100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (20 Total):
1. Eduardo Dantas - 92.9
2. Dan Cramer - 92.4
3. Doug Marshall - 92.3
4. Aaron Johnson - 91.5
5. Joe Pacheco - 91.5
6. Brett Cooper - 91.3
7. Brian Rogers - 91.2
8. Mike Maldonado - 90.8
9. Marcos Galvao - 90.0
10. Andreas Spang - 89.8
Bellator 89: Dantas vs. Galvao
Location: Charlotte, North Carolina
Elevation: 748'
-Fight of the Night-
Dan Cramer vs. Brian Rogers
Fighters & Matches 87.9
Top 10 Fighters 91.4
TOTAL 89.7
     Goodwin started the first round by shooting for a takedown, Maldonado sprawled, blasted Goodwin with a couple of knees, and then took his back. Maldonado let him go, and then blasted him with punches, while controlling him with a front headlock. Round one clearly goes to Maldonado. They started the second round by trading a few strikes, Goodwin went for a takedown from the clinch, and Maldonado immediately grabbed his back again. He went for a rear-naked choke, Goodwin rolled out of it, and Maldonado spent the rest of the round beating him up with strikes both on the ground & on the feet in the final 2 minutes. Goodwin finally scored a takedown in the final 20 seconds, but he's still down 2-0 going into the final round. The final round was another round for Maldonado, as he took Goodwin to the ground, and beat him up for most of the round. Clear 30-27 unanimous decision victory for Mike Maldonado in his Bellator debut.
      Buck started this fight with a takedown, but Mierzwiak worked his half guard nicely, to grab for a kneebar, which he used to tie up Buck for a good portion of the first round, switching between the kneebar & heel hook several times, before finally grabbing Buck's back, looking for a choke. Round one clearly goes to Mierzwiak for his slick grappling skills.
     Buck took the fight to the ground early in the second round, and this time he was able to maintain top position for most of the round. He didn't really do anything from the top, other than an arm-triangle choke in the final 30 seconds, but he at least controlled Mierzwiak for the duration of the round, so... I have it all tied up going into the final round.
     The final round started with Mierzwiak kicking Buck in the dick. Once the fight started back up, Buck shot for another takedown, landed in half mount again, and basically smothered Mierzwiak for the rest of the round. Not a great fight overall, but it was a pretty clear 29-28 unanimous decision victory for Johnny Buck in his Bellator debut.
      They clinched early, and Pacheco took Bolt to the ground. Pacheco finally passed Bolt's guard with about a minute left in the round, moving into full mount. Bolt used a heel hook attempt to escape, but Pacheco punished him with some ground & pound in the final 30 seconds. Pacheco started the second round by grabbing Bolt, and slamming him to the ground again, this time landing straight into side mount. Pacheco beat the shit out of Bolt with some solid ground & pound, he worked his way into full mount halfway through the round, and continued to smash Bolt. Bolt went for another leg lock attempt, Pacheco grabbed the cage to escape, the referee clearly didn't mind at all, and Pacheco worked his way into a better position, where he was able to knock Bolt unconscious, with some brutal elbows. Really solid win for Pacheco in his Bellator debut.
      The first round took place standing, with Aliev circling around Parlo, while picking him apart with some basic boxing skills. Aliev also secured a trip takedown at one point, which was enough to win the round for Aliev. The fight went to the ground with an ugly exchange in the second round, with Aliev on top, which allowed him to unload a little ground & pound before they stood back up. I have Aliev ahead 2-0 going into the final round.
     The third round had some fairly even exchanges on the feet, with Parlo maybe landing the better shots. Parlo then took down Aliev with a couple of minutes left in the round, and beat him up with some short punches to the head. Parlo wins the final round, leaving the score 29-28 across the board, for Sultan Aliev in his Bellator debut.
      Brennan Ward shot for a takedown at the start of the fight, got caught in an armbar immediately, and Ward tapped out. That fight was kind of embarassing to watch, assuming you're a fan of Brennan Ward. Awesome win for Aaron Johnson, but yeah, not really much else to say about this fight. Tight armbar, sucks for Ward.
      Here we have a couple of massive, very round, no-name heavyweights. They traded some pretty heavy strikes, with Mont mosty scoring with big kicks, but Mejia caught a kick to the body 90 seconds into the first round, and used that to take Mont to the ground. Mejia moved to side control, and slowly beat up McMullens with some short strikes, while smothering him with his round belly. McMullens eventually turtled up, and Mejia punched him in the head for a minute or so before the referee finally got bored and stopped the fight due to strikes. Nice win for Mejia, but I doubt we'll be seeing these guys again anytime soon.
      These guys came out swinging, with Rhino clearly being the brawler, and Spang had the clean technical style. Spang tried to clinch for a while, but the referee broke them up pretty quickly. Spang continued to pick apart Marshall with crisp jabs, until The Rhino blasted Spang with a big right hand, knocking him on his ass, and then he tried to do the whole "walk off KO" thing. It MIGHT have been a bit of a quick stoppage, but that was a pretty badass punch regardless. So yeah, nice TKO victory for Doug "The Rhino" Marshall.
      These guys came out swinging tight heavy punches, and then Cooper shot for a couple of takedowns, finally following through with the second one, but Paraisy popped right back to his feet. Cooper beat up Paraisy with some tight punches to the body from the clinch, and Paraisy countered with a series of knees & some kicks. A lot of this fight had Cooper pressing Paraisy against the cage, but there were a lot of great exchanges mixed in there to keep things exciting. Paraisy secured a takedown with 90 seconds left in the round, but Cooper popped right back up. Cooper took down Paraisy with a minute left in the round, and spent the final minute beating him up with short punches on the ground. Round one goes to Cooper.
     Cooper took down Paraisy early in the second round, and beat him up with some basic ground & pound for the duration of the round. Paraisy got back to his feet with 90 seconds left, but Cooper dumped him to the floor again. Cooper is ahead 2-0 going into the final round. The final round was a repeat of the second round, with Cooper taking down Paraisy early, beating him up with some short shots, and then every time Paraisy would get back to his feet, Cooper would dump him to the floor again. Solid 30-27 unanimous decision victory for Brett Cooper.
      These guys came out clinching early, throwing MASSIVE punches, Cramer landed some hard knees, and then Rogers threw Cramer to the ground with a nice belly to belly suplex. Cramer was able to wrestle his way into top position. They stood back up, continued to clinch, and Cramer took Rogers to the ground again. They stood back up, Rogers blasted Cramer in the face with some big punches, Cramer complained about a possible eye poke, and then grabbed the back of Rogers near the end of the round. I scored the first round for Cramer.
     They came out swinging again in the second round, and then Rogers threw Cramer to the ground with that same slam again. He beat him up on the ground for a few seconds, and then stood back up. They continued to trade hard punches, and then Rogers took down Cramer again. He landed some heavy punches on the ground, and then stood back up. Cramer took down Rogers 2 minutes into the round, but Rogers stood back up. They traded some more punches, clinched, and then Cramer took Rogers down again, this time in the center of the cage. They eventually stood back up, Cramer landed some solid punches on the feet, and then the round ended. That round could have gone either way, but I scored it SLIGHTLY for Cramer.
     The final round just continued the action from the rest of the fight, with both guys swinging for the fences, but Cramer landed some clean shots including some nice knees, he took Rogers to the ground, got side control, and beat the shit out of him. In the end, this fight is a clear decision victory for Dan Cramer, at least 29-28, if not 30-27, and all 3 judges agreed. Rogers put up a HELL of a fight though. Great fight overall by both fighters.
      These guys spent the first round trading hard punches & kicks at a moderate pace. Galvao tried to take Dantas to the ground around the halfway mark, but Dantas did a great job staying on his feet. They eventually broke apart, and continued to trade strikes, with Dantas picking apart Galvao late in the round. I scored the first round for Dantas. Good fight so far.
     Galvao landed some really hard shots to start the second round, but a couple of minutes in, and Dantas was destroying him with quick crisp punches & kicks, picking him apart from all kinds of crazy angles. They resorted to some brawling for a little while, with both guys absorbing some hard punches. They continued to brawl wildly, Dantas knocked down Galvao with an akward left hand, and then smashed his face with a handful of right hands on the ground, which put Galvao to sleep. Awesome KO victory for Eduardo Dantas. He's a legit Champion for sure.