100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (16 Total):
1. Jessica Eye - 94.1
2. Darrell Horcher - 91.8
3. Terrell Hobbs - 90.5
4. Tuan Pham - 90.0
5. Jimmie Rivera - 89.9
6. Chris Liguori - 89.6
7. Mike Wessel - 89.4
8. Anthony Leone - 89.4
9. Claudio Ledesma - 89.3
10. Matthew Lozano - 88.8
Bellator 83: Makovsky vs. Leone
Location: Atlantic City, New Jersey
Elevation: 7'
-Fight of the Night-
Jessica Eye vs. Zoila Frausto
Fighters & Matches 87.8
Top 10 Fighters 90.3
TOTAL 89.1
     Wessel shot for a takedown to start the first round, and after a minute or so, he had side control, with a loose mounted crucifix. From there he beat him up with short punches for a little while, but for the most part, just kind of laid on top of Kudin. Kudin stood up halfway through the round, but Wessel immediately tripped him and took him back down. Kudin turtled up, and Wessel spent the rest of the round punching him in the head. Round one clearly goes to Wessel.
     They stood and traded for the first half of the second round, at a very slow pace, as both guys were clearly tired. Wessel then took Kudin down again, and laid on him for the rest of the round. I have Wessel ahead 2-0 going into the final round. The final round was a slow paced striking match, where Kudin earned a few points for picking apart Wessel, but the action was so slow, that it wasn't enough to really make up for the first two rounds. Wessel wins this one with 29-28 scorecards across the board.
      This fight served two specific purposes. It shows that Rivera has really solid takedown defense, as he was able to slip out of all of Brock's attempts, and he also has solid boxing, which he used to beat up Brock for the majority of this fight. In the end, Brock's only real offense was single shots, and failed takedowns, while Rivera threw combinations, and clinches at Brock. Solid unanimous decision victory for Jimmie Rivera.
Technical Submission
(Arm-Triangle Choke)
      OH SHIT! In her last fight, I called Jessica Eye a B+ grade fighter. Now, here she is, finishing the baddest chick on the planet at 125, and she BEAT THE FUCK out of her with her boxing, knocking Frausto on her ass at the start of the fight. They clinched, Eye locked on a standing arm-triangle choke, tightened that shit, pinned her against the cage (still standing), and put her to sleep, with a STANDING arm-triangle choke. That was fucking brutal. I just gained an all new level of respect for Jessica Eye. She's fucking awesome.
      This fight was basically just a big grind fest, with both guys clinching a lot, and trying to take each other down, but neither fighter really being successful at all. I felt like Leone was slightly more aggressive, so I gave him the fight, 29-28, but it was a close fight and probably could have gone either way. The judges agreed, with two of them giving the fight to Leone, 29-28, for the split-decision victory. That's a pretty tough loss for Makovsky, considering I've seen Leone fight 5 times so far, and out of those fights, he has a record of 1-4. This will be Makovsky's last fight in Bellator.
      Horcher showed some solid boxing in this fight, dodging a lot of Liguori's punches, while countering with heavy punch combinations. Horcher rocked Liguori early, busting up his left eye, making it look like Liguori was in there with a shark or something, trying to climb out of the tank. Horcher blasted Liguori with a massive left hand, knocking Liguori on his ass, hard enough to make me think he was unconscious, but he somehow survived. The referee stood him up, Liguori said he couldn't see, and started walking away, the referee told him to keep fighting, so Horcher took him down and beat the shit out of him some more. Liguori spent most of the round trying to run away from Horcher, clearly hoping the referee would save him, but he didn't, so Horcher continued to slaughter him, leading to a 10-8 round for Horcher.
     The second round was another round full of Horcher absolutely slaughtering Liguori, blasting him with big punch combinations, and rocking the shit out of him, knocking him down repeatedly. They clinched by the cage, and Horcher unleashed an actual bodyslam, scooping up Liguori and dumping him on his head. They stood back up and continued to trade strikes for the rest of the round. Liguori started to fight back in the last half of the round, he even took down Horcher with 45 seconds left in the round, but I still have the score at 20-17 in favor of Horcher going into the final round.
     The final round was kind of shocking, as Liguori finally made his comeback, taking down Horcher and beating him up for most of the round. I really thought this fight was going to be a blowout in favor of Horcher, possibly even a slick finish, but instead, he seemed to lose steam near the end of the second round, and the entire third round had him on his back, just waiting out the clock while Liguori beat him up with short strikes. Nice effort for Liguori, but a pretty clear unanimous decision victory for Darrell Horcher.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      These guys clinched, and Artsdalen threw Hobbs to the ground. They stood back up, and Hobbs took down Artsdalen. Artsdalen scrambled back to his feet, and Hobbs tried to stop him with a guillotine choke. There was a scramble, Hobbs grabbed Artsdalen's back, locked on a rear-naked choke, and finished the fight via first round submission. Decent performance by Hobbs, as he earns his first victory in the Bellator cage.
      The first round had Lozano picking apart Pham with solid boxing & some decent kicks. He seemed to be significantly faster than Pham. Pham was more aggressive in the second round, landing some decent combinations and scoring two takedowns and a little bit of ground & pound. Pham took the fight to the ground early in the final round, and laid on Lozano for the rest of the round. In the end, everyone agrees that Pham won this fight, 29-28.
      Ledesma started the first round with some solid body kicks, and a takedown. The last half of the round was spent with him grinding Harris against the cage in the clinch. The rest of the fight had Ledesma trying to take Harris back down, and beating him up with big punches on the ground, and kicks while standing. The final round didn't have much action at all, as both fighters threw jabs at a snail's pace. In the end, Ledesma clearly won this fight, 30-27 across the board.