100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (22 Total):
1. Emanuel Newton - 92.6
2. Michael Chandler - 92.3
3. Mikhail Zayats - 92.1
4. Jacob Noe - 91.8
5. J.J. Ambrose - 91.1
6. Aaron Miller - 90.9
7. Pat Curran - 90.8
8. Savant Young - 90.7
9. Cleber Luciano - 90.1
10. Jason Lambert - 89.9
Bellator 85: Chandler vs. Hawn
Location: Irvine, California
Elevation: 56'
-Fight of the Night-
Michael Chandler vs. Rick Hawn
Fighters & Matches 88.0
Top 10 Fighters 91.2
TOTAL 89.6
     Luciano started the first round by taking Navarro down against the cage, he sort of tried to mount him, and he beat him up on the ground from a variety of top positions. Round one clearly goes to Luciano. The second round was the same thing, with Luciano taking down Navarro at the start of the round, and beating him up from various top positions for the rest of the round. Navarro tried to land a few strikes in the final round, but they clinched, and Luciano eventually took him to the ground again. 30-27 unanimous decision victory for Cleber Luciano in his Bellator debut.
      These guys both hopped around a little bit, with Yager throwing some decent kicks, and then Williams shot for a takedown, which he finally completed about 90 seconds into the first round. Yager tried to defend himself on the ground with a loose guillotine, but that didn't lead to anything productive for Yager. Williams eventually started to loosen up with his striking on the ground, as he landed several punches to the face of Yager up against the cage. Williams eventually started to unload on Yager's head, and with Yager's afro, it was hard to tell whether or not he was getting punched in the back of the head or not. The fight was stopped around the 4 minute mark of the first round, since Yager was basically just laying there, kissing the canvas, while Williams landed 30-40 shots to his head. Decent win for Joe Williams, not a great showing for Yager.
      Guymon shot in for a takedown early, pinning Young against the cage. From there, Guymon spent the entire round beating up Young on the ground. With 90 seconds left in the round, Guymon tried to take his back, and that allowed Young to get back to his feet, but Guymon continued to control him from the clinch until the end of the round. Guymon even secured another takedown late in the round. That was a clear round for Guymon. They traded some loose kicks in the second round, Guymon ran in without much thought, Young blasted him with a few big punches, and then he knocked him out with a big left hand, followed by a right bomb from the sky. Solid KO victory for Savant Young.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      The first round of this fight was a pretty good brawl, with neither fighter really looking very accurate, but they were both throwing with some heat behind their punches. Newton secured a takedown about halfway through the first round, and beat up Djambazov a little bit on the ground, but got caught in an armbar, which he tried to slam his way out of, but Djambazov refused to let go, even after getting slammed twice, so Newton escaped by punching him in the face repeatedly. By the end of the round, Newton was trying to secure full mount, and Djambazov was trying to spin his way to safety. The second round had Newton taking the fight to the ground again, he got the full mount, he beat up Djambazov a little bit, Djambazov rolled over onto his stomach, Newton locked on the rear-naked choke for the submission victory about halfway through the second round.
(Guillotine Choke)
      Ambrose started this fight by whipping Warren to the ground, and almost immediately grabbing his back. He had both hooks in, and was looking for a choke, but Warren was able to spin around to his guard. From there, Ambrose beat him up with punches. The referee stood them up halfway through the round, Ambrose knocked Warren back down, and beat the living shit out of him until the bell rang. Really solid round for Ambrose. Warren was trying to move more in the second round, but he was tired, so he looked like he was moving through water. Ambrose punched him in the face with a right hand, Warren tried to scramble back to his feet, Ambrose locked on a guillotine choke, and Warren tapped out. Nice submission victory for J.J. Ambrose.
(Straight Armbar)
      These guys were boxing with each other, while trading awkward kicks to each other's shins. It didn't take long for Lambert's right eye to start bleeding, so he tried to clinch, but Ramirez pushed him away and continued to throw strikes at him. There was an awkward scramble, some ugly clinch work, and Ramirez eventually secured a takedown, but Lambert looked like he was going for a triangle, and he turned that into a straight armbar, finishing the fight via submission, leaving Ramirez on the ground clearly in a lot of pain. Nice submission victory for Jason Lambert.
      These guys traded a few strikes to open the first round, they clinched for a while, and then Miller dumped Camacho with a badass Judo throw, dropping him on his head. Miller landed inside Camacho's guard, and beat him up against the cage with short punches. Camacho was clearly looking for an armbar from his guard, but Miller did a good job avoiding it, while still landing some decent ground & pound. Round one goes to Miller. Miller scooped up Camacho early in the second round, and dumped him to the ground again. From there, Camacho tried to work a fairly active guard, while Miller continued to wrestle the shit out of him. I have Miller ahead, 2-0, going into the final round. Miller took the fight to the ground early in the third round, and spent the rest of the fight wrestling the shit out of Camacho. Camacho threw an illegal heel kick to the temple of Miller on the ground in the final round, so that paused the fight for a couple of minutes. Once the fight started back up, Miller continued to beat up Camacho, and even grabbed his back. In the end, I thought this was a pretty clear 30-27 decision for Miller, and all 3 judges agreed.
      The first round was basically a slow paced boxing match, witih neither fighter really looking to engage very much. Pitbull probably won that round by landing a few of the more powerful combinations. Pitbull looked good in the first half of the second round, as he was pushing the pace, and landing some solid shots, but Curran made his comeback in the last half of the round, beating up Pitbull a little bit, and probably stealing the round.
     The third round was another back & forth striking match, with Pitbull pushing the pressure, and therefore, I scored the round for Pitbull. The fourth round was another back & forth striking match. I really don't think either fighter has a clear advantage going into the final round, so I'm just going to call this fight all tied up going into the fifth round.
     The final round was another solid brawl, but this time, Curran really ran away with it in my opinion, beating the shit out of Pitbull with some hard punches, and countering almost everything he threw. Pitbull turned it up a notch in the final minute, but it wasn't enough to steal the fight. This was a close fight, it probably could have gone either way, but I scored it 48-47 in favor of Pat Curran, and two of the judges agreed, giving him the split-decision victory in this title defense.
      The first two minutes or so were spent clinching against the cage, with Babalu tthrowing short knees to the body of Zayats. The referee broke them up for not being busy enough, and they started trading in the center of the cage. They clinched again, with Babalu in control again, throwing short knees to the legs & body of Zayats. The referee broke them up for being boring again. Zayats shot in for a takedown with about 30 seconds left, he failed, but he hit Babalu with a spinning backfist, grabbed Babalu's back, threw him against the cage, attacked him with a series of punches, and brutally finished Babalu in highlight reel fashion at the end of the round. Huge win for Mikhail Zayats.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      These guys traded some strikes at the start of the fight, and Chandler took down Hawn, 90 seconds into the first round. From there, Chandler basically wrestled the shit out of him for the rest of the round, while landing some basic ground & pound, including some nice knees to the body. Hawn got back to his feet with a minute left, and they traded some decent punches, but Chandler clearly won that round. The second round had some decent punches & kicks being thrown, and then Chandler secured another takedown within the first minute of the round. Chandler eventually wrapped his way around Hawn's back, threw him to the ground again, slapped on a rear-naked choke, and finished the fight via submission, halfway through the second round. This was another really solid performance by Michael Chandler, as he takes out one of the top Lightweights on the Bellator roster.
      Noe jumped in and landed some decent punches, Petruzelli countered with a couple of punches while moving in for the clinch. Petruzelli pressed Noe against the cage, and not a lot happened. They finally broke up, and traded a few more punch combinations. Petruzelli shot in for another takedown, Noe took his back on the way down, blasted him in the head with a lot of big punches, and the referee eventually had to step in to stop the fight. Really solid performance by Jacob Noe.