100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (16 Total):
1. Clay Guida - 97.5
2. Tyson Griffin - 97.3
3. Ed Herman - 91.7
4. Jason MacDonald - 90.9
5. Dustin Hazelett - 90.4
6. Marcus Davis - 89.8
7. Eddie Sanchez - 89.7
8. Rory Singer - 89.5
9. Forrest Griffin - 89.2
10. Scott Smith - 88.7
UFC 72: Victory
Location: Belfast, Northern Ireland
Elevation: 262'
-Fight of the Night-
Clay Guida vs. Tyson Griffin
Fighters & Matches 88.9
Top 10 Fighters 91.5
TOTAL 90.2
(Anaconda Choke)
     This fight was ok & average for the most part, basically just two guys throwing somewhat random punches at each other, not really doing much damage, UNTIL THE END... Lynch for whatever reason, tried to throw some sort of jump kick or something, and landed on his ass, and Hazelett followed that up by chasing him down with some Vitor Belfort style flurries, which caused Lynch to backstep into the cage & then fall back down... Hazelett then locked on the D'Arce choke, and then transitioned into an Anaconda choke for the submission victory around halfway through the first round... Ok fight, with a really strong & technical finish...
      The first half of the first round, consisted of just random striking while both fighters stayed on their feet... Robinson eventually got the upperhand, and took Sanchez to the ground, and spent the entire last half of the round, beating the shit out of Sanchez, and then he went for an armbar, obviously has no idea how to finish it, and Sanchez escaped, reversed the position, and ended up on top, finishing the final minute with huge elbows & punches to the head of Robinson... Colin Robinson SHOULD have easily won the first round, but by the huge finish by Sanchez, I gave the first round to Eddie Sanchez... Sanchez started the second round, with one punch to the chin of Robinson, which knocked him for a loop, and then Sanchez grabbed him, tripped him, took him to the ground, and then pounded Robinson's chin with elbows until the referee had to stop the fight... Eddie Sanchez wins by second round TKO... This was one of those fights where heart was really the deciding factor...
      This fight was pretty ok I guess... It was one of the undercard fights that they played at the end of the night, to fill up some empty space... I have no idea who Jason Tan is, but he threw a couple of decent kicks at the beginning of the fight... Marcus Davis followed that up with a 1-2 combo to the face of Tan, knocking him to the ground with a shot to the chin... Once Tan hit the ground, Davis jumped on him, started throwing brutal hammerfists at the face of the already knocked out Tan, until the referee stopped the fight... Marcus Davis looked impressive, but since I don't know who Jason Tan is, then I'm not sure how impressive this fight really was...
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      After watching the first couple of minutes of this fight, I thought it was going to be pretty boring... Ed Herman started turning up the pace though, by taking down Smith with a couple of really nice slams, and then following those up with some vicious elbows to the bridge of Scott Smith's nose... Smith left the first round with a REALLY BAD cut on the bridge of his nose, and it was just gushing blood... The second round consisted of more of the same, but Smith was able to lock on a guillotine, and it looked like Herman was about to pass out... Herman somehow escaped, and then ended up literally jumping onto the back of Smith, and he locked on the rear naked choke for the submission victory in the second round...
      This was easily fight of the year so far... There have been a ton of great fights already, but this fight was just fucking ridiculous... I'm not even going to try to break this fight down, there was literally SO MUCH ACTION, this is one of those rare fights that you seriously need to watch for yourself to be able to understand how fucking terrific it was... Both guys displayed GREAT wrestling, GREAT submission skills, GREAT striking, GREAT cardio, GREAT heart, GREAT everything... Seriously... Watch this fucking fight... Maybe even the best fight of all time... Fucking brilliant... The only downside is, Tyson Griffin won by split-decision... I personally gave the fight (just barely) to Clay Guida... It really could have gone either way though... But yeah, watch this fight... It was amazing...
(Punches & Elbows)
      This fight was pretty decent, but compared to the first two fights on this card, it sort of lost some steam... It's going to be hard for anything to beat the Tyson Griffin vs. Clay Guida fight though... BUT! Back to this fight... Jason MacDonald is one of those guys that I've been claiming for a long time, is ready for the big times... Rory Singer on the other hand, I can't stand the guy... With that being said, Rory Singer won the first round, without too much of a problem... When the fight went to the ground, Singer just seemed to be a bit too strong for MacDonald... Singer kind of beat up MacDonald in the first round, and made him look bad... Luckily for me, the second round started to lean a little bit more in favor of Jason MacDonald, until he finally got the full mount, and started throwing punches at the head of Singer, forcing the referee to stop the fight... Jason MacDonald IS still good, he's just not as good as I had hoped he would be...
      Well, I'm pretty sure we were all looking forward to this fight... The build up to this fight, was calling it a stand up war! These guys were supposed to get in there, and just bang... Throw punches like crazy, nothing but bombs, until one guy gets knocked out... And well, that wasn't the case... It was still a good fight, but it was mostly just 3 rounds of Forrest Griffin, dancing around the ring, striking from the outside, throwing leg kicks, throwing solid combos, etc... And in the end, Forrest Griffin wins by unanimous decision... Hector Ramirez just seemed lost in there...
      Well, here we are with another card, with some great undercard fights, and then the main event fights just turn out to be disappointing... The Forrest Griffin fight wasn't nearly as explosive as I think most people probably expected, and then the Rich Franklin vs. Yushin Okami fight, was just plain boring... The first two rounds had Rich Franklin winning, by being a LITTLE bit more aggressive with the striking... The third round, Yushin Okami got the points, for taking Rich to the ground, and almost finishing him with a DEADLY looking Kimura... Ha, so yeah... I almost wanted to give the fight to Okami, since he's the only one that even came close to finishing the fight... But yeah, Rich Franklin wins by unanimous decision...