100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (20 Total):
1. Emanuel Newton - 93.5
2. Ben Saunders - 93.3
3. Mikhail Zayats - 92.9
4. Douglas Lima - 92.7
5. Sean Powers - 91.8
6. Lionel Lanham - 91.4
7. Shahbulat Shamhalaev - 91.4
8. Shanon Slack - 91.3
9. Jesse Juarez - 91.3
10. Jordan Smith - 90.8
Bellator 90: Shamhalaev vs. Martinez
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
Elevation: 4,226'
-Fight of the Night-
Emanuel Newton vs. Muhammed Lawal
Fighters & Matches 88.9
Top 10 Fighters 92.0
TOTAL 90.5
     These guys clashed early with some sloppy punches, Rodriguez got clipped, Lanham chased him down for the kill, continued to throw punches while Rodrigues literally ran away, eventually falling down, which gave Lanham an opportunity to finish off a bloody Rodriguez with punches on the ground. Outstanding Bellator debut for Lionel Lanham.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      Powers has a significant reach advantage, but that didn't matter since Allred shot in for a takedown almost immediately in the first round. Powers went for an armbar from his guard, but Allred slipped out. Allred went around to take the back of Powers, but he couldn't get a good grip, so Powers slipped out of that and kicked his way back to his feet. Powers beat the shit out of Allred with some big punches and some heavy knees, he knocked him down and then got half mount, where he pounded on Allred with big elbows. Allred wrestled his way out of that bad position, and then took Powers's back again, but couldn't hang on, as Powers rolled out of it. Solid opening round, and it could maybe go either way, but I scored it for Powers based on his submission attempts and the damage on the feet.
     Allred took the fight to the ground again in the second round, but he continued to show a weakness in his ability to maintain top control, so Powers was able to sweep him before taking much damage at all. Powers beat him up for a while from a variety of top positions, and then went for an arm-triangle choke, which Allred somehow turned into a heel hook attempt, but yeah, that's another round in the books for Powers. The traded some sloppy strikes to start the third round, and Allred looked exhausted. He shot for a weak takedown, and Powers stuffed it and landed some elbows to the side of his head. Powers wrapped his way around to a rear-naked choke, and finished the fight via submission halfway through the final round.
      The first round mostly took place standing, and it started off kind of slow, but by the halfway mark, both guys were throwing insanity at each other. Smith probably landed the harder shots, but Juarez was holding his own, and he took Smith down in the last half of the round as well. They stood back up, and Juarez secured another takedown, beating up Smith a little bit to finish out the round. That was a good round, but I'm scoring it for Juarez for holding top position, and holding his own with the striking as well. If we're basing it just on striking though, Smith won that first round. Eh, nevermind... The first round is a draw.
     The second round had some wild brawling, until Juarez grabbed Smith's back on the ground 90 seconds in. From there, Juarez landed some heavy punches, and then went for an arm-triangle choke. Smith broke free, but Juarez never let go of his back, as they stood up, and continued to clinch, until Juarez was able to secure another takedown with around 90 seconds left in the round. Juarez went for a rear-naked choke in the final minute, but Smith rolled out of it. Another good competitive round, but I have Juarez up AT LEAST one round going into the third, with the first round probably being a draw.
     The final round started with Smith picking apart Jordan with his boxing, until he threw a spinning back fist, which Juarez ducked under, and then he grabbed Smith's back for a brief stalemate clinch. The referee broke them up, and Smith continued to box the shit out of Juarez, clearly winning the first 3 minutes of the round, but Juarez grabbed his back again, and sort of went for a standing rear-naked choke, but the referee broke them up almost instantly. Juarez shot for another takedown, and Smith stuffed it, for a few seconds, but Juarez eventually plowed through, once again grabbing Smith's back. Juarez won the final 30 seconds, but Smith won the rest of that round, so I scored the final round for Smith. This fight has draw written all over it, but I'd probably lean SLIGHTLY in favor of Juarez, so I'm glad he won via split-decision.
      The first round had a lot of clinching, and a few decent exchanges, with Marx probably landing the better shots throughout the round. Beebe scored a takedown late in the round, but Marx popped right back up. Close round, but I scored it for Marx. The second round was another close round on the feet until Marx took down Beebe in the last half of the round, but Beebe immediately slapped on a guillotine choke, which he used to get top position. Beebe tried to find a deeper choke, but Marx was able to work his way back to his feet. Marx spent the rest of the round picking apart Beebe on the feet. Another close round, but I'd probably score that one for Marx as well. The final round was another grueling round, with both fighters looking pretty tired. Beebe was still working for guillotine chokes, and he came pretty close a couple of times, but he still did enough to win that round. I scored the fight 29-28 for Marx, and all 3 judges agreed, but they gave him all 3 rounds for the unanimous decision victory.
(Head Kick)
      This was a decent boxing match while it lasted, with both guys maybe respecting each other a little too much, but still landing some decent combinations going both ways. The fight ended a little past the halfway mark of the first round, with a BADASS left high kick delivered by Saunders, knocking Amaya to the ground, completely unconscious. That was a fucking AWESOME head kick KO. Awesome accuracy, and awesome win for Ben Saunders.
      Noe was moving forward, he threw a kick, Zayats caught the kick, and BLASTED Noe in the face with a huge right hand, that planted Noe on the ground. Zayats got on top in Noe's half guard. Zayats was beating up Noe a little bit, but couldn't really posture up enough to land with any significant power. Zayats eventually slipped into the full mount, Noe started to roll over, Zayats punched the fuck out of his face, Noe collapsed to his back again. Noe tried to push Zayats off of him, Zayats locked on the armbar, and finished the fight via submission. Really nice win for Zayats.
      Lima picked apart Baker with single leg kicks, and punches, for most of the first round, until finally, around the halfway mark, Lima launched a massive overhand right, knocking Baker unconscious, as he collapsed on the ground. Another awesome KO victory for Douglas Lima. He might be one of my favorite fighters currently in Bellator, especially at 170 pounds.
(Spinning Back Fist)
      This was a pretty good kickboxing match while it lasted, with both guys landing some pretty soliid shots. It was a fairly even round, with Lawal waiting to counter, and Newton moving forward, and then Newton unloaded a badass spinning backfist with his left hand, and Lawal was knocked unconscious, and fell down slowly, like a tree that just got chopped down. That was a massive upset, and a GREAT win for Emanuel Newton.
      The first 90 seconds of this fight had zero action, until Martinez threw a kick, Shamhalaev caught it, and then destroyed Martinez's face with some heavy punches on his way to the ground. They reset, and went back to zero action for another 90 seconds or so. Martinez shot for a quick takedown, and brought Shamhalaev to the ground. Nothing happened in the final 90 seconds of the round, other than Martinez holding down Shamhalaev. I'm giving that round to Shamhalaev based on the damage done in that single exchange earlier in the round. I thought that was more worthwhile than Martinez's takedown.
     The second round had 2 minutes or so of Shamhalaev throwing single hard punches, while Martinez was waiting to counter, while refusing to pull the trigger. Shamhalaev then blasted Martinez with a kick to the head, followed it up with some knees, Martinez was in panic mode, looking for a takedown, and then Shamhalaev knocked Martinez unconscious with a massive right hand. Really great win for the underdog, Shahbulat Shamhalaev.
(Peruvian Necktie)
      Tyler was outworking Slack on the feet early in the first round, so Slack took him down twice, beating him up for the rest of the round on the ground. Round one goes to Slack. The second round had Tyler kicking Slack in the groin early, and then Slack spent the rest of the round beating up Tyler with knees & elbows from the clinch, before taking him down again at the end of the round. Slack is ahead 2-0 going into the final round. They traded some strikes in the third round, Tyler finally secured a takedown of his own, and then Slack popped up, slapped on a Peruvian Necktie, and finished the fight via submission halfway through the final round. Great finish for Slack.