100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (22 Total):
1. Joe Taimanglo - 92.1
2. David Rickels - 92.0
3. Edson Berto - 92.0
4. Julien Williams - 91.3
5. Luis Sergio Melo Jr. - 91.3
6. Emanuel Newton - 91.3
7. Augusto Sakai - 90.9
8. Saad Awad - 90.8
9. Rodrigo Lima - 90.3
10. Jessica Aguilar - 90.3
Bellator 94: Newton vs. Zayats
Location: Tampa, Florida
Elevation: 48'
-Fight of the Night-
David Rickels vs. Saad Awad
Fighters & Matches 88.1
Top 10 Fighters 91.2
TOTAL 89.7
     The first round of this fight, had Clark (in her Bellator debut), taking Herrig to the ground with a headlock, and then she beat her up with ground & pound for the entire round. The second round had Herrig scoring points by beating up Clark while standing, but with about one minute left in the round, Clark took her down with a headlock again, BUT, Herrig ended up on Clark's back, looking for a rear-naked choke. The scorecards should be even going into the third round. The third round had Herrig taking the fight to the ground, where she dominated Clark, got on her back, and spent most of the round trying to sink in the rear-naked choke. When the fight stopped, Herrig screamed in Clark's face, Clark back handed her in the face, so Herrig took a swing at her. Pretty decent fight overall, and congrats to Felice Herrig for the split-decision victory. I really don't see why anyone would have given this fight to Clark.
      Fryklund struggled to get Cenoble to the ground in the first round, while Cenoble beat him up on the feet with his boxing, leaving Fryklund a bloody mess. Round one goes to Cenoble. Frkylund shot for a takedown early in the second round, but Cenoble grabbed the fence to stay on his feet, so the referee took a point from Cenoble. From there, Fryklund scored several takedowns and beat up Cenoble on the ground for the rest of the round, resulting in a 10-8 round for Fryklund. The final round had Cenoble blasting the battered Fryklund with power shots for 90 seconds or so, Fryklund then took him down and tried to beat him up on the ground for a while. In the end, that was a close round, but I'd probably give it to Cenoble for doing the most damage overall. The fight ended with a draw. I'm going to give the victory points to Cenoble, since he would have won if it wasn't for the point taken away from the fence grab, and I hate draws.
(Heel Hook)
      Carvalho started this fight with a hard inside leg kick, and Berto returned fire with a head kick. Carvalho kicked his leg again, and Berto shot for a takedown but it was stuffed. Berto dropped Carvalho with a big right hand, Carvalho slapped on an armbar from his guard, it looked like he was going to snap Berto's arm, but Berto gave a thumbs up with his free hand, and then fell back for a heel hook, rolled around, cranked that shit, and forced Carvalho to submit just 90 seconds into the opening round. That was a great submission victory for Edson Berto.
(North-South Choke)
      These guys traded a few strikes, and then Rogers carried Taimanglo across the cage before slamming him to the mat. Not much happened on the ground before Taimanglo stood back up. Taimanglo then slammed Rogers and beat him up from the mounted crucifix for a while to finish out the round. Round one goes to Taimanglo. The second round started with Taimanglo slamming Rogers again. He moved to north-south, slapped on the choke, and finished the fight just 33 seconds into the second round in his Bellator debut. Really solid performance by Joe Taimanglo.
      This was a pretty good fight, and it ended up being a lot closer than it probably should have been. Aguilar won the first round, taking Vidonic down, and beating her up. Vidonic won the second round, taking Aguilar down, and beating her up, but Aguilar almost secured an armbar at the end of the round. The third round had Aguilar taking Vidonic down, and beating her up, so in the end, I gave the fight to Aguilar, who won by a split-decision.
      Horton dropped Sakai one minute into the opening round with a big right hand, and then smothered him on the ground, moving to full mount, and then grabbing his back, but Sakai slipped out the back door, ended up on top, and beat up Horton for a little while. They eventually stood back up, clinched, and Sakai continued to pound on Horton with knees. Horton took down Sakai again with 20 seconds left in the round but couldn't do much with it. I scored the first round for Sakai. Most of the second round took place in the clinch, with Sakai still beating up Horton, as he eventually finished him with a massive knee to the jaw, knocking Horton flat on his face. Great Bellator debut for Augusto Sakai.
(Guillotine Choke)
      Williams started this fight with a series of punches that lead to a takedown against the cage. From there, Williams beat the shit out of Moss with some aggressive ground & pound, and once Moss tried to get back to his feet, Williams slapped on a guillotine choke, and finished the fight via submission around the halfway mark of the opening round. Really strong performance by Julien Williams.
      This entire fight basically had both guys hopping around, boxing each other, with Lima landing most of the good shots. They clinched a little bit, and that was pretty back & forth, but for the most part, Lima seemed like he was controlling most of the fight. Mann landed a few decent punches & knees randomly, but Lima still landed more shots overall, and he even took down Mann and beat him up for the duration of the third round. In the end, I scored this fight 30-27 for Lima, and all 3 judges agreed, giving him the unanimous decision victory.
(Arm-Triangle Choke)
      These guys traded a few strikes, clinched, and then Houston threw Melo to the ground 40 seconds into the first round, landing inside his guard. They stood back up a few seconds later, and then Melo kicked Houston in the dick with a BRUTAL groin shot. Once the fight started back up, Melo started picking apart Houston with punches & kicks, before taking him down 90 seconds into the round. From there, Melo spent most of the round beating up Houston with short punches. They stood back up with 90 seconds left, and Houston landed some decent punches late in the round, but Melo took him down again. Round one goes to Melo.
     The second round started with a bit of brawling, Houston rocked Melo, knocked him to the ground, tried to take his back, and beat the shit out of him on the ground for 90 seconds or so before they stood back up. Melo then took down Houston, and beat him up from inside his guard. Houston went for a sloppy triangle, and Melo used that moment to pass the guard, and then he finished out the round by beating up Houston with big punches on the ground. I have Melo ahead 2-0 going into the final round.
     They continued to trade hard strikes to start the third round, with Houston moving forward, but Melo took him back down 30 seconds in, he landed some big punches, passed the guard, slapped on an arm-triangle choke from full mount, and finished the fight in just over one minute of the final round. Really strong Bellator debut for Luis Sergio Melo Jr.
      The first round of this fight was a pretty violent brawl, with both guys having their moments, throwing big punches, and hard kicks. Awad secured a takedown about halfway through the round, so that, mixed with the punches he was landing, probably won that first round for Awad. The second round started with the same wild exchanges, with Awad beating up Rickels on the feet, and then taking him down with a scoop slam. Awad continued to pound on Rickels for the majority of the second round, until Rickels finally started looking for submissions from his guard. Awad stood up, pounced back in with wild punches, and Rickels caught him again. Rickels was trying hard to get up, and Awad did a good job keeping him grounded. Rickels finally got up with 30 seconds left, blasted Awad with an elbow, followed by a flury of punches, finishing Awad as the bell sounded. Awesome win for David Rickels.
      The first round was kind of a close round, until they clinched at the end of the round, Newton tried to slam Zayats, Zayats went for a guillotine choke, and Newton plowed right through it, pressing Zayats up against the cage, where he beat him up for the final minute or so of the round. The second round was kind of close too, but Zayats busted up the face of Newton in the final 30 seconds of the round, leaving him a bloody mess, and he also secured a takedown at the very end of the round, so I thought that was enough action to give the second round to Zayats. After watching the replay, it was pretty clear that the cut on Newton's eye was from an accidental headbutt at the end of the round. Newton put Zayats on his ass with some hard punch combinations in the third round, which really started to swing the momentum in Newton's favor. Zayats shot for a takedown with a minute left, and Newton showed some solid takedown defense, which allowed him to stay on his feet. Newton took Zayats down at the end of the round, Zayats was looking for an armbar, and Newton continued to beat him up. In the end, I scored this fight 29-28 in favor of Emanuel Newton, and all 3 judges agreed.