100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (20 Total):
1. Saad Awad - 93.3
2. David Rickels - 91.7
3. Brennan Ward - 91.4
4. Andres Quintana - 91.3
5. Blas Avena - 91.2
6. Attila Vegh - 91.2
7. Adrian Cruz - 90.7
8. Ed West - 90.7
9. Holly Holm - 90.2
10. Josh Appelt - 90.1
Bellator 91: Vegh vs. M'Pumbu
Location: New Mexico, Mexico
Elevation: 5,700'
-Fight of the Night-
Saad Awad vs. Will Brooks
Fighters & Matches 88.1
Top 10 Fighters 91.2
TOTAL 89.7
(Rear-Naked Choke)
     After feeling bad about his 15 second submission loss to Aaron Johnson TWO WEEKS ago, Bellator is giving Ward another shot, against a no-name fighter in Yair Moguel. Moguel came out swinging, and Ward quickly took him to the ground, avoiding the armbar this time, he immediately grabbed the back of Moguel. He locked on the rear-naked choke, and finished the fight via submission, in under one minute of the first round. Nice submission victory for Brennan Ward.
      Lanier is tall & lanky, and Appelt is short & stocky. Appelt came out swinging like old school Tank Abbott, with his chin tucked, and forward being the only direction he knows. He landed some good shots, but eventually the fight resulted in a stalemate clinch. Eventually Appelt got Lanier to the ground, and Lanier locked on a triangle choke, but Appelt was able to escape and get back to his feet. The final 90 seconds or so were pretty boring, until Appelt secured another takedown, Lanier tried to work a high guard, and the round eventually ended. Lanier looks exhausted. Appelt rocked him in the final 20 seconds, knocked him to the ground, but let him stand back up. He rocked him again at the end of the round, nearly finishing him, but Lanier was saved by the bell. The second round started, Appelt threw a few jabs, Lanier spent the rest of his energy throwing a sloppy combination, Appelt knocked him down with a big left hand, and finished him with big punches on the ground. Decent win for Appelt, but I'd like to see him work on his cardio just a LITTLE bit.
(Scarf Hold Armlock)
      A few punches were thrown, and then Cruz aggressively took Gonzalez to the ground inside the first minute of the opening round. Cruz beat up Gonzalez with short elbows on the ground, until the referee stood them up a couple of minutes later. They traded a few strikes, and then Cruz bullied Gonzalez back down to the ground. Gonzalez went for an omoplata, but Cruz did a good job rolling out of it, ending up in side control. Round one goes to Cruz for his takedowns & top control.
     The second round was decently competitive on the feet for the first 90 seconds, until Cruz grabbed Gonzalez's back, yanked him to the ground, they stood back up, and Cruz shot for another takedown. After pressing him against the cage for a minute or so, Cruz finally brought Gonzalez to the ground, locked on a scarf hold armlock, and finished the fight via submission a second later. Really solid one-sided wrestling & grappling performance by Adrian Cruz in his Bellator debut.
(Head Kick)
      The first round had Ed West beating up Montoya with punches and kicks, and a lot of forward pressure. Montoya landed a few decent leg kicks, but for the most part, he just looked like a punching bag out there. The second round was more of the same, with West beating up Montoya on the feet for a couple of minutes, before blasting Montoya in the jaw with a massive left head kick, knocking Montoya 100% unconscious, and he landed a handful of punches to Montoya's face before he even hit the floor. GREAT KO victory for Ed West, against a guy I've never heard of.
      These guys both came out showing off some solid striking skills, Wilson shot for a takedown, and Quintana hit the switch, ending up on top for a few seconds, before they both stood back up. They exchanged a few more strikes, and then Wilson shot for another takedown, this time ending up inside Quintana's guard. They stood back up, and Wilson continued to dig for takedowns, Quintana tripped him with a scissor sweep, but Wilson ended up back on top again. Quintana started looking for an inverted triangle, and then transitioned to an armbar, and then in the final seconds, got caught in a guillotine choke by Wilson. That was a back & forth round that could have gone either way.
     They spent the first minute of the second round trading strikes, and then Wilson shot for another takedown, but Quintana was able to stuff it. They stood back up, Quintana beat up Wilson on the feet a little bit, and then Wilson took him back down against the cage. Quintana stood back up, and Wilson continued to try to drive for another takedown until the end of the round. Quintana finished out the round looking for a heel hook. This is a really close fight, and it's hard to score, so overall, I'm going to call it all tied up going into the third round.
     Wilson started the third round immediately looking for another takedown, Quintana slaughtered him with a series of brutal knees from the clinch. Wilson kept looking for a takedown, and when they moved from that position, there was a massive pool of blood on the ground from Wilson's face, Quintana finished him off with some more punches, and the referee saw way too much blood, so he stopped the fight. Great Bellator debut by both guys, but especially the winner, Andres Quintana.
      Lovato's reflexes seem a few seconds to slow for everything. Whenever Avena threw a leg kick, Lovato would block it a second later, and then keep his leg up in the air like he was waiting for more kicks. Avena was picking him apart with random punches and kicks, Lovato ran in with another sloppy left hook, Avena blasted him in the jaw with a big right counter, and knocked him the fuck out. Nice quick win for Blas Avena.
      Holly Holm's gameplan seems to be to just run forward, while throwing punch combinations, while yelling "YA YA YA YA YA YA YA", which sort of makes it easier to predict her movements. The problem is, Merrill had no real offense at all, so it was really just a matter of time before Holm broke down Merrill with her boxing, finally landing a big punch to the body, Merrill tried to counter it with a kick, but lost her balance, fell down, Holm punched her a couple of times, and the fight was stopped. Holm looked decent in this fight, but Merrill barely even looked like a professional fighter, so I'm not sure how much this fight really says about Holm.
      The first round of this fight had both guys swinging wildly at each other with big punches and kicks, with Rickels looking slightly more aggressive, and landing a few more power shots. It was a close round, but I scored it for Rickels. Rickels took down Fischer early in the second round, and beat him up on the ground for most of the round, with short punches, and solid top position wrestling. Fischer rolled into top position with 2 minutes left in the round, and Rickels held him in his guard, looking to setup a possible submission, but he never really came close to locking anything on. They stood back up with one minute left in the round. They battled in the clinch for a while, Fischer tried to take down Rickels, and with 10 seconds left, Rickels scrambled into an awkward top position, where he was smothering Fischer's head with his hip. I have Rickels ahead 2-0 going into the final round.
      Rickels started teeing off on Fischer in the third round with big punches and hard leg kicks, but SOMETHING caught Rickels, cutting open his left eye pretty badly, leaving the entire left side of his face a bloody mess in a matter of seconds. They clinched and Rickels took down Fischer against the cage. Rickels looked like a bully out there, smothering Fischer on the ground while looking for a possible arm-triangle from the mount. With one minute left, Rickels postured up in full mount, rained down some heavy punches, Fischer gave up his back, and Rickels continued to pound on him before pulling back for an armbar. Fischer looked like he was in some serious trouble, but he was saved by the bell. That was a great fight, and a solid unanimous decision win for David Rickels.
      OH SHIT! After a badass first round KO in under a minute against Guillaume DeLorenzi, just one month ago, Awad is back, knocking out Brooks in a similar fashion, just absolutely slaughtering him with big punches, chasing him around the cage, finishing him off with some brutal ground & pound, leaving Brookes on the rigid on the floor. Another awesome KO in under a minute by Saad Awad.
      The first round had Vegh beating up M'Pumbu on the feet, and then he knocked him down 90 seconds into the round, but M'Pumbu was able to get back up and take him down immediately. Vegh worked his way back to his feet, and M'Pumbu threw some knees to his body. They separated, traded some strikes, and Vegh threw M'Pumbu to the ground in the final 15 seconds of the round. That round was close, but I scored it for Vegh, based mostly on the knockdown, and the throw at the end of the round.
     The second round had a lot of standing around & clinching, and probably could have gone either way. They traded submissions at the end of the round, but neither fighter did enough to clearly win the round. The third round started slow, but Vegh plowed M'Pumbu to the ground one minute into the round. From there, Vegh beat up M'Pumbu for the rest of the round with some basic ground & pound.
     The fourth round was a replay of the third, with Vegh taking down M'Pumbu one minute into the round, where he was able to beat him up with ground & pound for a minute or so before M'Pumbu stood back up. Vegh then beat up M'Pumbu on the feet with punches, forcing M'Pumbu to shoot for a takedown, but Vegh stuffed it. I have Vegh ahead 3-0 going into the fourth round (with the 2nd round being a draw). M'Pumbu needs a finish if he wants to win this fight.
     The final round was a good back & forth brawl, with M'Pumbu in control for most of the round, but he never really came close to getting that finish he needed. Even if you give M'Pumbu that second round, this fight is still going to be scored at least 48-47 in favor of Attila Vegh, if not 49-46. Congrats to Attila Vegh, the new Bellator Light Heavyweight Champion.