100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (20 Total):
1. Doug Marshall - 92.8
2. Giva Santana - 92.8
3. John Schulz - 92.3
4. Mario Navarro - 92.3
5. Andrey Koreshkov - 91.8
6. David Rickels - 91.7
7. Alexander Sarnavskiy - 90.8
8. Anthony Bain - 90.4
9. Jason Fischer - 90.2
10. Terry Davinney - 90.0
Bellator 82: Koreshkov vs. Good
Location: Mount Pleasant, Michigan
Elevation: 771'
-Fight of the Night-
Doug Marshall vs. Kala Hose
Fighters & Matches 87.6
Top 10 Fighters 91.5
TOTAL 89.6
(Triangle Choke)
     These guys traded some strikes, clinched, and then Navarro threw Bain to the ground, quickly moving to full mount, Bain gave up his back, and Navarro slapped on a rear-naked choke inside the first 90 seconds of the opening round. Navarro squeezed the shit out of that choke, but couldn't quite get underneath the chin of Bain. Bain spun out of that with 2 minutes left in the round, and beat the shit out of Navarro with some heavy ground & pound. Navarro tried to catch him in an armbar, but Bain brawled his way through that as well. Bain was landing some HEAVY punches, while Navarro was still looking for armbars. I thought the choke would make this round easy to score, but with ground & pound like that, I'm going to have to call the first round a draw.
     They traded a few strikes in the second round, and then Bain whipped Navarro to the ground, but immediately found himself caught inside a loose triangle choke. Navarro transitioned to an armbar, Bain pulled out of it, and continued to beat up Navarro on the ground. That was basically the story of this fight, with Navarro looking for submissions, while Bain threw heavy punches & elbows from inside his guard. Navarro locked on a tight triangle choke halfway through the second round, applied that squeeze, and Bain was forced to submit. That was a pretty great fight while it lasted. Nice win for Navarro in his Bellator debut.
      Jesus! Bunch shot in like a wild animal, taking Coon to the ground in the first 10 seconds of this fight. That was a fun start, but the rest of the round consisted of Coon trying to tie up Bunch in his guard, resulting in a stalemate for the most part. The referee stood them back up with about 90 seconds left in the round. Bunch took Coon back to the ground, and again, hung out in his guard for the rest of the round. Bunch started the second round the same way, secured another takedown, and hung out in Coon's guard for the rest of the round. About halfway through the round, the referee stood them back up. Bunch secured another takedown, and hung out in Coon's guard some more. Bunch surprised everyone, by securing another takedown in the third round, and chilling inside Coon's guard, AGAIN. This wasn't a great fight, but Bunch clearly won all 3 rounds, by securing takedowns.
      Santana immediately shot in for a silky smooth takedown, ending up in full mount almost immediately. From there, he beat up Seguin a little bit, but wasn't really doing a ton of damage, he was mostly just dominating him with his wrestling. Seguin finally gained his guard, but Santana just used to that posture up, and land some heavier ground & pound. They finally stood back up with 90 seconds left in the round. Santana shot for another takedown with a minute left, landing in side control. Santana then fell back for a heel hook attempt, bending Seguin's leg at a really odd angle, but Seguin somehow was able to get back to his feet. Seguin landed a few decent punches at the end of the round, but Santana had already clearly won the first round.
     Seguin came out swinging in the second round, pinning Santana against the cage in the clinch. Santana broke free, and then took Seguin down. Seguin sort of went for a guillotine, but it was a lame attempt, as Santana just mounted him with ease. Santana postured up, dropped some heavy punches, Seguin tried to kick out of that, and found himself caught in a triangle, an armbar, and then a kneebar, which Santana cranked on, nearly ripping Seguin's leg off before he was able to verbally submit. Nice submission victory for Giva Santana after absolutely dominating Seguin on the ground for 7+ minutes.
      Matt Van Buren landed some ugly punches & a wacky kick, as he knocked himself off balance, Davinney punched him in the chin once, and Buren crumbled like a cracker... or some shit... Van Buren literally folded up like a slinky, and just wobbled to the ground 100% unconscious. That was a really nice KO victory for Terry Davinney in his Bellator debut.
      Houghton spent the first round chasing Czarnecki, landing a few punches here & there, and stuffing his takedown attempts. Czarnecki threw a few wild kicks, and tripped over himself, falling down. Round one clearly goes to Houghton. The second round was another round full of Houghton walking down Czarnecki, picking him apart with random strikes, as Czarnecki backpedaled the entire round. At the end of the round, Czarnecki landed some decent shots, but I still feel he needs to be more consistent with his aggression. That second round could have MAYBE been a draw. The final round had some pretty solid back & forth action, with both guys landing some decent combinations, while trying to move forward. Honestly, this fight probably could have gone either way, but if I had to choose a winner, I'd probably score it 29-28 in favor of Czarnecki, and all 3 judges agreed, giving him the unanimous decision victory.
      Garcia knocked down Schulz early in the first round with some punches, but he was able to stand back up. Garcia continued his attack, clearly winning the first minute of the round. Schulz then clinched with him, picked him up, dumped him on the ground, landed in side control, and then grabbed his back. From there, Schulz punched Garcia in the head a few times, while trying to flatten him out. Schulz moved back to side control, and beat the living shit out of Garcia for the rest of the round. Very clear round for Schulz.
     They traded a few random punches in the second round, and then Schulz shot in for another takedown, once again ending up in side control, where he beat the shit out of Garcia for another round full of ground & pound. He mounted Garcia 90 seconds into the round, and continued to beat the living shit out of him. Garcia tried to stand up, and Schulz took his back again, flattened him out, and continued to punish him with big punches to the head. The second round was more of the same, with Schulz taking Garcia down early again, he mounted him almost immediately, and then beat the shit out of him until the referee was eventually forced to stop the fight. Really solid one-sided performance by John Schulz in his Bellator debut.
      This fight started with both guys throwing bombs, and then clinching, with Sarnavskiy pressing Hervey against the cage, before taking him to the ground. Sarnavskiy went for an armbar, but Hervey was able to twist out of it. They stood back up, and Sarnavskiy took him down again, and continued to beat him up with punches. The second round started with Sarnavskiy dumping Hervey to the ground again, where he continued to beat the shit out of him with punches from full mount. They stood back up, and Sarnavskiy continued to control Hervey inside the clinch, before taking him down again, and beating him up some more. I think you get the idea at this point, this clearly wasn't a good night for Hervey. 30-27 unanimous decision for Alexander Sarnavskiy, as he earns his first win inside the Bellator cage.
      I've compared Hose to a shotgun before, and Marshall is pretty much the same kind of fighter. Both of these guys ran right at each other, like two shotguns with hair triggers, throwing wild punches with reckless abandon, until Marshall knocked Hose the fuck out in 22 seconds of the first round. That was the most exciting 22 seconds I've experienced in a while.
      Fischer blasted Rickels early in the first round with some big punches, and then took him down later in the round, beating him up on the ground. Round one goes to Fischer, but Rickels kept it competitive when they were on their feet. Fischer shot for a takedown in the final minute, but Rickels ended up on top. That round could potentially go either way, but I scored it 10-9 for Fischer.
      The second round had some back & forth clinch action, Fischer bent down for a takedown, but Rickels stayed standing, and then took his back, moved into full mount, and beat up Fischer on the ground for a few seconds. Fischer went for a leg lock, and used that to sweep Rickels. Rickels tried to make something happen with his rubber guard, but that didn't go anywhere. They stood back up, and Rickels secured a final takedown with 45 seconds left in the round. I have the fight all tied up going into the final round.
      Fischer took down Rickels in the final round, Rickels slapped on an armbar from his guard, and Fischer stepped on his face to try to escape. He slipped out of that, and Rickels threw a few karate chops to the side of Fischer's head. Rickels sort of grabbed a half triangle, and landed a lot of elbows from his guard. This was a really close fight, but I think Rickels did more damage in that final round, even though Fischer spent the entire round on top, so I scored the fight for Rickels, 29-28, and all 3 judges agreed, giving him the unanimous decision victory.
      Koreshkov pretty much beat the shit out of Good in the first round, with his excellent boxing. The second round had Good looking for a rear-naked choke, but Koreshkov got back to his feet, where he was able to continue to beat up Good for the rest of the round. So even though Good had his back for part of the round, I still gave the first two rounds to Koreshkov. Koreshkov continued to beat Good's ass for the third round, and then he secured a takedown about halfway through the round, which was pretty interesting, considering he was dominating Good on the feet. Once they hit the ground, Good landed some decent elbows, but Koreshkov beat his ass on the ground as well. Really nice unanimous decision victory for Koreshkov, against a tough opponent in Lyman Good.