100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (20 Total):
1. Goiti Yamauchi - 92.4
2. Virgil Zwicker - 91.7
3. Blagoy Ivanov - 91.4
4. Justin Wilcox - 90.7
5. Hector Ramirez - 90.7
6. Akop Stepanyan - 90.5
7. Joe Taimanglo - 90.4
8. Gavin Sterritt - 90.3
9. Patricio Freire - 90.1
10. Vladimir Matyushenko - 89.9
Bellator 99: Pitbull vs. Nunes
Location: Temecula, California
Elevation: 1,017'
-Fight of the Night-
Justin Wilcox vs. Akop Stepanyan
Fighters & Matches 87.7
Top 10 Fighters 90.8
TOTAL 89.3
     Kosic tried to kick Ramirez in the head, and then tried to throw him, but Ramirez ended up in top position, where he hit Kosic with elbows for most of the first round. Ramirez took a shot to the nuts in the second round, and then knocked Kosic to the ground with big punches, and Ramirez jumped on him, and beat the living shit out of him for the entire round. The final round was more of the same, with Ramirez taking Kosic to the ground, and beating him up. 30-27 unanimous decision victory for Hector Ramirez.
      The first round had Murad beating up Sterritt in the clinch, and he also secured a couple of takedowns, and worked for a Kimura on the ground, so round one clearly goes to Murad. The second round started the same way, more clinching, Murad scored a takedown, and then everything turned around for Sterritt once the referee stood them back up. Sterritt blasted Murad with some hard punches, a head kick, Murad took him down again, and then Sterritt cut him up with elbows from the bottom. I scored that round for Sterritt and have the score all tied up going into the final round. The final round had Murad scoring another takedown, and landing some decent elbows, but his cut was putting him at a pretty bad disadvantage. The final 90 seconds or so had Sterritt beating the living shit out of Murad, in my opinion, winning him the fight. The judges were split, but two agreed with me, giving Sterritt the fight via split-decision.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      Toliver shot for a takedown to start this fight, ending up in Yamauchi's guard. Yamauchi used an Omoplata to spin out, taking Toliver's back, where he finished him with a rear-naked choke in one minute of the first round. Really slick submission skills being displayed by Yamauchi in his Bellator debut. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing more from this guy in the near future.
(Guillotine Choke)
      This fight started kind of slow, without either fighter engaging for the first 55 seconds or so. Ivanov finally punched Lara in the head a couple of times, clinched with him, Lara went down for a takedown, and Ivanov locked on a guillotine choke, finishing the fight via submission in just over one minute of the first round. Another nice guillotine finish for Blagoy Ivanov.
      Fisher caught a kick early, and knocked down Taimanglo with a punch, but he popped right back up, and started to beat up Fisher with punches. Taimanglo then threw Fisher around in the clinch for a few seconds, before resetting in the center of the cage. There was an accidental headbutt, but no damage was done. Taimanglo looks like he's a full weight class smaller than Fisher, but he's holding his own with the striking. Round one goes to Taimanglo.
     The second round had Fisher moving around, trying to work his jab, while Taimanglo tore him up with his bulldog style of boxing. Fisher landed a few decent shots, but they seemed to just bounce off Taimanglo's head. Taimanglo is ahead 2-0 going into the final round. The final round was another round of fairly even boxing, which I scored for Taimanglo again, mostly based on landing more clean shots. All 3 judges basically agreed, giving the fight to Taimanglo via unanimous decision.
Technical Submission
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      Wilcox started the opening round with some big punches and a head kick attempt, but Stepanyan quickly started to pick him apart on the feet with his crisp striking. Stepanyan is significantly faster on the feet, and his strikes land with more impact, making it pretty clear that Wilcox should be taking this fight to the ground. Stapnyan dropped Wilcox several times in the opening round, mostly with leg kicks. Round one clearly goes to Stepanyan.
     Stepanyan started the second round by dropping Wilcox with a punch, and then he kicked him in the ankle, and that literally caused Wilcox to do a flip. Stepanyan's striking is fucking awesome. Wilcox shot for a takedown, and Stepanyan easily stuffed it. Wilcox's left shin looks broken or something, his leg is getting fucked up. Stepanyan dropped him with a spinning heel kick to the head, forcing Wilcox to shoot for a takedown, and he finally got Stepanyan to the ground one minute into the round. Stepanyan tried to sweep Wilcox from his guard, but he gave up his back in the transition, Wilcox slapped on a rear-naked choke, and put Stepanyan to sleep halfway through the second round. That was an insane comeback victory for Justin Wilcox against a badass striker.
      These guys circled around each other for a full minute before anything happened. They traded a few punches, and then Matyushenko took Alexander to the ground, but couldn't keep him there, so they reset back on their feet. Another minute or so passed without much action, they clinched, and then Matyushenko whipped Alexander to the ground, landing in full mount. Alexander gave up his back, and then snuck out the back door to stand back up. They traded some sloppy punches, and then the round ended. Round one goes to Matyushenko.
      The second round was a fairly even round of sloppy boxing, with a lot of dead space in between the few moments of action. That round was pretty terrible, but I would probably have to give it to Matyushenko based on pressure, even though neither fighter really did any damage. This is a pretty boring fight overall.
      The final round was another lackluster round of sloppy boxing. Alexander looked exhausted, and Matyushenko was just walking around, waiting for the fight to eventually end. Matyushenko shot for a takedown 90 seconds into the round, and landed inside Alexander's guard, where both guys hung out for a few seconds while trying to catch their breath. There was a scramble, and Matyushenko nearly grabbed Alexander's back, and he basically just rode him while Alexander turtled up for the rest of the round. Easy to score win for Matyushenko, but not a very good fight overall, considering both of these guys used to be killers.
      These guys spent the first round hopping around, trading strikes at a relatively even pace. I didn't think either fighter really did enough to clearly win the round. Green sort of secured a takedown in the final 10 seconds, so I gave that round to Green, but it was a really close round. The second round started the same way, with both guys hopping around trading strikes for a minute, before Silva stuffed a takedown, and then took down Green, grabbing his back, and throwing knees at his thighs. Most of the round was spent with Silva clinching with Green's back, and taking him down with brief takedowns. Silva landed a groin strike near the end of the round. The second round clearly goes to Silva, but I'm still not sure about the first.
     The final round had Green clinching with Silva's back, trying to drag him to the ground near the fence. Green spent the first half of the round clinging to Silva's back, throwing knees to his thighs. Silva rolled forward to escape, tried to slap on a wild triangle, and Green just backed off so they could reset in the center of the cage. They scrambled around a little bit, and traded a few decent strikes, but in the end, I thought Green won that round. So I scored this fight 29-28 for Green, but I think everyone else gave the first round to Silva, so all 3 judges scored the fight 29-28 in favor of Silva, for the unanimous decision victory.
      Pitbull blasted Nunes with a few loose leg kicks in the first minute or so, but neither fighter really looked very excited to engage. Nunes got sloppy, basically ran headfirst toward Nunes, using some herky jerky footwork, with his hands down by his sides, for no apparent reason whatsoever. Pitbull blasted him with a series of punches, and put Nunes to sleep. Nice win for Pitbull, but that was a horrible showing for Diego Nunes as he makes his Bellator debut, after getting mixed results in his six UFC fights.
      This fight started kind of slow, until Zwicker knocked down Moghaddam a couple of times with some punches. He let Moghaddam stand back up, only to knock him back down again. Zwicker was kicking the shit out of Moghaddam's legs on the ground, he then pounced on him, unloaded some heavy elbows, and finished the fight with around 90 seconds left in the first round. Great performance by Virgil Zwicker in his Bellator debut.