100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (20 Total):
1. Amir Khillah - 93.5
2. Saad Awad - 92.6
3. Jason Fischer - 91.9
4. Samuel Quito - 91.8
5. David Rickels - 91.1
6. Alexander Sarnavskiy - 90.9
7. Ben Lagman - 90.9
8. J.P. Reese - 90.7
9. Will Brooks - 90.7
10. Lloyd Woodard - 89.0
Bellator 87: Rickels vs. Woodard
Location: Mount Pleasant, Michigan
Elevation: 771'
-Fight of the Night-
Amir Khillah vs. John Schulz
Fighters & Matches 87.5
Top 10 Fighters 91.3
TOTAL 89.4
     The first round was a back & forth striking match, with Zelinski probably winning the first half of the round, and Kirk probably won the second half of the round. That round could really go either way. The second round was another close round, until Kirk rocked Zelinski with some punches with 90 seconds left in the round, and then he took him to the ground. Round two goes to Kirk. Kirk took Zelinski down immediately once the final round started. Kirk was inside Zelinski's guard, and he tied one of his arms under his back, which only gave Zelinski one arm to defend himself with. Kirk beat the shit out of Zelinski for that entire round. Zelinski threw up a lot of elbows from his back, but I don't know if that's enough to win the round for Zelinski. In the end, this fight could have gone either way, and two judges ended up giving the fight to Zelinski, with one judge giving him all 3 rounds which is a little bit ridiculous.
      The first round started with both guys standing & trading, with Lagman picking apart Quito with his range. Quito shot in for a takedown, and Lagman flipped him over on the way down, ending up on top. Lagman BLASTED Quito with some BRUTAL elbows, cutting him badly, causing blood to pour out all over the mat. Lagman continued to smash him with elbows, causing the referee to pause the fight to check on the cuts. They reset the fight back on the ground with Lagman on top. He blasted Quito with some additional elbows, and then Lagman rolled back for a kneebar. Lagman tried to kick his way out of it, got back on top, continued to pound on Quito with big punches, he took his back, Quito rolled for another kneebar, this time he fully extended it, Lagman sort of wiggled around in pain, kind of screamed, tapped a little bit, and the referee stopped the fight. Lagman immediately complained that he never tapped, but I mean... if he didn't tap, Quito was going to rip his leg off, so... Pretty crazy fight while it lasted.
      These guys traded a few strikes, and then Reese beat up Shepherd in the clinch for a while. They broke apart, and Reese took down Shepherd, pinning him against the cage. Reese had trouble passing guard, but he was still clearly in control, and landed a few decent punches on the ground. By the end of the round, Reese was bleeding all over the place, due to a cut on the top of his head. I still scored that round for Reese though.
     Reese took the fight back to the ground immediately in the second round. He still couldn't pass the guard, but he controlled another round with some decent ground & pound. Shepherd continued to hit Reese with elbows to the top of his head, but it wasn't enough to steal the round. Reese is ahead 2-0 going into the final round. Shepherd came out swinging in the final round, but Reese took him down again, and then beat him up for the rest of the fight. I scored this fight 30-27 for Reese, and all 3 judges agreed, but one judge scored it 29-28 for some reason.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      Khillah came out throwing BRUTAL kicks to the head & upper body of Schulz. Schulz threw a kick, Khillah caught it, and tripped Schulz to the ground. Khillah looks like a beast! He let Schulz stand back up, and continued to kick the living shit out of Schulz. After beating him up wih hard strikes for the first half of the round, Schulz shot for a takedown, Khillah threw him against the cage, and then threw him to the ground. Khillah mounted him, grabbed his back, and started looking for a rear-naked choke. Schulz was trying to roll out of it, but Khillah did a good job dropping elbows and keeping him under control. Schulz eventually was able to wrestle his way back to his feet, but as soon as they broke apart, Schulz let out a yell, and started limping as his knee went out on him or something. Khillah went in for the kill (no pun intended), landed a few strikes, clinched, took him to the ground, punched him in the head a lot, grabbed his back, locked on a rear-naked choke, and finished the fight via submission with 30 seconds or so remaining in the opening round. That was an outstanding Bellator debut by Amir Khillah.
      Here we have a couple of big badass looking bald, very muscular heavyweights, that look like they're ready to kill someone. They basically did the Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots thing, got exhausted after about 2 minutes, Etherington took the fight to the ground, threw stupid looking punches at the head of Fish, and... the fight was stopped I guess. Watching big muscular guys, that are too muscular to properly throw a punch, is fucking awkward. Congrats to Etherington on his win, but I mean... Damn bro... Those muscles are going to give you a heart attack or something.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      Fischer landed a few decent shots, and then Magakian shot in for a takedown, pressing Fischer against the cage. Fischer has a fairly active guard as he was looking for arm locks, and throwing elbows from his back. Magakian went for a guillotine, Fischer fought his way back to his feet, Magakian tried to throw him, Fischer grabbed his back on the way down, locked on a rear-naked choke, and finished the fight via submission with 90 seconds left in the first round. Solid showing by Jason Fischer.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      The first round was basically a back & forth boxing match, with both guys holding their own, but Sarnavskiy was more aggressive, rocking Silva a few times, and taking him down late in the round. Round one goes to Sarnavskiy. The traded strikes for 30 seconds in the second round, until Sarnavskiy took Silva to the ground again. They wrestled around for a couple of minutes with Sarnavskiy in control the entire time. Sarnavskiy grabbed Silva's back, locked on the rear-naked choke, and finished the fight via submission with just under 90 seconds left in the second round.
      Yeah! DeLorenzi threw some kicks, Awad answered with some harder kicks of his own, he then BLASTED DeLorenzi in the face with some massive punches, causing DeLorenzi to run away, before collapsing by the cage, due to the series of KO punches. Really nice finish for Saad Awad, finally getting his first win in Bellator.
      These guys traded strikes for the first 30 seconds or so, and then Tirloni took Brooks to the ground with an awkward single leg. After a few seconds on the ground, Brooks stood back up, and then tripped Tirloni, taking him to the ground with Brooks on top this time. Tirloni tried to find something from his guard, but ended up getting punched in the face a lot. Tirloni finally slapped on a loose triangle choke, but Brooks was able to slip out without too much trouble. Brooks spent the rest of the round beating up Tirloni on the ground.
     They traded strikes for the first 30 seconds of the second round, and then Brooks shot in for another takedown. Brooks beat him up for a little while, and then got sloppy, allowing Tirloni to try for a leg lock, but Brooks popped out quickly. Tirloni then hit Brooks in the dick with a sharp knee. Once the fight started back up, Brooks continued to pick apart Tirloni until the end of the round. Tirloni scored a takedown in the final seconds, but it wasn't enough to steal the round. Brooks is ahead, 2-0, going into the final round.
     The final round had Brooks continuing to outwrestle Tirloni for the duration of the round. The fight slowed down significantly in the final round, but Brooks continued to mash on Tirloni's face with short punches, leading to a very clear 30-27 unanimous decision victory for Will Brooks. Pretty decent Bellator debut for Will Brooks.
      These guys traded a few strikes, Woodard slipped with a high kick, and then shot in for a desperate takedown, grabbing Rickels back while trying to drag him to the ground. Rickels stayed standing for a little while, but Woodard eventually got him down, so that he could unload some ground & pound. Rickels slapped on a triangle choke, but couldn't lock it on, so Woodard was able to slam his way out of it. Woodard tried to mount him, Rickels went for a heel hook, Woodard fell back for a heel hook of his own, and then they punched each other for a few seconds. Woodard was the last one to hold onto a leg lock before Rickels stood back up. Rickels tried to dive in for some ground & pound, and Woodard went for another leg lock. The final 30 seconds of the round had Rickels on top, beating up Woodard, but I still scored that round for Woodard.
     The first half of the second round had Rickels beating up Woodard on the feet, chasing him around while working some basic boxing skills. Woodard eventually punched Rickels in the face, Rickels fell down, and Woodard chased him to the ground, but Rickels slapped on an armbar. Woodard powered his way out of it, and Rickels went for a triangle. Woodard postured up, and punched Rickels in the face while trying to pass his guard. They stood back up with 90 seconds left in the round, and Rickels pressed Woodard against the cage in the clinch. Woodard looked exhausted, and Rickels blasted him with some heavy punches, and then a knee from the clinch, which Woodard used to take him to the ground again. That was a close round, but I'm going to score that one for Rickels since he looked like he was in better shape once the round ended. I have the fight all tied up going into the third round.
     Woodard looked pretty out of it in the third round, which allowed Rickels to pick him apart with hard punches, and wacky kicks. Woodard was still firing back counters, but they were slow, and he looked like he was ready to be knocked out at any second. It was a pretty ugly round, and really, I feel like Rickels could have finished it if he would have been a little more aggressive, but yeah, pretty clear 29-28 unanimous decision victory for David Rickels, against a tough fighter that has had mixed results in his Bellator career.