100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (18 Total):
1. Thiago Tavares - 97.9
2. Spencer Fisher - 93.9
3. Tamdan McCrory - 92.8
4. Jason Black - 92.5
5. Pete Spratt - 90.8
6. Sam Stout - 90.5
7. Anthony Johnson - 90.2
8. Roan Carneiro - 89.5
9. Jon Fitch - 89.1
10. Gleison Tibau - 88.7
UFC Fight Night 10: Stout vs. Fisher 2
Location: Hollywood, Florida
Elevation: 10'
-Fight of the Night-
Thiago Tavares vs. Jason Black
Fighters & Matches 88.9
Top 10 Fighters 91.6
TOTAL 90.3
     This entire fight consisted of both guys punching & kicking each other, at a moderate pace... Not a fast exciting fight, not extremely boring or anything, just an average striking fight... During the first round, Caudillo threw a punch that knocked Mohr to the ground, but Mohr was able to jump up immediately afterwards... The second round was close, but I thought Mohr showed slightly better technical striking, and had better counter punches, so I think I might have given the second round to Mohr... The third round was pretty much more of the second round, with Nate Mohr showing better striking skills, so by the time 15 minutes had past, Nate Mohr walked away with the unanamious decision victory... He seems like a pretty good fighter, but he just needs to pick up it a notch in the aggression department, so he can actually try to finish the fight, instead of hanging around for the decision...
      This fight was pretty much exactly the same, as the first fight on this card... Chad Reiner came out, thinking he was the man, and then Anthony Johnson unleashed some BAD ASS strikes, throwing punches via combinations, and he basically picked apart Reiner in a matter of seconds, knocking him to the floor like a stiff dummy... Reiner got knocked out with one punch, then got hit about 4 more times before actually making contact with the ground... Anthony Johnson sort of came out of nowhere, but I'm REALLY looking forward to seeing him fight again... Was this fight a fluke? Anthony Johnson wins by KO in the first round...
(Arm-Triangle Choke)
      Jeff Cox is a 38 year old police officer from Ohio... He's one of those guys that stepping into the octagon for the first time (at 38 years old), you know he's going to get destroyed by the younger, more in-shape, Jiu-Jitsu expert, Gleison Tibau... The fight started, and Cox took Tibau to the ground, but it was fairly easy for Tibau to sweep him, and get on Jeff Cox's back... Once he was on the back, Tibau went for the rear-naked choke, but he couldn't lock it in, so he rolled over into the mount, and secured the arm triangle choke... Gleison Tibau looked impressive, but I doubt Cox will be coming back to the UFC anytime soon... arm... TRIANGLE CHOKE!!!
(Triangle Choke)
      This was a hell of a fight, with a fast paced first round, and a great finish... The first rounded consisted of McCrory attacking Spratt like an octopus, wrapping all of his limbs around Spratt for the rear-naked choke attempt while standing... McCrory is a grappling wizard yo!!! Well, Spratt was able to escape, and then he exploded on McCrory with some vicious ground & pound... The first round was a back & forth war between the two fighters, and I gave the slight advantage to McCrory, but Spratt was hanging in there like a warrior... The second round started up, with more of the same, but this time about two minutes into the round, McCrory locked on a FAST triangle choke, and Spratt was forced to submit immediately... Great debut for McCrory, and Spratt looked pretty solid as well...
      This fight was very similar to the Nate Mohr win over Luke Caudillo earlier in the night... Basically, both fighters spent the entire fight standing with each other... I THINK I gave the first round to Fioravanti (maybe), but the last two rounds went to Forrest Petz... Nothing real exciting happened in this fight, but it was still pretty close overall, so I guess it was a good matchup... Forrest Petz walks away with the unanimous decision victory...
(Triangle Choke)
      Just like Jon Fitch, Jason Black is one of those guys that I always hear about, but never get to see on TV... Thiago Tavares on the other hand, I've never even heard of, even though he had a record of 15-0 or something before this fight... I was expecting big things from Black, and I was somewhat disappointed... Not really disappointed, I guess I should say surprised, surprised in the high level of Jiu-Jitsu brought to the fight by Tavares... The entire first round consisted of Tavares taking Black to the ground, and then running a Jiu-Jitsu clinic on Black, throwing all sorts of submissions at him, and dominating the wrestling game, and when they weren't doing much in terms of grappling, it was because Tavares was throwing elbows at the face of Black... Thiago Tavares dominated the first round... The second round, Black made a few attempts to win the fight (by standing with Tavares, which wasn't a good idea), and Black went for a kimura at one point, but it didn't even come close to finishing the fight... Eventually, Tavares locked on a REALLY FAST, REALLY TIGHT triangle choke, for the submission victory in the second round... Thiago Tavares should get the next Lightweight Title shot... This kid is fuckin' brilliant...
      This fight was kind of exciting, but it wasn't competitive at all... I think Radev might have punched McFedries once, but other than that, the fight basically consisted of a big punch from McFedries, which knocked Radev down sideways (I think he was knocked out from that punch)... Then McFedries jumped on him, Radev looked dead, and McFedries threw 3 REALLY HARD punches to the jaw of Radev, which basically crushed the guy's head against the ground... Drew McFedries is one of my favorite fighters to watch, but damn it, I want to see him fight some decent competition... Who the fuck is Jordan Radev? Drew McFedries wins by quick first round KO...
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      This fight didn't really make any sense... I'm always hearing about how bad ass Jon Fitch is, and how he'll probably end up getting a title shot, without ever fighting on TV... Well, finally he's on Spike TV, and he needs to make an impression on Roan Carneiro... The first round, EASILY went to Roan Carneiro... Carneiro took Fitch to the ground easily, a couple of times, using really solid wrestling skills, and he almost choked out Fitch a couple of times, including one really nice anaconda choke that he locked on, but somehow couldn't hold onto... The second round started, and Fitch came out, threw a few ugly punches, Carneiro kind of got rocked, then Fitch got on his back, Carneiro literally opened his neck for Fitch to lock on the rear-naked choke, basically like Carneiro was quitting before the submission was even locked on... Fitch wins by early second round submission... I still think Carneiro could be the better fighter, I'm not sure what happened though, he just didn't look like he wanted to be there in the second round, even though he dominated the first round... So eh, whatever... I wouldn't mind seeing these two fight again sometime... I can't say that I'm THAT impressed with Fitch though... Maybe I'll go back and try to watch some of his older fights?
      This fight was fuckin' AWESOME! Spencer Fisher basically spent all 3 rounds, out-striking Sam Stout (kickboxer), and Fisher made Stout look slow, due to the speed of Fisher's punches... Sam Stout can take a shot, he got punched in the face MANY times, and only came close to falling a couple of times, so Stout can take a punch, but his offense wasn't doing that much... Somehow, Spencer Fisher's face was ALL busted up by the end of the fight, but just from watching, I would definitely give the fight to Spencer Fisher... And, the judges agreed... This was a 3 round war, non-stop action, never even slowing down, both fighters gave it there all, so yeah... This was bad ass... Spencer Fisher wins by unanimous decision... Now these guys are 1-1, and I'm definitely interested in checking out a third fight...