher shot in for a takedown early, Butcher locked on a guillotine choke, and Asher slammed him to the ground, but Butcher refused to let go. Asher looked like his plan was to just wait for Butcher to get tired, but that clearly wasn't happening as quickly as he needed it to, since Asher was forced to submit 90 seconds into the first round, as Butcher tightened that choke. Solid submission victory for Jason Butcher.
      This was an interesting fight. I fully expected Frausto to slaughter Noland in this fight, but Noland kind of bullied Frausto around for the first two rounds, pinning her against the cage, hitting her with knees, beating her up on the ground. Frausto went for a Kimura, which I think stole the second round for her, so going into the third round, I thought they each had one round on the scorecards. Most of the third round had Noland bullying Frausto, but Frausto was finally able to take her to the ground, where she cut Noland's forehead, and controlled her for the remainder of the round, securing the unanimous decision victory for Zoila Frausto. I really feel like she should have been able to finish Noland in this fight, so I'm not sure why she wasn't pulling the trigger.
      For the most part, this fight was just a boxing/brawl, with Rogers delivering the better half of most exchanges. Beating up Steele with punches & kicks for all 3 rounds, I don't think Steele really won any aspect of this fight. Rogers wasn't able to finish Steele, so I guess if you're looking for a compliment for Steele, maybe you could say that he's tough? But yeah, as far as the offense is concerned, Brian Rogers clearly won all 3 rounds, and all 3 judges agreed, giving him the unanimous decision victory.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      Daniel Straus took Robinson down immediately in the first round, and Robinson locked on a guillotine choke, but Straus was able to break free from that 45 seconds into the round. Straus continued to drive Robinson into the cage, while Robinson continued to look for guillotines. They scrambled around for a few seconds, Straus went for a wacky looking Kimura, Robinson easily slipped out of that, and grabbed Straus's back. Straus wrestled his way out of that bad position, ending up on top again, where he beat up Robinson from side control with some elbows. Round one goes to Straus.
     They traded a few strikes to start the second round, and then Straus took Robinson down again against the cage. Robinson was looking for a Kimura, while Straus beat up his body with short punches. They stood back up, continued to clinch, and Strausa took Robinson down again, landing back in side control. After beating the shit out of Robinson for a minute or so, Robinson gave up his back, Straus slammed him again, punched him in the head a few times, and then finished him off with a rear-naked choke. That was a really solid performance for Daniel Straus, getting the second round submission victory against the UFC veteran, Alvin Robinson.
      OH SHIT! That was an ass beating, but that was a terrible stoppage by the referee, not because it was early, but because it was really fucking late. The entire fight took place standing, with both guys trading shots, and Koreshkov blasted Zaromskis with a big left hand, knocked him to the ground on wobbly legs, and then Koreshkov blasted him in the face 11 times, before the referee finally pulled him off to stop the fight. That fight should have been stopped after 3-4 punches, because Zaromskis was OUT, but for some reason, the referee just stood there watching the action, clearly forgetting that it was his job to stop the fight. Great win for Koreshkov, horrible stoppage by the referee.
      Good immediately shot in for a takedown, and pinned Tsarev in the center of the cage. From there, he beat him up with some knees to the body, and some short punches from inside his guard. Good started to open up with some more aggressive punches in the last half of the round. Round one clearly goes to Good for his ground & pound. The second round had both fighters trading some heavy punches & kicks, with Good moving forward more often than not. Good took the fight back to the ground halfway through the second round, landing in side control. He let Tsarev stand back up, Tsarev rushed him, Good avoided all the damage, he blasted Tsarev in the face with a few punches, Tsarev complained about an eye poke, the referee basically ignored it, so he let Good attack Tsarev with a barrage of punches, finishing the fight via TKO near the end of the second round. Really strong performance by Lyman Good.